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When I wrote this post last year, Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare was in my opinion, the strongest monster in Yugioh. I still think Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare is the strongest monster in Yugioh in terms of effect and efficiency, however, it isn’t the strongest in terms of stats. 0 attack and defense points? Those are the weakest stats a monster can have. So what monster is the best in terms of high attack, high defense, and has an adequate effect? What is the strongest Yugioh monster card? In some recent comments I have gotten, Armityle, the Chaos Phantom and Dragon Master Knight are supposedly the strongest Yugioh monster cards (with the criteria above). However, I don’t agree.

When I wrote this post last year, Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare was in my opinion, the strongest monster in Yugioh. I still think Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare is the strongest monster in Yugioh in terms of effect and efficiency, however, it isn’t the strongest in terms of stats. 0 attack and defense points? Those are the weakest stats a monster can have. So what monster is the best in terms of high attack, high defense, and has an adequate effect? What is the strongest Yugioh monster card? In some recent comments I have gotten, Armityle, the Chaos Phantom and Dragon Master Knight are supposedly the strongest Yugioh  monster cards (with the criteria above). However, I don’t agree.

Though Armityle also has 0 attack and defense points, his effect gives him 10,000 extra attack points. A lot of people would say that’s amazing, but I do not concur. That effect only applies in the controller’s turn. Because that is his only effect, Armityle could be easily beaten in your foe’s turn, no doubt about it. If you want to go as far as to waste the three Yugioh Sacred Beasts in order to summon Armityle, you better have an arsenal of traps to protect him. Plus, just summoning Armityle is difficult. You have to get all three Sacred Beasts on your field, which is nearly impossible given the fact that each of their summoning requirements are so hard to fulfill.

Dragon Master Knight is a much better monster than Armityle, however, he has his down side as well. While DMK has better stats as well as a better effect, it is much harder to summon. Some of you are going, “What? DMK is way easier to play. Just use Dragon’s Mirror or Future Fusion!” I wish summoning Dragon Master Knight was that simple. DMK is a fusion of a fusion. To play him, you first have to get Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, then fuse Black Luster Soldier. One fusion might be easy to pull off, but your opponent will not let you fuse a monster again. So many things can go wrong when you play a double-fusion monster, especially with DMK. If your foe destroys one Blue Eyes White Dragon, summoning DMK is going to be a nightmare. If your foe destroys your Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, it’s over. If you foe destroys Black Luster Soldier or even your Black Luster Ritual card, you can say goodbye to summoning DMK.

I think that Five Headed Dragon is the strongest Yugioh monster card statistically. It has 5000 attack and defense points, plus it has a decent effect. F.H.D cannot be destroyed in battle by any monster except a light attribute monster. If you have a Dragon deck and own the spell card, Dragon’s Mirror (a pretty easy to find card), F.H.D is very easy to summon. Easy to play, adequate effect, and  phenomenal stats, Five Headed Dragon is one of best beat-down monsters in Yugioh.


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  1. Although Yubel, Armityle, DMK and Five-Headed Dragon are all great monsters. Powerhouses each in their own right, I would have to say overall that The Wicked Avatar is better. tribute 3 monsters period and he’s on the field. Plus his atk and def are both 100 points higher than than the strongest monster on the field. Sure on the card “?” may not look like much, but it’s like The Winged Dragon of Ra. You’re not guaranteed a set atk and def every time you summon it.

    Not to mention for those of us who play casually or in the Traditional format. Nothing is sweeter when your opponent plays Last Turn and you can select The Wicked Avatar as your monster. It does have a downside as well, should the strongest monster be destroyed or removed from the field Avatar’s atk and def drop. But there is no way anyone could get a stronger monster than you.

  2. ultimate ancient gear golem ain’t too bad either. 4400 atk plus piercing damage plus your opponent can’t activate spell or trap cards until the end of the damage step. and all you need is an ancient gear golem and 2 other ancient gear monsters. Not to mention you can summon an ancient gear golem when it’s destroyed, which means cards like hammer shot won’t be worth much against this, unlike any of the others mentioned up until now.

    then there are the 2 envoys, chaos emperor dragon and black luster soldier who have VERY EASY summoning conditions. you won’t have lost much if they’re destroyed. and you can easily summon them again if you can get them into your hand.

    earth giant gaia plate is a 2800 beatstick that can be special summoned by just removing from play 2 rock-type monsters in your graveyard, or you could normally summon it. Best yet, it halves the ATK and DEF of any monster it battles with. so your opponent needs a monster of 5600 ATK or DEF to stand a chance. it’s only downside is that your have to remove a rock-type monster from your graveyard during your standby phase.

  3. Cyber End Dragon – 4000 ATK – go limiter removal, megamorph and power bond and results speak out fir itself – same with Chimeratech Fortress + Over Dragon -etc

    oh and let us not forget about Dark Gaia say u fuse Darkness Neosphere and oh i dunno Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior to bring it out – well thats a whole load of ATK points there followed up by a pretty good effect …

    nuff said

    FHD is good and all but even so Cybers/Chimeratechs + Dark Gaia and other related cards like Maju Garzet and Great Marju Garzet are much better

  4. Those are both great monsters, and the envoys are really nice too. But another factor is determining a monster’s strength would be in its activation or standby cost. Like Dark Necrofear. Once you remove the three fiend-type monsters from play. You can forget about it’s effect until its destroyed in battle. But when it comes to the strongest monster in yugioh, some of it depends on the deck you’re running.

    Like Gren Maju Da Eiza is a pushover in say the Dinosaur’s Rage structure deck, but throw it in The Dark Emperor deck and it becomes a force like none other. Get twenty cards removed from play and it’s the strongest monster in the game. Especially if you can manage to get nearly all your cards removed from play except him by the last turn and you’re looking at a level 3 monster with 15,600 atk and def!

    Of course the chance of pulling that off is slim to none, but we’re looking at the cards themselves and the potential they carry in the game.

  5. FHD is way easier to play then Cyber End or Chimeratech. Dark Gaia is good, however, good luck getting Darking Neosphere and Valkyrion on the field. Plus, who would fuse Valkyrion or Neopshere to make Dark Gaia? I would keep them! Maju Garzet and Great Maju Garzet can be really powerful, but they don’t have any other effect. Okay, what if your opponent has a Obelisk the Tormentor or something? Unless you tributed monsters with a high attack points, Obelisk would destroy the Garzets. Though FHD could get tough to play, compared to other high level fusions, it is relatively simple to play and frankly, it has no down side.

  6. how about Ally of Justice Catastor? It’s a level 5 synchro monster that only needs 1 tuner and 1 or more non-tuners, which makes it easy summoning with a junk warrior or deep sea diva. plus it’s effect automatically destroys any non-DARK monster it battles without applying damage calculation. that’s 5/6 of all monsters! 2200 ATK ain’t too bad for a level 5 either. and since it’s DARK, it can be used for summoning monsters like Dark Armed Dragon.

  7. Wicked Avatar takes the cake in this debate. Of all the monsters commented up there wicked avatar is always gonna have 100 more ATK and DEF than the strongest monster on the field. Even if you were to play creator of light horakhty which by the way has an infinite ATK the wicked avatars ATK would also become infinite BUT always be ahead in ATK and DEF by 100. The only time he would be usless was if he were gong up against another wicked avatar. summoning is also easy cuz you only have to tribute 3 monsters. not of a specific attribute, level or type so if you wanted you could sacrifice 3 Kuribohs.

    *The best way to get one is by becoming a member of SHONEN JUMP thats how I got mine.

  8. the wicked avatar vs. man-eater bug. I’m rooting for man-eater bug. thus, not the best card in my opinion since you also need 3 tributes for it.

    now ultimate ancient gear golem… not only would your opponent still lose close to 4000 life points, you also get an ancient gear golem to attack with.

  9. Man-Eater Bug could easily destroy Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem as easy as it can The Wicked Avatar. So according to your post Man-Eater Bug would be the strongest. But again morfowt, we’re looking at the monsters themselves. Their stats and effects, and exploring the fullest potential of the monsters we mention. While you do make a good point with Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, your bit about Man-Eater Bug was irrelevant to the topic in discussion.

    Now for another of my suggestions.

    Take a look at Alien Infiltrator, sure it’s only a level 4 monster, but your Spells/Traps and Monsters act as walls against it. Leave an opening in both rows and your opponent can just move it to that empty row one turn at a time and attack you directly even with FHD on the field. =^)

  10. I think man-eater bug as well as other cards like it are relevant because they show that most monsters’ potential lasts only as long as they’re on the field. in my opinion, a monster’s full potential is small if it can’t protect itself from common threats like man-eater bug.

    speaking of which, I’d also like to add cranium fish. a level 6 fish with 2400 atk, you can special summon it by tributing 1 ocean’s keeper, which means it’s very possible to get it out on the first turn. better yet, its effect allows you to destroy 1 face-down card by discarding 1 WATER monster, so your opponent won’t have too many surprises for you.

  11. Not a single one of you know what you’re talking about. Obelisk the Tormentor (the legal version) is the best card. The Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem can be destroyed by lightning vortex, hammer shot, or Riryoku (all of which I have), etc. Five Headed Dragon can be destroyed by Man Eater Bug or any spell or trap card. Dragon Master Knight is too hard to field, and amrityle the chaos phantom is hard to field AND allows for a direct attack during the opponent’s turn.

    Obelisk the Tormentor, when on the field, prevents ANY spell, trap, or monster effect (excluding itself) from activating. If you have Ultimate Offering or Double Summon, you can compensate for his 3-monster sacrifice prerequisite. Also, it CAN be special summoned (although it gets destroyed after 1 turn). It also has a built in Lightning vortex ability that allows it to destroy all monsters on the opponent’s side of the field (although 2 monsters are needed).

  12. Also, the high level ancient gear monsters (e.g. Ancient Gear Golem, ancient gear gadjiltron dragon) are still decent, but can’t match the attack power or special abilities of the Obelisk.

  13. One card I like is the Super Conductor Tyranno. It is the most powerful monster that can be normal summoned conventionally (2 monsters) w/o any drawbacks whatsoever. Beast Machine King Barbados Ur (not to be confused w/ Beast King Barbados) has 3800 attack, but cannot deal any damage, so it’s role involves gaining control of the field. Ultimate Obedient fiend (3500 ATK) can only attack if the owner is emptyhanded and has no other monsters on the field, which makes its capabilities limited. SCT has 3300 Atk and can be brought out w/ 1 Kaiser Sea Horse (its a light monster) or cost down combined w/ Ultimate Offering and Double Summon.

    Also, white night dragon is like a water blue eyes white dragon, except less vulnerable to spells and traps. It can be fielded w/ 1 Unshaven angler card

  14. i think malevolent mech goku en is awesome. its a no tribute for 2400 atk which can be combined with creature swap to make your foe take 2400 damage. plus its a must have for zombies. and the artwork is brill.

  15. @nader
    Actually, even if you switch it over to your opponent’s side of the field, you still take 2400 life points damage. It’s the same idea as the Immortal of Thunder effect.

  16. ohh really? did its ruling change? ohh i always thought it can be creature swaped to burn your opponent. my mistake.

  17. I take back what I said. As I read closely, I realized that Obelisk the Tormentor’s prevention of spells and traps only activates when it is summoned, not when it is on the field. That makes Obelisk a bad monster to have. Plus, the lightning vortex ability I was taking about actually required 2 monsters ON THE FIELD, reducing its potential.

    Cris, you’re right. Wicked Avatar may be the best card.

  18. I like the card tyrano infinity. It has as much power as you have monsters it your deck and if you get the combo right of having jurassic world on the field, then using volcanic eruption, survival instinct. He is only a 4 star so can be summond easy. Another plus side is the combo will restore your life points and over. I know its not a card thats much good on its own but when used right is pretty formidable.

    Downsides are that its still at risk from all the usualy suspect cards like man eater bug, majic clyender and so on, but hopefully volcanic eruption would have taken care of most of those.

    Also i’d just like to through blue eyes ultimate dragon in to the mix, good solid card.

  19. When i said ultimate i meant to say shining. Blue eyes shining dragon is a good solid card with its effects.

  20. Just had an after after though, surly the strongest monster has to be EXODIA. you don’t even need to summon him just get him in your hand, automatic win. What beets that?

  21. hey has any one talked about the crimson dragon? it has 7000 atk and def which can beat even the egyptian god cards[maybe not ra or slifer] but pretty awsome the bad thing about the card is that you neeed all 5 signer dragons which are also synchro but with miracle synchro fusion you can bring out the crimson dragon easily
    monster crimson dragon
    spell lightning vortex
    trap mirror force

  22. Zorc is real. But it’s not the huge, purple giant thing, it’s the Zorc Bakura uses when he plays Yugi, Tea, Joey, and Tristan in that board game in Season 0. It’s called Dark Master Zorc and it’s a pretty powerful ritual monster.

  23. On a side note, it’s not absolutely true that FGD is better than blue eyes ultimate dragon, although it is far better than DMK. The reason: five god dragon’s effect says that it cannot be special summoned except by fusion summon. THat means you cannot use monster reborn or call of the haunted to bring it back after it is destroyed. Also, it’s other effect: can only be destroyed by a light monster, can be, for the most part, disregarded because its attack is already insanely high. However, its summoning requirement (any five dragons) is easier to fulfill than that of blue eyes ultimate dragon. Also, other players cannot use FGD against you w/ monster reborn, although for the most part, you do not want your fusion monster to say “cannot be summoned except by fusion summon.”

  24. Anyone of you thought about Malefic Truth Dragon? He’s pretty easy to bring out. Just have a field spell card on the field and remove one malefic monster from the field and pay half your life points. (Summoning malefic monsters are easy: just remove from play the original version of the monster (i.e. malefic blue eyes, blue eyes) from your DECK while you have a field spell card. Halving one’s life points isn’t that bad, and you can revive malefic truth dragon from the graveyard too. Not to mention, malefic truth dragon’s effect is MUCH, MUCH, better than that of FGD and DMK. WHen it destroys a monster, destroy all of your opponent’s monsters on the field.

  25. i would still have to go with machine emperor grannel infinity. its very easy to summon and his effect is amazing against synchros. while i love synchros i have a hateful passion about them too.

  26. Strong monsters:

    Obelisk the tormentor (legal one)

    Ultimate ancient gear golem

    Five headed dragon

    Blue eyes ultimate dragon

    Dragon master knight

    Master of Oz

    Machina force

    Malefic truth dragon

    The wicked dreadroot

    The wicked eraser

    The wicked avatar

    Raviel lord of phantasms

    Hamon lord of striking thunder

    Uria lord of searing flames

    armityle the chaos phantom

    Rainbow dragon

    Rainbow dark dragon

    Yubel the ultimate nightmare (and all the other yubels)

    Majestic red dragon

    Majestic star dragon

    Red nova dragon

    Shooting star dragon

    Which do you like best?

  27. I have ultimate ancient gear golem. It is pretty powerful, and well protected when attacking. Especially if you fear sakuretsu armour. Now, I was baffled when I saw the attack power of machina force, but you have to pay 1000 lifepoints to attack, it doesn’t guard against effects, and if you try and prepare for it’s summon, you’re opponent can easily prevent that.

    I have a chaos sorcerer which has a pretty good effect! Remove from play one monster, and easy to summon. Also, thousand eyes restrict is pretty good by himself too. If you have instant fusion or summoner of illusions, you can easily summon him and is not picky about being summoned.

  28. Although red nova does sound powerful, it is still hard to prepare for and is still vulnerable to remove from play effects. Also, blue eyes shining dragon is very powerful, but again, very hard to prepare for. And just out of the question, is it possible for shining dragon to be destroyed by divine wrath or stopped by skill drain?

  29. what about tragoedia? it can be special summoned when you take battle damage and it’s atk and def is 600x the number of cards in your hand, and you can send a card from your hand to your grave to take con
    troll of an opponents monster with the same star lvl.

  30. @Dream

    No Shining Dragon cannot be destroyed by Devine Wrath because it is a target-card. Same thing with Skill Drain. Only cards like Raigeki, effects that don’t target one monster in particular, can destroy Shining Dragon. That’s why it’s so good!

  31. divine wrath doesn’t target. any counter trap that negates a card or effect (meaning most counter traps) doesn’t target because it can only negate what’s directly under it in the chain, therefore no selection occurs when activating it.

    I don’t even know where you got the idea that skill drain targets? it doesn’t make any selection when activating and affects all face-up monsters on the field.

  32. @morfowt

    I confused Skill Drain with something else… my bad ^^ but doesn’t Divine Wrath target? It says negate the activation of a monster’s effect and destroy it so isn’t that targeting?

  33. nope. when you activate divine wrath, the card automatically decides to negate the last thing on the chain. if the last thing on the chain can’t be negated, you can’t activate divine wrath.

    in fact very few counter traps target. the only two that I know of that target are negate attack and intercept

  34. have you guys seen the card machine divine emperor machinecle infinity cubic? omg i can’t even describe to you how ridiculously overpowered that thing is.

  35. quote= nader: nowadays, all of them stink. though my favorite would be avatar or eraser.

    Not ultimate ancient gear golem, first of all. Second, I said “powerful monsters” not “good monsters”. There’s a difference. powerful monsters have high attack power and sometimes a good effect (like avatar, ultimate ancient gear golem, etc.) Good monsters are monsters with good stats, effects, and summoning conditions.

    Good monsters:

    Goyo guardian

    Stardust dragon


    All the monarchs

    Cyber dragon

    ancient gear gadjiltron dragon

    ancient gear golem

    beast king barbaros

    beast machine king barbaros ur


    Here are some interesting card comparisons. State your opinions here.

    Magic cylinder vs draining shield vs dimensional prison/sakuretsu

    Dark hole vs lightning vortex

    Monster reborn vs premature burial

    Axe of despair vs united we stand

    Mystical space typhoon vs dust tornado

    Heavy storm vs giant trunade

    Goblin attack force vs chainsaw insect

    waboku vs negate attack vs threatening roar vs thunder of ruler

    hammer shot vs fissure vs smashing ground

    swords of revealing light vs scapegoat

    stardust dragon vs goyo guardian

    five headed dragon vs blue eyes ultimate dragon

    obelisk the tormentor (legal) vs the wicked dreadroot

    man eater bug/night assailant vs penguin soldier

  36. dark hole and lightning vortex? is that really even a discussion? dark hole has no cost and can do anything lightning vortex can.

    premature burial definitely more broken in my opinion. it’s reusable with brionac, giant trunade, disenchanter, etc. plus it’s also searchable with power tool dragon and hidden armory.

    mystical space typhoon is definitely better than dust tornado because it’s a quick-play spell, meaning you can play it during your opponent’s turn like dust tornado, but can also play it from your hand, which dust tornado can’t do. dust tornado’s ability to set another card isn’t that helpful. chances are, if you wanted to set another card, you would’ve set it your last turn.

    giant trunade is better because it’s harder to counter. there are many cards out there that counter destruction effect. I only know of one that directly counters an effect that returns it to your hand. plus with giant trunade, you get to reuse your continuous spells and traps you had instead of getting them destroyed

    I would say waboku is best out of the four. negate attack and threatening roar have specific times when they can activate, meaning they’re not chainable. threatening roar is almost as good as waboku, but if you activate it in a response to an attack, that attack still continues. plus, you can’t activate threatening roar during your turn. waboku can be activated at any time at all, even if it’s your monster that’s attacking

    smashing ground is usually the best I think, because it destroys the monster with the highest def, which is, not always, but often enough the most troubling monster on the field. hammer shot can end up destroying your own monster, and fissure gets the monster you wanted less often than smashing ground.

    five-headed dragon is definitely better than blue-eyes ultimate. more atk, better effect (blue-eyes doesn’t even have one) and more combos can be done with it.

  37. Think again. FGD’s higher attack isn’t really that big of a deal because both monsters have high attack to, for the most part, overpower all other monsters. Suppose you use megamorph on a weaker monster, chances are that monster will overpower both monsters, or neither. The difference is next to negligible. Also, FGD’s effect is also often unnecessary, because its attack is already insanely high, so it probably will never be destroyed by battle. Also, blue eyes ultimate dragon CAN be brought back w/ monster reborn/call of the haunted, while FGD cannot. Your opponent can use monster reborn on Blue eyes ultimate dragon, but being able to revive your monster is better than not being able to.

    Negate attack and threatening roar in my opinion are better than waboku because in waboku, the attack still goes through, so your monsters are still flipped face-up, which can sometimes be annoying. What if it has an effect that you want? Flip summon it on your turn yourself. THunder of ruler can only be activated in opponent’s standby phase, so it sucks. I know threatening roar can’t be activated in response to anything, but after your opponent summons monsters during his/her main phase, you can easily predict whether he will attack you or not. Threatening roar in my opinion is the best because, unlike negate attack, it does NOT target anything.

    Also, smashing ground is the best out of the three, but hammer shot is better to have than fissure is. Hammer shot isn’t bad because if your monster has the highest attack, then you have control of the field. The only instance where hammer shot backfires is if your opponent uses a book of moon or a flip monster face down card.

    DArk hole is generally better than lightning vortex, BUT it destroys your monsters too. If both players have a few monsters, then lightning vortex would be very helpful. Besides, I can discard a high level monster from my hand and then use call of the haunted/monster reborn to bring it back.

    Answer the rest of my comparisons, please.

    Chainsaw insect vs goblin attack force

    swords of revealing light vs scapegoat

    stardust dragon vs goyo guardian

    axe of despair vs united we stand

    man-eater bug vs penguin soldier

    obelisk the tormentor vs the wicked dreadroot

    ultimate offering vs double summon

    riryoku vs shrink

    sakuretsu armor vs shrink

  38. I wouldn’t say chances are it’ll beat both of them. most powerful monsters these days seem to have either 2400 atk or 2800 atk. if it only had 2400 atk, it still won’t be stronger than FGD. it WILL be stronger than BEUD though. plus, even if using megamorph did make it stronger than FGD, the fact that it can only be destroyed by light monster protects it, meaning you can use it as a wall if need be.

    besides, which one you have ON THE FIELD really doesn’t matter these days since there’s so many field removal cards out there (black rose dragon, caius, brionac, dark hole, smashing ground). even if you could bring it back, your opponent would just use another of their removal effects. with FHD, it’s not so much the monster itself, as it is the combos it can do by sending any 5 dragons to the grave. there’s plenty of options, like sending red-eyes wyvern and a red-eyes darkness metal dragon, or 3 white stone of legends to add 3 blue-eyes to your hand. you could send a whole bunch of strong dragons to use with decoy dragon, or send totem dragon to use as a two-tribute monster next standby phase.

    I don’t really think having your monster flipped face-up is annoying. on the contrary, I often wish I could summon monsters in face-up defense because I want to have access to their effects, but don’t want to summon them in attack position and risk taking damage. I suppose it’s just my personal preference in this case.

    while it’s true it destroys your monsters as well, chances are you would only use it when the monsters you have on the field aren’t enough to get rid of your opponent’s, in which case it doesn’t matter whether they’re destroyed or not because they will be destroyed sooner or later. and lightning vortex can’t destroy your opponent’s face-down monsters, which I often find the most troubling because I don’t know what they are and end up walking into a trap. face-up mosnters, I know their abilities, and can predict what the opponent has in mind.

    the reasons I didn’t answer the other ones is because I really don’t see how I could compare them (like stardust and goyo guardian. the only thing they have in common is that they’re both common synchro monsters), I really have no preference which to use (axe of despair and united we stand. whichever you use, chances are your monster will have higher atk so who cares?), or I’m still thinking of which is better (chainsaw insect vs. goblin attack force. they both have pros and cons and I’m still weighing them).

  39. cubic to me seems possibly one of the most overpowered bosses in the anime. however have you guys seen destiny hero plasma’s anime effect? here it is.

    This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Tributing 3 monsters you control. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can select 1 monster on your opponent’s side of the field and equip it to this card. (Only 1 card at a time can be equipped due to this effect.) This card gains ATK equal to half the equipped card’s original ATK and gains any effects the equipped monster may have. While “D – Force” is face-up on top of your Deck, this card is unaffected by the effect(s) of your opponents Spell or Trap Cards. Negate the effects of all face-up effect monsters your opponent controls.

    and here is cubic’s effect

    Once per turn, you can equip 1 face-up Synchro Monster your opponent controls to this card. This card gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all Synchro Monsters equipped to this card by its own effect. You can send 1 “Wisel”, “Skiel”, or “Grannel” monster that includes “Top”, “Attack”, “Guard”, or “Carrier” in its card name from your hand to the Graveyard to have this card gain that monster’s effect(s). If this card would be destroyed by your opponent’s attack or card effect, you can remove from play 1 “Wisel”, “Skiel”, or “Grannel” monster that includes “Top”, “Attack”, “Guard”, or “Carrier” in its card name from your Graveyard instead. During each of your End Phases, you can send 1 Synchro Monster equipped to this card to the Graveyard and inflict damage to your opponent equal to the original ATK of that monster.

  40. @nader

    not really. probably the tournament level players fill their extra deck with synchro monsters just in case they happen to control their opponent’s tuner monster.

    but the randomly-picked average player probably wouldn’t run synchros unless he had a deck like blackwings, quickdraw dandywarrior, or x-saber. even if they’re not as good, many players still do run decks like fortune ladies, lightsworn, and elemental heros which have barely any synchro monsters, if at all.

  41. quote= morfowt

    “the reasons I didn’t answer the other ones is because I really don’t see how I could compare them (like stardust and goyo guardian. the only thing they have in common is that they’re both common synchro monsters), I really have no preference which to use (axe of despair and united we stand. whichever you use, chances are your monster will have higher atk so who cares?), or I’m still thinking of which is better (chainsaw insect vs. goblin attack force. they both have pros and cons and I’m still weighing them).”

    Which of the two would you rather have?

  42. well then it completely depends on the situation. normally, I’d prefer stardust to negate my opponent’s destruction effects. but if my opponent has a monster with 2500-2800 atk, I’d rather have goyo guardian. there’s so little in common that which is better is completely situational.

  43. are you talking about the playable version of ra or the anime one? well the real version of ra is horrible and pointless. it costs almost all of your life points just to raise its atk equal to the lifepoint payment. and the paying 1000 lifepoints to destroy 1 monster is just stupid. yeah avatar is a lot better.

  44. don’t forget though that anime version or not, ra can destroy the wicked avatar just by paying 1000 life points.

  45. well you don’t have to pay life points until you have 100 left. you could just keep ra at 0 atk if you wanted to use its 3rd effect.

  46. you might as well anyway, since the wicked avatar will always have 100 more atk. plus, you could always use emergency provision…

  47. yes but its a crappy destruction effect anyway though. i’m telling you, they always make the sacred cards from the anime so powerful yet in real life, so weak. lets hope cubic doesn’t get nerfed as much as that it will be unplayable.

  48. On a side note, look at lightning vortex the positive way. I can use lightning vortex, discard a high level monster, then use monster reborn or call of the haunted on the discarded monster, right?

  49. The wicked avatar is probably more powerful than the anime winged dragon of ra because it can destroy it by battle hands down. The monster that can attack the wicked avatar and destroy it is yubel the ultimate nightmare

  50. except a lot of the good high level monsters these days are nomi, semi-nomi, or aren’t in your hand (like synchro or fusion monsters).

    well that’s still destruction by effect, not battle, which ra can do as well. other cards that can attack and destroy/remove from field the wicked avatar include: D.D. warrior lady, hyper hammerhead, mist valley soldier, getsu fuhma, neo-spacian grand mole

  51. @morfowt
    I understand, but first of all, DD warrior lady and the other cards themselves are also removed from the field, while yubel the ultimate nightmare does not get destroyed. Also, I’m saying that if the winged dragon of ra (anime) and the wicked avatar faced each other, the wicked avatar would hands down win. MArik isn’t really that dangerous due to his winged dragon of ra.

  52. cubic is gonna get released though. your talking about the watered down effect right? cause i was talking about the anime one.

  53. I don’t see how. if we’re talking about the would-be real card, it’s summoning requirement is sending 3 machine emperor monsters from your hand to the graveyard. that doesn’t require your normal summon for the turn at all.

    and if we’re talking about the anime version, it has no summoning requirements or restrictions. so you could discard it and special summon it with monster reborn.

  54. I say the wicked avatar is very powerful, and considerably easy to summon. It’s virtually invincible, especially for the first two turns it is summoned. And even if you use a card like the wicked deadroot against the wicked avatar, it will still have more attack than the dreadroot anyways, right? It will always be superiour to the attack of other monsters.

  55. Man, all of your knowledge about yugioh sucks. I’m starting to not be surprised that none of you mentioned “Vennominaga the deity of poisonous snakes.”

    First off, its much easier to summon than yubel the ultimate nightmare. All you have to do is use gold sarcophagus to add vennominaga the king of poisonous snakes and trap card rise of the snake deity to your hand. Load your deck with reptile monsters. By the time you summon “VDOPS” it should have at least 3500 or 4000 ATK (more if you use foolish burial). Also, it cannot be AFFECTED by SPELLS, TRAPS, or EFFECT MONSTER EFFECTS!!! It can also be special summoned as many times as the number of reptile monsters you have in your graveyard.

    Also, if it damages your opponent 3 times, you instantly win.

    If you’re still not convinced, the price of the card will tell you otherwise.

  56. actually, nader has mentioned it plenty of times before in the past.

    while I agree venomminaga (as a whole) is better than yubel, I don’t think it’s that good. reptile support isn’t too good (though to be fair, it’s been a while since I checked) and there aren’t too many fast ways to dump a lot of reptiles (future fusion and snake rain are the only quick ways I know).

    a very commonly seen card, solemn warning can stop it when it tries to special summon itself. imperial iron wall and d.d. crow also work to stop it from special summoning itself.

    zombie world especially hurts vennominaga. she’ll have 0 atk and can’t revive herself.

    funnily enough, even yubel – the ultimate nightmare can “beat” vennominaga. yubel’s effect can’t destroy vennominaga, but it still deals damage to you. meanwhile, vennominaga can’t deal damage if it attacks yubel.

  57. i hate zombie world O_O. its probably the easiest way to defeat a vennominaga. yubel the ultimate nightmare and vennominaga are probably my favorite female monsters by looks. though i certainly wouldn’t marry yubel.

  58. Um the card Armityle says that it can’t be destroyed by battle. BUT, however, it CAN be destroyed by card effects.

  59. Hey, i think Yubel is much better than this. I think this is a pretty lame card actually, because it’s to broken. Yubel is awesome, and not totally broken. BTW, I have a new site, which you CAN comment on. It’s at

    Jeremy from the Yu-Gi-Oh Cards 101 Team. Check us out at Forget about the old site. this is the new.

  60. well what about dragon ball z cards they are amazing like if you use kaio ken times 20 on super vegito youmake him like invincible.(im preety shur there are dragonball z cards because there are pictures but not positive.)

  61. i think ithink it’s dragon mastery knight because it has 5000 atk an 5000 def and the mythical beast five-headed dragon 5000 atk and def 5000

  62. Dragon Master Knight is a lot easier to summon than people give it credit for. “King of the swamp” can substitute for blue eyes ultimate dragon or black luster soldier, so the easiest way to summon DMK Is to fuse king of the swamp and black luster soldier (the latter which is not too bad if u have a manju of the 10,000 hands monster in your deck). Still five headed dragon is better b/c of the combos and graveyard setups people pull off with that fusion summon.

  63. Yugiohblogger, you’re looking at Dragon Master Knight the wrong way. That’s not to say that you didn’t bring up some good points about the “endgame” monsters in yugioh. The reason why FGD is more popular than DMK is because its easier to summon, and sending dragons to the graveyard can be beneficial. However, future fusion is now banned and summoning conditions aside, DMK is a better monster than FGD. You could say that FGD is impervious to battle mostly unlike DMK, but chances are DMK decks have lots of dragons in them, so DMK will have so high attack that its impossible to destroy him by battle. DMK can have a very high attack and surely lead to an OTK.

    Plus, summoning DMK is not as difficult as you make it to be. It does not say that it HAS to be summoned with the above monsters, so you could use substitute monsters for one of them. Heck, you could replace Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with King of the swamp if you want to be cheap!

  64. I think you are not thinking about some spell cards that can destroy those monsters.Hammer shot.And there are monsters that are way better than Five- Headed Dragon because we have cards that can negate monster’s effect like breakthrough skill.So just ATK and DEF shouldn’t really decide how good the monster is…But I can’t really decide what is the best monster that exists like for example, lavalval chain has crazy effect but low ATK and DEF….Anyway, I think Five-Headed Dragon is one of the monsters that is really hard to summon, just good with ATK and DEF card…

  65. @Jacob
    I see what you’re saying. But in context, when I had written that post, I had just written another “Strongest Yugioh Monster” post where I said Yubel was the strongest based on just effect. So I wanted to write one that took stats and effect into consideration.

  66. @ Jacob

    But you must have not been playing competitively if you think hammer shot is even used even in semi-competitive matchups. Smashing ground outclasses it by a long shot, as it never hits your own monster and can destroy defense position monsters as well. And smashing ground is still not used often at top tier.

    It really depends on what your take is on what makes a monster “strong.” Some say its high attack power/otk potential like chimeratech overdragon. Others say its a stellar effect, such as sophia. Still, others claim that its a mix between how viable it is to summon, its degree of protection from problematic effects, and its effects’ ability to turn the duel into your favor. When yugiohblogger and I discussed the strongest monster, we didn’t really factor in summoning conditions because obviously its fun to discuss difficult monsters with game-ending effects rather than well-roundedness. You’re right that five headed dragon is not useful anymore b/c future fusion is banned, but like I said, it depends on the person.

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