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Recently, one of my readers, Dragoncommander, created a competitive Elemental Hero deck and gave a spoiler of his cards on Youtube. He wanted my advice on his Elemental Hero deck, and I gave him some. However, I want to see how some of you other guys think about his Elemental Hero deck and how he can improve it. Here’s his Elemental Hero deck list:

Recently, one of my readers, Dragoncommander, created a competitive Elemental Hero deck and gave a spoiler of his cards on Youtube. He wanted my advice on his Elemental Hero deck, and I gave him some. However, I want to see how some of you other guys think about his Elemental Hero deck and how he can improve it. Here’s his Elemental Hero deck list:

Now what I told him about his Elemental Hero deck was this: 

“You don’t have Grand Neos, plus Grand Mole is neither an Elemental Hero or supports an Elemental Hero so just replace it with Elemental Hero Knopse. Take away Neos Alius and replace it with a trap card, preferably Hero Barrier or Hero Counterattack. Neo Alius is pretty useless, considering you don’t have a Neos fusion. Take away your Fusion Recoveries, because you already have Woodsman, and replace them with traps. Next, replace Necroid Shaman with Wild Wingman. Other than that, you just need to add up to 5 more traps. Overall though, you have strong deck. I’ll write a post about this and see what others think.”

Is there somethings you guys want to add to? Should he keep somethings in his Elemental Hero deck that I told him to take out or replace. Give Dragoncommander your opinions!

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  1. do NOT add hero barrier. all it does is negate 1 attack and only if you have an elemental hero. negate attack, mirror force, dimensional prison, scrap-iron scarecrow, magic cylinder, waboku, and defense draw are all much better and less situational.

    replace the sakuretsu armor with one or two of the traps I mentioned above, preferably waboku or another threatening roar because they’re chainable, or mirror force because it destroys all your opponent’s attacking monsters.

    take out neos. you don’t have any neos fusions and neos is weak for its level. and while we’re at it, remove o – oversoul as well. no normal monsters worth brining back.

    I don’t see why he has to take out necroid shaman. it’s a fusion monster so it won’t take up space in the main deck. and he doesn’t have 15 fusions yet so just add in a wild wingman.

    add in elemental hero absolute zero as well.

    hero mask and elemental hero prisma should also be added in. they’ll make getting the needed fusion material monster easier.

    elemental hero heat seems expendable to me. it’s good here, but not crucial, and if you need to add in something else instead, I’d say do it.

    no point adding monster reincarnation if you’re gonna have the warrior returning alive, especially since monster reincarnation needs a cost. take out monster reincarnation and add another the warrior returning alive.

    take out 1 polymerization and add in 1 miracle fusion. instead of taking direct attacks while waiting to draw polymerization to fuse the monsters in your hand, you can play the monsters in defense and block your opponent from your life points and then fuse the monsters in your grave.

    might want to replace skyscraper 2 with skyscraper since most of your elemental heroes usually won’t be destroyed by battle or won’t be needed on the field again.

    -1 Elemental Hero Neos
    -2 sakuretsu armor
    -1 monster reincarnation
    -1 Elemental Hero Heat
    -1 polymerization
    -1 grand mole (or put him in the side deck)
    -2 fusion recovery
    -1 O – Oversoul
    -1 Skyscraper 2
    +2 Elemental hero Prisma
    +2 hero mask
    +1 mirror force
    +1 threatening roar
    +1 elemental hero absolute zero
    +1 the warrior returning alive
    +1 miracle fusion
    +1 elemental hero wildwingman

    of course, I’m no expert with competitive decks. I just remember some tips I got from others on making competitive decks, like using less situational cards.

  2. This is a competitive elemental hero deck according to the latest advanced format. It is designed for quick OTKs using fusion recovery and miracle fusion to summon up to 3 fusion momsters in one turn(swarming) and king of the swamp for polymerization and e-emergency call or hero signal to pick the necessary heroes and stratos and r-righteous justice to prevent your fusion monsters from being destroyed. sky scraper 2 and e hero ocean are useful to use e hero strtos effect repeatedly. also the fusion substit
    utes are very important in this deck.
    e hero stratos x1
    e hero woodsman x2
    e hero ocean x2
    king of the swamp x3
    e hero sparkman x3
    e hero wildheart x3
    e hero bladedge x3
    e hero prisma x3

    polymerization x3
    miracle fusion x3
    e-emergency call x3
    r-righteous justice x2
    skyscraper 2 hero city x2
    fusion recovery x2
    hero signal x2
    monster reborn x1
    future fusion x1
    dark hole x1

    extra deck
    e hero plasma vice x3
    e hero wildedege x3
    e hero shining faler wingman x2
    e hero shining phoenix enforcer x1
    e hero terra firma x2
    e hero gaia x2
    e hero absolute zero x2

    I created this deck myself and it really worked.it has beatdowns, deck thining and swarming, everything you need to win, off course you need to plan your strategies because 1 single error could ruin the OTK and you could only summon 2 fusion monsters while in the best cas you could have used all of your monster card zones.

  3. i think you should add in some skyscrapers and add in a r righteous justice a captain gold if you dont have one and more trap cards and your deck will be sick also if you add in prisma it would help alot to get your necroshade to your graveyard easier to summon your bladedge that way

  4. i think you should have more than one of each of the basic E-Heros(ex. avian, sparkman, etc), since the deck is centered on fusions it’ll make it easier to get the fusion materials.

  5. also if you really like the skyscraper 2 effect and dont want to get rid of it you can replace it with the continuous spell card branch! this way you can use skyscraper and still get your fusion materials back.

  6. Awesome deck, how much for it? Also you should put in chaos sorcerror, but I’m only 9 so you don’t have to listen to me. P.S. Maybe add some d. heroes maybe the yubel set?

  7. I wish I could have new cards in my e-hero deck cause my deck is base in the card of jaden in the first episode to the part that kaiser graduated in duel academy…..but its ok

  8. Could u send me a list of cards that would be good in a E Hero deck to. Also could u show me a list of cards that make a good Neos Deck

  9. Nice deck. Im using e-heroes as well but combined with evil heroes. My deck looks like this. It works fine for me but I would still like some opinions.

    40 cards

    e-hero sparkman 1
    e-hero clayman 1
    e-hero burstrinatrix 1
    e-hero avian 1
    e-hero wildheart 1
    e-hero bubbleman 1 (For e-hero absolute zero and style)
    e-hero prisma 1
    e-hero stratos 1
    e-hero necroshade 1
    e-hero blade edge 1
    morphing jar 1
    king of the swamp 1
    evil hero infernal gainer 1
    evil hero inerna prodigy 1
    evil hero malicious edge 2
    big piece golem 2 (for evil hero dark gaia0

    polymerization 2
    miracle fusion 2
    future fusion 1
    dark fusion 2
    dark calling 3
    e-emergency call 3
    giant trunade 1
    r-righteous justice 2

    torrential tribute 1
    mirror force 1
    scrap iron scarecrow 1
    divine wrath 1
    karma cut 1
    compulsary evacation divice 1
    (I just hate bottomless traphole)

    fusion deck
    e-hero flame wingman 1
    e-hero thunder giant 1
    e-hero necroid shaman 1
    e-hero gark bright 1
    e-hero wild edge 1
    e-hero plasma wice 1
    e-hero gaia 1
    evil hero lightning golem 1
    evil hero infernal sniper 1
    evil hero dark gaia 2 (usually 4700 attacking)
    evil hero wild cyclone 1
    evil hero infernal wing 1
    evil hero malicious fiend 1

    Thanks for watching. Please share youre opinion.

  10. Hey Im Trying to make a E Heo deck too can you send me a decklist Please? Also I have half a E Hero deck. thanks

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