Top 5 Destiny Heroes in Yugioh

I gave a list of the top 5 Elemental Heroes in Yugioh about a month ago. That topic became pretty popular so I thought I would make a list of the top 5 Destiny Heroes in Yugioh! Hope you like the list!

I gave a list of the top 5 Elemental Heroes in Yugioh about a month ago. That topic became pretty popular so I thought I would make a list of the top 5 Destiny Heroes in Yugioh! Hope you like the list!

Yugioh Destiny Hero Doom Lod5. Destiny Hero Doom Lord

Okay, it’s pretty weak in terms of stats, but Doom Lord has an effect that can come in pretty handy. Once per turn, for two turns, he can remove one monster from your foe’s side of the field, out of play. Even though the monster comes back in two turns, you still have to form a counterattack against it. What if you were facing a Yubel, or an Armityle? You can’t beat those monsters with battle, but you still can save yourself with Destiny  Hero Doom Lord. His effect is very effective and helpful, especially when your facing a deadly monster!

4. Destiny Hero Defender

Yugioh Destiny Hero - DefenderThis is a monster card that everyone should have in their deck, especially if you have Shield and Sword. First of all, it brings tons of defense to your side of the field. It would be very difficult for your opponent to destroy it by battle, so they can’t hope to launch a direct attack. Second, if you want to go to a more offensive approach, simply play a Shield and Sword spell, and you have a monster with 2700 attack points, just like that! Think of all the damage Destiny Hero Defender do! And, it is even better if used with Canyon, DNA Surgery, and/or Cross Counter. When your opponent attacks Defender (in set position) with, lets say, a monster with 1800 attack points, they won’t be expecting to see a monster with 2700 defense points! 2700-1800 is 900 life points. 900 multiplied by 4 is 3600! You’d be dealing your foe 3600 life points just by that combo! Destiny Hero Defender can be useful in so many ways.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Destiny Heroes in Yugioh”

  1. Those are some great cards, ones I have used as well, and if I wasn’t familiar with the D-Heroes I would be wondering why neither of these cool monsters weren’t higher in the list.

    But with Plasma, and Double Dude out there it is understandable as to why these two placed where they did.

    My favorite of the Destiny Heroes has to be Dreadmaster, I may be speaking too soon, like you could think he’s #1 like I do. But here are my reasons.

    First there are two ways to summon him, the first being the traditional method because he doesn’t say he can’t be normal summoned or set. But when you use Clock Tower Prison, you can destroy all non Destiny Hero monsters and special summon up to two Destiny Hero monsters from your graveyard. Explains why Aster Phoenix had some Elemental Heroes in his deck too.

    THEN your Destiny Hero monsters can’t be destroyed period, and you take no battle damage when even the weakest of your Destiny Heroes loses a battle. And the cherry to this awesome sundae his atk and def are equal to the combined atk/def of all other Destiny Heroes.

    But my main reason has to be because of Clock Tower Prison, who knew Big Ben could be so sweet? =^D

    But again, I could be speaking too soon and if I am, feel free to quote this post all you like.

  2. uh, canyon doesn’t work with defender because defender isn’t a rock-type. so you’d have to add a DNA Surgery to that combo… which I think isn’t worth dealing 3600 damage.

    I personally think diamond dude should be in the list somewhere. if your top card is a normal spell card you can pretty much activate it without paying costs or meeting requirements. you can bring back all your removed from play monsters without paying 2000 life points. you can destroy all your opponent’s monsters without having a blue-eyes on the field. plus, since only its effect activates, and not on the field, your opponent has very few ways to negate it.

  3. Defender is cool. Placing him face down in defence mode may lure your foe into attacking him since he can’t see its DEF

  4. But Diamond Dude’s effect is so simple! If your spell card isn’t like a game changer (Monster Reborn, Pot of Greed, Magical Mallet, etc…) his effect is pretty useless.

  5. um, aren’t monster reborn and pot of greed banned? anyway, if the card was destiny draw or trade-in, it might as well be a pot of greed because you don’t have to pay the cost.

    and what about the fact that it can’t be negated very easily? how annoying would it be to draw a game changer and having it negated with a dark bribe as opposed to using diamond dude’s effect?

  6. this is kinda off topic but consecrated light can make the destiny heroes look horrible. Level 1 Light Fairy with 0 atk and def. The effect is: Neither player can Normal or Special Summon DARK monsters or declare an attack with a DARK monster. This card cannot be destroyed by battle with a DARK monster, and you take no Battle Damage from that battle.

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