Yugioh Special Edition Tin: Creating a Yugioh Synchro Deck

For a while now, I have been looking to start a synchro deck. Synchros are one of the, if not the most popular type monsters out in the Yugioh world, so why not create a proto-deck with them? Plus, I was sick and tired of dueling my friends with my regular deck (and winning of course), so I also wanted to make a Yugioh synchro deck for the creative aspect. So while I was in Walmart today, I bought a Yugioh Special Edition Tin. The tin came with three Duelist Pack Yusei 2, one Ancient Prophecy, and three holofoil cards. Though I didn’t find any synchro monsters, I still got really nice cards.

For a while now, I have been looking to start a synchro deck. Synchros are one of the, if not the most popular type monsters out in the Yugioh world, so why not create a proto-deck with them? Plus, I was sick and tired of dueling my friends with my regular deck (and winning of course), so I also wanted to make a Yugioh synchro deck for the creative aspect. So while I was in Walmart today, I bought a Yugioh Special Edition Tin. The tin came with three Duelist Pack Yusei 2, one Ancient Prophecy, and three holofoil cards. Though I didn’t find any synchro monsters, I still got really nice cards.

A synchro deck cannot be sustained without having tuners. I may not have gotten any synchro monsters, I did find many tuners. I recieved two Hyper Synchrons, two Debris Dragons, a Sunny Pixie, an XX-Saber FullHelmKnight, and a Drill Synchron. I’m glad that I acquired Drill Syncrhon because now I’ll be able to summon Drill Warrior one of my favorite synchro monsters. Every turn, Drill Warrior can halve his attack points (2400) in order to attack directly. Plus, I can discard one card and Drill Warrior. On my next turn, Drill Warrior comes back to my side of the field and I can put one monster from my graveyard to my hand. That effect is very helpful when you’re trying to get back a monster that’s in your grave.

One top of my large amount of tuners, I also got a holofoil Tune Barrier, a trap card that allows one tuner on my side of the field to be safe from battle as well as from monster effects for two turns! It’s a good card to protect your tuners from your opponent during the times you’re waiting for tuning monster. Along with those tuners, I received a super rare Speed Warrior and a super rare Advance Draw. So all in all it was a great buy and the cards I received will be great additions to a synchro deck.

Of course, a synchro deck is nothing without synchros. Some synchros I have my eye on is Drill Synchron and Hyper Pyschic Blaster, as well its AM. If I do find a Hyper Pyschic Blaster, my deck would mainly be compiled of pyschic monsters and support cards for the, including a Prime Material Dragon if I can find one. Plus, I can still have a Drill Warrior in the deck. That’s a great thing about synchros. As long as you have the required tuner, synchros don’t need a deck theme to fit; they can virtually be useful in any deck. Based on my wants,  such as a need for Hyper Pyschic Blaster, can anyone reccomend me a deck list? I will add my own touches to the deck, but I’ve never made a synchro deck so I would really appreciate it if you guys could give ideas for a deck. Thanks!

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  1. tragoedia is great for synchro summoning because it can easily change its level. some spells and traps that change monster levels, like level returner and cost down were pretty helpful in my deck. monsters that can easily special summon themselves, or other monsters, like marauding captain, evil hero infernal prodigy, summoner monk, junk synchron, level eater, quillbolt hedgehog, dark bug, plaguespreader zombie, the tricky, and cyber dragon would help. tuned magician is nice too because it can change between being a tuner and a non-tuner.

    also, the less specific the synchro material monsters are, the better. add in armory arm, stardust dragon, and brionac dragon of the ice barrier if you can.

  2. Tragoedia is very good plus add a majestic dragon, stardust dragon, and a red dragon archfiend then you can summon the two (kings) of synchros, Majestic Star Dragon and Majestic Red Dragon. Also, add a Supay and a Fire Ant Ascator to summon Sun Dragon Inti and Moon Dragon Quilla.

  3. I have this spell card called “Lightwave Tuning”, it’s great for your Synchro Monsters that don’t specifically name the tuner required. It turns any Level 4 LIGHT Attribute monster into a Tuner, a nice way to surprise your friends who think you’re waiting for Polymerization.

  4. actually nader, majestic star dragon and majestic red dragon aren’t good at all. their synchro material monsters are VERY specific. The key to a synchro deck is being able to use any and every tuner and non-tuner you happen to have. So the more generic the synchro monster, and the less circumstantial the tuner, the better.

  5. well that makes sense. Of course majestic star dragon and majestic red dragon are very hard to summon. But there are lots of non tuners. Example, Battle Fader and Stardust Xiaolong. (I Love Battle Fader). Anyways just because monsters are kinda difficult to summon doesn’t necessarily mean there bad. You have to take in account stats and overall effect. In that case bring lots of non tuners. I personally recommend Majestic Star Dragon. Its a life saver.

  6. a monster that can negate the activation of an opponent’s effect, or gain the opponent’s monster effect for only ONE turn, is not worth such a ridiculously hard summon.

  7. and destroy all cards your opponent controls. Anyways I completely understand you. Even Vennominaga is easier to summon and yet she can ressurect herself when destroying her by battle which will almost not really happen. Thus shes unaffected by monster effects, speels and traps AND has a winning condition. Sorry If you think I bring up Vennominaga too much lol. Which one would you prefer overall morfowt Majestic Star or Majestic Red?

  8. yeah, that destroy all cards thing only works if your opponent plays a card effect, meaning it’s completely dependant on your opponent. beast king barbaros has the same effect, but he’s easier to summon (same number of monsters but less specific) and easier to activate.

    majestic red dragon. cuz with his effect, you have a pretty good chance of dealing 4000 damage, which is a lot better than just gaining a monster’s effect.

  9. you’ll be dealing with alot more than 4000 in damage. Majestic Red also adds the opponents monster ATK and Majestic Red cant be destroyed by card effects. Lets say someone has a Five Headed Dragon. Majestic Red negates and adds 5000 Atk which means a possible 9000 in battle damage to your opponent.

  10. But Majestic has 3800 attack points and even if your opponent destroys it, or if it destroys itself, Stardust comes on to the field 🙂 So it really is a good card.

  11. True, Majestic Red is like impossible to destroy. Can’t be destroyed by card effects which means no DAD or JD or Raigeki. I’m surprised that Majestic Red is unlimited maybe beacause of the extremely hard summoning.

  12. I’m not sure if i did but i think i posted a comment like this:

    I wanted to ask (me and my questions) Which monster spell and trap card would you say is the most broken? And which card overall in yugioh is the most broken? Here’s my opinion.
    Monster: Chaos Emperor Dragon- Envoy of the End
    Spell: The Seal of Orichalcos
    Trap: Sixth Sense (EXTREMELY BROKEN)
    Overall: Sixth Sense Why? because drawing 6 cards is just wrong period. If you get lucky of course.

  13. yugiohblogger: to summon stardust, you have to return majestic star to the extra deck from the field, which you can’t do if it’s destroyed…

    nader: when I said 4000 damage, I meant majestic red’s ATK minus opponent’s monster’s ATK equals 4000…

    Also, I didn’t the seal of orichalcos was a real card…
    Anything luck based, I would not call broken unless it gives something good no matter what you roll.

    I agree with you on monster. I’d say most broken spell besides seal of orichalcos (because I have doubts of its validity) is Raigeki. The most broken trap is ring of destruction.

  14. true the seal of orichalcos really shouldn’t have been made. But there is another spell card that could be broken: Mischief of the Time Goddess. It Immediately ends the current turn: its remaining Phases, including the End Phase, are skipped. Go directly to the Battle Phase of your next turn. Is this better than perhaps a battle fader or a time seal?

  15. Also, Sixth Sense is Forbidden it never even got Released in the TCG despite it being a pretty old card. Here’s the actual effect of Sixth Sense. Declare two numbers between 1 and 6. Roll 1 six-sided die. If the number rolled is either of the two declared numbers, draw that number of cards. If not, send the top cards of your Deck to the Graveyard equal to the number rolled.

    So even if the end result isn’t what you wanted you send the top cards of the deck to the graveyard to the number rolled. Its like a better version of Pot of Greed. Anyways anything that gives you a +2 advantage or more is broken. If you were running lots of decks out there right now this card is a win win situation. (Lightsworn, Zombies etc…)

  16. yeah, but the self-mill thing is only good if combined with cards like lightsworns. in a gladiator deck, self-mill probably isn’t what you’d want. I don’t consider a card broken if it’s a win-win situation with only certain cards.

    again, mischief of the time goddess is not a real card.

  17. If Mischief of the time Goddess were real it would be a good counter to OTK’s though wouldn’t you say.

  18. Which top 5 cards out of all the cards would you say have the most creative or best artwork? (design)
    Here’s what I think:
    1. Victoria
    2. Yubel The Ultimate Nightmare
    3. Infernity Zero
    4. Worm Zero
    5. Chaos Emperor Dragon- Envoy of the End
    What about you guys?

  19. You ARE such a noob that I can’t stand it. You obvously have no clue on the meta. The way you talk bout synchros are so noob too.

    Quotes: “Sick and tired of dueling your friends with your regylar deck (and winning of course). Are you kidding me! All your friends must be little noobs like you. What deck do you run?

    *frowns* How old are you, noob?

  20. which yugioh deck would you say is better? monarchs or blackwings? I like Monarchs more because there a lot more versitile and have better effects not to mention they easily clear the opponents field. Which deck would you prefer?

  21. Blackwings, no contest. Their swarming ability is on the brink of being broken, and they’re all DARK winged beasts which means they get easy support from DARK support cards (which is already a major advantage) and winged beast support cards, not to mention their own blackwing support cards.

    Monarchs have 2 major drawbacks: their effects can only be activated when tribute summoned (except for Kuraz) which means they’re dead draws if you don’t have a monster to sacrifice. Second, their effects are compulsory (except for mobius) so if you happen to summon them while your opponent has an empty field, you’re probably gonna lose a card on the field. worse case scenario, you lose the monarch you just summoned. Then add to the fact that monarchs don’t have any support cards, nor any Attribute or type support cards because monarch are all different types and attributes.

  22. I always thought they were better lol. Thanks for the information. But is there possibly any deck that can stop a blackwing deck? I know a card that can easily slow Blackwings down (Consecrated Light) But is there any big decks that can totally ruin a blackwing deck?

  23. not sure if I’d call them big, but anti-meta decks. they usually block special summoning so that would severely cripple a blackwing deck.

  24. cause i heard that koaki meiru decks specifically target DARK and LIGHT attribute monsters. For example Koa’ki Meiru Drago for instance.

  25. yep. koa’ki meiru is an anti-meta archetype. though, not the best anti-meta deck in the world…

  26. well i can’t really use anti-meta decks very well, but from what I heard, the best one is gadget oppression. I personally prefer rock stun though.

  27. In the anime theres a direct Anti-Blackwing Deck. Only a matter of time before its released. Blackwings got merc’d by the recent banlist however The Shining Darkness just makes up for it.

  28. also, is there a possibility that the infinity monsters will be released like Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity and Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity? or will those cards just remain anime exclusive?

  29. why are some cards in yugioh anime exclusive and not released in the TCG and OCG? Like Infernity Zero, Sleepy Beauty, Destiny Hero The Dark Angel, Singularity Fiend etc..

  30. Although I don’t know the answer to nader’s question, there are quite a few cards I’d like to have in my deck that are Anime Exclusive. Like Cybernetic Fusion Support.

  31. how often does the featured card in the yugioh wikia site last for how long? and when is it usually replaced by another card. The featured card right now is Cactus Bouncer. I wonder what’s the next card?

  32. lava golem, volcanic queen, Divine Wrath if they activate their effects

    for majestic star, a combination using something like lightning vortex and D.D. Crow

    for majestic red, karma cut, phoenix wing wind blast, compulsory evacuation device, a combination of book of moon and nobleman of crossout

    and you could play battle fader so they won’t attack you. then during the end phase, they’ll be returned to the extra deck.

  33. Yes, those are great ways to stop those monsters. Although, I personally think Majestic Red is a MUCH bigger threat than Majestic Star. Don’t you guys think so as well?

  34. well as far as i know lava golem volcanic queen and vennominaga can stop the majestic dragons. And yeah majestic red is a bigger threat since it cant be destroyed by card effects.

  35. actually, I just realized majestic star can’t special summon itself from the grave. so just activate an effect and if majestic star negates it, bye-bye majestic star. that’s why it stinks. majestic red is so much better it’s not even funny.

  36. I’m pretty sure I could beat you in a duel, and you must be pretty stupid for someone so high and mighty, you can’t even spell regular right. My main deck doesn’t have a specific deck type. But my other deck is a Harpie Ladie deck.

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