Yugioh Cards With the Best Artwork

I recently got a comment from nader regarding Yugioh cards with the best artwork. A lot of Yugioh cards have very sterile artwork, such as Dark Magician, Red Eyes Black Dragon, and of course, Kuriboh. I don’t mean to be callous towards the designers of the artwork for those cards, but the designs are just really bad. However, cards like Victoria, Honest, and Athena have some of the most beautiful art designs I have ever seen! However, though those three monsters are my top three, I would say Athena’s artwork is the ‘best’.


The reason I am so awed by Athena’s artwork is because of the glory and the sense of power that radiates from it. Not many Yugioh cards make me feel the sense power and grace than Athena. I really adore the pure white color of her clothes, skin, and hair. That along with the addition of silver really emphasizes are divinity. Also, I though that the red jewel on her trident was a good thing to add, otherwise the only colors on the card would be white and silver, and that would’ve made the art a little boring.


  1. love athena’s artwork. It’s funny cause a lot of monsters from the LIGHT attribute have some of the most creative delicate artworks ever.

  2. The Art was an aspect that I was hooked on from the beginning, From the powerful Yubel to the forbidden Sinister Serpent. Yu-Gi-Oh! always has some really inspiring art, and most of them are logical, like the Yubel Threesome. You can almost imagine what the transformations from one form to the next would look like. Or even the VWXYZ Monsters, for those of us who were Power Ranger fans.

    Here’s a few of my favorites:
    – Black Rose Dragon
    – Light and Darkness Dragon
    – Cyber Dragon
    – Water Dragon
    – Montage Dragon

  3. il blud does have some weird artwork, consecrated light seems the cutest and yubel the ultimate nightmare looks the badest.

  4. thumbs up if you agree that yubel the ultimate nightmare has the most pwnsome artwork! (i know this is an old thread)

  5. Both tins feature five booster packs and five special foil variant cards.

    For comparison one only need’s to think about the success of Konami’s
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    Card Text: “Elemental Hero Avian” + “Elemental Hero Sparkman” + “Elemental Hero Bubbleman”
    This monster can’t be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon.

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