Yugioh Defensive Tactics

In Yugioh, there are duels that can be easily won in about 3-4 turns. Sometimes it might take 7-11 turns if you’re not drawing the right cards. However, some duels can take an eternity to finish or can be lost, if your opponent summons their ace monster. Though spells and traps help you throughout a duel, it is ultimately the monsters that will deal the most damage. So therefore, many spells, traps, and monster effects are used for protecting an ace monster. So how can you overcome a strong monster if your opponent is using everything in their repertoire to prevent that scenario from happening?

In Yugioh, there are duels that can be easily won in about 3-4 turns. Sometimes it might take 7-11 turns if you’re not drawing the right cards. However, some duels can take an eternity to finish or can be lost, if your opponent summons their ace monster. Though spells and traps help you throughout a duel, it is ultimately the monsters that will deal the most damage. So therefore, many spells, traps, and monster effects are used for protecting an ace monster. So how can you overcome a strong monster if your opponent is using everything in their repertoire to prevent that scenario from happening?

Destroying tough monsters isn’t easy. For a monster to be labeled, ‘strong’, it’s got have powerful stats and a powerful a effect(s). So destroying ‘strong’ monsters isn’t always a task that can be done in a couple of turns. Usually, your opponent will not have what I like to call an Ace deck. This deck’s sole purpose is to easily summon and protect the ‘ace’ monster of the deck. An example is the deck that Yubel uses against Jaden in the final duel of Season Three of Yugioh GX. The main purpose of her deck was to summon the Yubels and completely seal them from destruction. If your opponent does have an ace deck, then they will mainly be using cards that counter spells, traps, and monster summons.

If your opponent does use an ace deck, you must use a counter ace deck. This deck consists of strong level three monsters, such as Jerry Beans Man. This deck revolves around the usage of cards like Gravity Bind and Level Limiter B. Of course, you must also have cards like Mystical Typhoon and Dust Tornado in order to counter spells and traps that would threaten to destroy your level limiter cards (Gravity Bind, Level Limiter B, etc…). This way, all of your opponent’s ace monsters (which would most likely be monsters with six levels or higher) would not be able to attack and would be sealed off. Of course, cards like Yubel would be unaffected by this deck.

If your opponent does not use an ace deck, then more than likely they will not have as many spell/trap counters and you could destroy their ace monsters via spell, trap, monster effects, or by battle (if you can pull out a strong enough monster). Don’t surmise what kind deck your foe has based on their first turn. Every turn, sift your opponent’s card patterns, then conclude what type of deck your opponent has and counter it.

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  1. well good luck to those people in defeating powerful cards like winged kuriboh lv 10, Majestic Red Dragon, and in the worst case scenario: vennominaga

  2. Well, Winged Kuriboh can be affected by spells traps and monster effects so it can be defeated easily. Plus, you can easily destroy Transcendent Wings. Venominaga would be impossible to destroy if it was played, but you can easily destroy Rise of the Snake Deity trap card to prevent it’s special summon. Majestic Red can be destroyed by spell, trap, and monsters, plus, you can always destroy Majestic Dragon/Red Dragon Archfiend.

  3. I usually slip a few “cannon fodder” cards in to get my opponents to waste their Ace Guarding cards, nothing too powerful of course just some effects that will make my opponent think twice about how they affect the game, that way I can sweep in and do some real damage.

  4. eh, mystical space typhoon and dust torando aren’t really counter cards. they can only destroy spell and traps that are either continuous, have a specific activation requirement, or in the case of traps and quick-play spells, were set this turn. In all other cases, the opponent’s card effect would still activate because the card doesn’t have to be on the field for the effect to resolve. therefore, most players prefer Dark Bribe for countering spells and traps. It’s so far the only trap to counter both spells and traps, doesn’t have a specific activation requirement, nor a cost that you might not be able to pay.

    also, defeating vennominaga is kinda easy. just play zombie world. that’ll make all reptiles become zombies, and vennominaga will have neither atk points, nor a way to revive itself.

    majestic red is easier: dragon capture jar

    winged kuriboh LV10: book of eclipse or desert sunlight (winged kuriboh LV10 only destroys attack position monsters)

  5. but majestic red dragon can’t be destroyed by spells, traps and monster effects. It can however be affected by Skill Drain. And Zombie World is only good if you have a zombie deck. I don’t really see a Zombie World card in any other deck besides zombies. And once vennominaga hits the field its very difficult to destroy. Even if Rise Of the Snake Deity is destroyed you can use Des Feral Imp to have another chance. And hey you can always use Mirror Force if some monster is able to destroy Vennominaga by battle. (which will be difficult to destroy in most ways).

  6. Actually morfowt, once a spell or trap is activated, that counts as being on the field. So technically, Mystical Space Typhoon and Dust Tornado could just as easily destroy a spell or trap card than Dark Bribe. Yugiohblogger, you don’t have to go that in depth to defeat Vennominaga, Majestic R., and Winged Kuriboh LV10. The combinations that morfowt stated are waaay easier and those combos would take less time to do. And nader, Dragon Capture Jar doesn’t destroy the monster, it just changes it to defense position permanently.

  7. for the record, which group of monsters would you say are better? The Majestic Dragons or The Earthbound Immortals? In the anime the majestic dragons defeated them all but i prefer Immortals as they are a bit easier to summon and don’t return to the extra deck for only a turn.

  8. Also of the 7 earthbound immortals which would you say is the best and worst. For me the best is probably Aslla Piscu because of the destruction and burn effect. The worst I would say is Ccarayhua or Wiraqocha Rasca.

  9. duffer: sure mystical space typhoon could destroy it, but the destroyed card’s effect would still resolve so all you did was waste a mystical space typhoon.

    nader: well that’s not too much of a problem since zombies are one of the best decks out there right now… or at least before the most recent ban they were. not too sure anymore though.

    immortals no contest. majestic dragons are terrible, period.

    I agree with aslla piscu, but it’s not because its effect is really good. it’s because others are worse. worst I’d say is Cusillu. If it can’t be selected as an attack target, how often is it gonna use its effect that prevents its destruction by battle?

  10. Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua depending on some situations may be my first favorite but mostly Aslla Piscu for its effect. And yeah i agree with you for Cusillu. I think it should have an effect like Winged Kuriboh lv 10 that would have been so much better. But then again thats a bit broken. It should say “if this face up card you control would be destroyed by a CARD EFFECT, you can Tribute 1 other monster you control instead, and halve your opponent’s Life Points. Seems a lot more sense dont you agree?

    Also Sins vs Immortals?

  11. It’s close, but I’d say sins. immortals are more powerful when on the field, but sins are easier to get onto the field, which in my opinion, is more important.

  12. but a lot of people say that most of the sin cards are very broken? especially Sin Cyber End Dragon, Sin Paradox Dragon and especially Sin Truth Dragon. Any thoughts of these 3 cards I said?

  13. Oh so even if you use cards like Mystical Space Typhoon/Dust Tornado against an activated spell or trap, it destroys the spell/trap but the effect still goes on? I didn’t know that.

  14. Well, it’s tough… Cards like Sin Red Eyes, Sin Blue Eyes, and Sin Stardust, have horrible effects and are somewhat difficult to summon. However, Sin Truth, Sin Cyber End, and Sin Paradox are really good monsters. I have to agree with nader and morfowt that Wiraqocha Rasca and Cusillu are let downs. But at the end of the day, I would say Earthbound Gods are stronger, only because they have a majority of strong monsters while the Sin cards only have two really good cards.

  15. Sin Cyber End isn’t broken. It’s just like Cyber End except it’s harder to get on the field. Like Duffer said, Sin Red Eyes, Blue Eyes, and Stardust, SUCK compared to the original versions. Not only are they hard to summon, their effects are not worth anything!

  16. how are they hard to summon? all you need is a field spell on the field (just like earthbound immortals), and the original monster in your graveyard (where it’d usually be anyway)

    @duffer: unless it’s a continuous effect like gravity bind. continuous effects don’t activate and are in effect as long as the card is face-up on the field. so destroying the card would remove the effect in this case.

  17. Sin Truth Dragon is very cruel though. 5000 atk beatstick with an effect of when a sin monster you control destroys an opponent’s monster it basically nukes the opponents field and inflicts 800 damage for each monster destroyed (aslla piscu). It’s summoning however isn’t as easy as the rest of the sin monsters. Do you think broken? Hopefully they wont change the effect.

  18. which groups of cards seem better overall? Dark Armed Dragon and Judgement Dragon or Stardust Dragon and Black Rose Dragon? The answer to me is pretty obvious (Stardust Dragon and Black Rose Dragon) but people seriously overrate Dark Armed Dragon and Judgement Dragon. I think out of all 4 cards Stardust Dragon can kill the rest. Whats your thoughts?

  19. well if you’re just comparing the two groups, obviously stardust is better cuz it can stop both DAD and JD. But in a general situation, both JD and DAD on the field is much better than having stardust and black rose on the field.

  20. I think the reason why is that black rose dragon when summoned just nukes the field and stardust dragon doesn’t have any cards on the field to negate and destroy. Vice versa also.

    I like Black Rose Dragon better than Judgement Dragon. JD is somewhat overrated. You have to pay 1000 lifepoints for the nuking ability to go off. While for Black Rose Dragon you don’t have to pay anything. In addition you can remove from play 1 Plant-Type monster from your Graveyard to change 1 Defense Position monster your opponent controls to face-up Attack Position, and reduce its ATK to 0 until the End Phase. Making Black Rose Dragon (in my opinion) better.

    Agree, disagree……

  21. no, because black rose dragon’s nuking ability destroys itself too. judgment dragon is immune to its nuking ability which means you can deal a direct attack of 3000 damage by only paying 1000 life points.

    also, no one really uses black rose dragon’s second effect because no one really plays a plant deck…

  22. I actually didn’t know that it destroys itself too.

    I have an interesting type of question: Which archetype meaning warrior, fiend, dragon, fairy etc… is your favorite? And which monster from that archetype is your favorite?
    For Me: Dragon ,Sin Truth Dragon (I love this card it puts FHD, JD, DAD, DMK, and BRD to shame.

  23. Definitely winged beast,and Dark Simorgh is easily my favorite winged-beast. Not only is it easy to normal and special summon, Dark Simorgh prevents your opponent from setting any cards on the field. Your opponent therefore cannot set any traps and is at a huge disadvantage. Plus,if he/she wants to set a monster in defense, they would have to play it in attack mode, making it easier for you to destroy weak monsters. Though I have a Blackwing deck, I have Dark Simorgh in there to pack a bigger punch.

  24. Yeah, like morfowt said, plant decks are rarely used and therefore Black Rose Dragon’s effect is pretty much omitted. That’s why it is probably the least popular 5D dragon. I don’t like Ancient Fairy Dragon either because NO ONE barely uses field spells.

  25. Easily fiends, for I mainly use my fiend themed deck. I would like to say Raviel, because he is my ace, but I think my favorite fiend monster is Greed Quasar. That monster has the ability to have EXTREMELY high attack and defense. It’s attack and defense is equal to its level X300. So as base, its attack and defense would be 2100. However, it gains the levels of each monster it destroys. So if it destroyed Dark Magician Girl, it would gain 6 lvls (1800 attack points) and have a total of 3900 levels!!!! It is such a strong monster and it really scares my opponents!

  26. I think that Fortune Lady Fire is somewhat better than winged kuriboh lv 10. It’s much easier to summon but is restricted to fortune lady decks. Fortune Lady Fire can be an OTK card depending on the ATK of 1 of your opponents monsters. That card could be broken if it was splashable.

  27. warrior because the have a wide variety of effects. in other words, you can give a warrior deck any situation, and they have something in their arsenal that can counter it. If your opponent has something like judgment dragon on the field, you could just play exiled force, D.D. Warrior lady, or if your opponent’s life points are low enough, amazoness swordswoman. other great warriors include gilford the lightning, ninja grandmaster sasuke, elemental hero wildheart, Destiny hero defender, marauding captain, and mystic swordsman lv2. Plus they have great ways to be added into your hand: reinforcement of the army, freed the matchless general, and the warrior returning alive.

    p.s. dragons, warriors, fiends, fairies, fish, etc. are types. archetypes are like blackwings, lightsworns, gladiator beasts, monarchs, archfiends, etc.

  28. do any of you guys think that an earthbound immortal deck can be extremely competitive? Do you think that an earthbound immortal deck would win lots of tournaments and duels? Im thinking about making one.

  29. but they clearly have support cards of protecting field spells. Like Earthbound Linewalker, Earthbound Wave and Earthbound Whirlwind. Well actually Wave and Whirlwind destroy your opponents spell and trap cards. But anyways a smart earthbound player will use these cards i mentioned.

    Which card would you say is better obelisk the tormentor’s effect monster card or vennominaga? I say vennominaga because she totally cant be unaffected by monsters spells and traps. and depending on how many monsters in the graveyard she can have higher ATK. ALSO, Obelisk can be removed by cards that dont target.

  30. wave is a card you can only use once. In that case, you might as well use something less situational, like dark bribe. and ANY smart duelist would put in something like dark bribe, not just an earthbound duelist.

    whirlwind is completely useless if your opponent tries to destroy your field spell since it can only be played during your turn, plus it doesn’t negate.

    linewalker’s effect can only be used when it’s face-up, which means you could either put it in attack mode, making it a pushover, or you could wait for your opponent to attack it while face-down, which might not be soon enough. and 1900 DEF still isn’t that good.

    of course vennominaga is better. obelisk is a terrible card. better than many others, but still a terrible card.

  31. sin truth dragon’s effect i heard changed. Here’s the new effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. You cannot Special Summon this card except from your hand or your Graveyard by paying half your Life Points if a face-up “Malefic” monster other than “Malefic Truth Dragon” is destroyed by battle or by a card effect. You can only control 1 face-up “Malefic” monster. This card is destroyed if there is no face-up Field Spell Card on the field. If this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle, destroy all face-up monsters your opponent controls.
    it’s still broken but they’ve taken out the inflict 800 damage for each monster destroyed. I think they’ve made sin truth dragon better actually. instead of the inflicting 800 damage for each monster destroyed you can just inflict 5000 damage to your opponent directly. What do you guys think?

  32. do you guys agree that stardust dragon assault mode is at least better than the majestic dragons? Easier summoning, sticks around for lots of time. Effect is very broken etc…………

  33. oh yes, most definitely. stardust dragon/assault mode is just about the best monster out there right now. If you’re ever facing one, I don’t envy you. the only way to stop stardust dragon/assault mode is with a lava golem or D.D. Crow, or if you can bring out a 3000 ATK or more monster very, very easily.

    not sure how you think sin truth dragon is better now. if it has to destroy a monster by battle first, how does it inflict 5000 direct damage? also, it only destroys face-up monsters so your opponent still won’t necessarily be open for a direct attack.

  34. Yes it is very broken, and it is the best monster to have early in the duel. However in close duels, it would be better to have a Majestic Red Dragon. Majestic Star Dragon just, plain sucks.

  35. morfowt: they’ve made the summoning of malefic truth dragon a bit easier now instead of summoning it with that trap card if your opponent doesn’t have any monsters left even if there face up or face down you can still do 5k damage that’s if they don’t have any monsters left.

    yugiohblogger: true but there are ways of countering it you know. Earthbound decks dont stink but there not the best. A monarch deck can easily beat an earthbound deck. Since I have one. And ive used it against them.

  36. uh SD AM is far better than MRD. Because SD AM can negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster’s effect and destroy that specific card. So if there was a fight between them SD AM can negate MRD’s effect and destroy it. There still great cards though but we know that the (Queen Of Snakes) can defeat both of them through battle with a higher ATK. Which wont be a problem for her.

  37. sasuke samurai is barely even an archetype. there’s like 4 cards, all monsters. six samurai would cream them…

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