Yugioh Monster Types Part 2

In my last post, I talked about the strongest monster from the first set of Yugioh monster types. Part two will include the monsters from the second set of Yugioh monster types. If there is any disagreement my choice or choices, feel free to comment on what you would have picked differently and why it is better than my choice. (Note: The decisions were made based solely on stats, effect, and how much it would help in its type deck.)

In my last post, I talked about the strongest monster from the first set of Yugioh monster types. Part two will include the monsters from the second set of Yugioh monster types. If there is any disagreement my choice or choices, feel free to comment on what you would have picked differently and why it is better than my choice. (Note: The decisions were made based solely on stats, effect, and how much it would help in its type deck.)

Plant – Tytannial, Princess of Camelias

Psychic – Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode

Pyro – Volcanic Doomfire

Reptlie – Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes

Rock – Earth Giant Gaia Plate

Sea Serpent – Brinonac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Spellcaster – Exodias (Obviously) – Amazing Combo: Arcanite Magician or Arcanite Magician AM, Alchemist of Black Spells, and Magical Citadel of Endymion, (optional) Crusader of Endymion. Though the Exodias are the strongest spellcasters, the combo mentioned above utilizes all spellcasters and is just as destructive.

Thunder – Batteryman Industrial Strength

Warrior – Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

Winged-Beast – Dark Simorgh

Zombie – Kasha

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  1. I disagree with the rock. Earth Giant Gaia Plate is a 2800 Beatstick that’s way easier to summon and way harder to destroy. Not only can you special summon it by removing from play 2 rocks, you can also normal summon it by tributing 2 monsters, and your opponent would need a monster with 5600 ATK or more to beat it by battle.

  2. Yes your right… I’ll change it! I guess I wrote Megarock because it’s my plan b beatstick in my proto-rock deck. I had never heard of Earth Giant Gaia Plate until now, thanks!

  3. uh yea i also disagree with the rock. fossil dyna pachycephalo will tear him to shreads. fossil dyna pachycephalo creates more of a lockdown to your opponent.

  4. um malefic truth dragon is not hard to summon. you just summon it from graveyard or hand while a malefic monster is destroyed. and by the way what do you mean by messed up in a good way for malefic truth dragon?

  5. um, not really nader. pachycephalo only has 1200 atk and 1300 def. forget it’s effect, that’s a pushover for a level 4 monster…

    @fghjk77: no he meanst the exodias (exodia plural) or in other words the 5 pieces of exodia.

  6. morfowt: stats nowadays mean very little or it doesn’t mean that if a card has little stats that automatically makes it worse than another card. its the effect that determines most of the power.
    yugiohblogger: there not really hard to play they are actually easy to summon. And i would have LAUGHED if they kept its anime effect in the TCG and OCG. (Malefic Truth Dragon) i mean really in the movie it had kinda a more broken effect. Inflict 800 damage to your opponent for each monster destroyed is no laughing matter.

  7. i still disagree, FDP will prevent special summons and can destroy all special summoned monsters. I would rather have that than a 2800 atk monster that can halve an opponents monsters stats and do nothing else. besides fossil dyna is level 4 which means that it is very easy to summon.

  8. True, they actually are pretty easy to summon. Well, yes Malefic Truth should at least be limited then, I guess. I must again disagree with your statement about Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. It’s effect is definitely not better than Gaia’s. Wow, it won’t let me special summon! That’s nothing, I can normal summon monsters. Though synchro summon and fusion summoning are considered special summoning FDP can easily be destroyed by battle and the effect will wear off. No way is Dyna better than Gaia. That’s like saying Uraby is better than Black Tyranno.

  9. alrighty then, im not sure about the zombie monster though. I like Kasha better since it can return all monsters to their decks and gain ATK equal to the number of removed from play zombies x 1000. LOL i bet you guys never heard of this card.

  10. actually, I have nader. I’m just not sure if that’s better than fusioh richie…

    and about pachy, pretty much what yugiohblogger said. yes, effects count greatly. the problem is pachy’s effect isn’t that good either.

  11. Well we shall determine that.
    Kasha: can be summoned if you have 2 or more face up zombie monsters. It returns all other monsters to their decks and Kasha gains 1000 ATK for each zombie monster returned. Art: SICK ART!!!!!!!!!
    Fushioh Richie: can be summoned from hand or deck by tributing Great Dezard which also needs a tribute. can be flipped into faced down defense position. Negates activation and effects of speels and traps that target this card and destroy them. Has 2600 atk and 2900 def. Art: Sick but not as sick as Kasha.
    Ladies and Gentleman the better Zombie is Kasha the one who sings tik tok (oh wait thats Ke$ha LOL).
    I mean seriously kasha is like a better easier to summon version of rainbow neos by its first effect.

  12. Haha, seems like Konami is still artist names! Anyways, I have to disagree, Fusion Richie has a much better effect, if it can isolate itself from spells, traps, and monster effect, then it could only be destroyed by battle, which is easier said than done for it has 2600 attack points. I will admit however that Kasha is better for a zombie oriented deck. So I don’t know, Richie has a great isolation/defensive effect, while Kasha has a strong offensive effect. But I am just really attracted to Richie’s trap, spell, and monster effect isolation effect. So I still must stay with Richie.

  13. wait a minute fushioh richie can be affected by monster effects. and negating spells and traps is good but it can only negate it if it TARGETS him. Meaning that Kasha will affect him and lightning vortex raigeki etc can affect him. Kasha i believe will help richie too though since their both zombies. I prefer Kasha simply because it can actually win duels and it can be an OTK card.

  14. I’m still not too sure. kasha is the better card overall, but we’re also basing this on how well the card helps the type. what makes zombies so powerful is their control over the graveyard and being able to special summon zombies. fushioh richie does just that so it would be a great help to zombies.

  15. I disagree with the psychic type well when ultimate psychicker gets released. It has 2900 ATK and 1700 DEF and its a fusion of a psychic syncho monster plus a psychic tuner. It cant be destroyed by card effects and when an opponents monster is in def position and its def is lower than UP’s atk it inflicts the difference as battle damage to the opponent. and when it destroys an opponents monster by battle you gain life points equal to the atk of the monster. its like a better much much much easier to summon version of neos wiseman. what do you guys think?

  16. plus a psychic type monster i meant. and its easy to summon with all of the support synchros and fusions have.

  17. i disagree with the second part of the sea serpent monster. Levia Dragon Daedalus is much better than TDDITD. has 2600 atk and by sending umi to the graveyard it destroys all cards on the field. Like a Judgement Dragon.

  18. better than dragon dwelling inth deep, maybe. better than brionac, definitely NOT. the reason levia isn’t really good is because you need to tribute an “umi” meaning it’s more or less a once per duel deal. brionac is not once per duel or even once per turn. you can use its effect as much as you like and it’s way too easy to summon.

  19. and who hasn’t heard of levia? that came out in one of the earliest structure decks, making it a very old card…

  20. i never said levia is better than brionac. in fact im a huge brionac fan. i think its better than BRD, DAD, JD etc.

  21. du you think that brionac should go on the ban list or just stay limited? cause a lot of decks including zombies have abused the hell out of this thing. and since i think brionac is personally one of my fav cards i think it can potentially be more broken than dark strike fighter etc.

  22. yugiohblogger: that’s easy to overcome. just use a legendary ocean instead of umi. a legendary ocean is still treated as umi, but levia becomes a one tributer instead.

    brionac -> ban list. no question. that thing’s way broken.

  23. i think we talked about this before but out of the 4 decks: Tele DAD, Lightsworn, Blackwings and Macro Monarchs which one would make the best deck? taking into account effects, stats, easiness to summon, limited restrictions. I think a Macro Monarch deck would be the best one. Since their technique is to take your opponent to hell. I’m not sure of the 4 which one is the best.

  24. Blackwings, no doubt. Teledad is way to reliant on DAD, I just hate the Lightsworns, Monarchs are weak, and so Blackwings are the best. I could be being bias because I use a Blackwing deck, but they are just very powerful.

  25. Even still, which recent pack has A Legendary Ocean? None. That card stopped being manufactured after the sixth or seventh booster pack. The only way you can get ALO currently is by buying the 4th structure, which is also rare to find by the way.

  26. Easily, Blackwings are one of the most popular deck types around. Their swarming abilities are just amazing. I want to have a Blackwing Proto-deck, but I never get ANY Blackwings or support cards for them in the packs I buy.

  27. no offence to you blackwing fans but most of them don’t have powerful effects and good stats. Macro Monarchs aren’t weak AT ALL in fact lots of decks fear them. Also each one has a different attribute except zaborg and kuraz which are both light. this can be an advantage because of all the anti meta cards coming out. I just think that monarchs are underrated cards. Also a macro monarch deck will usually contain cards like macro cosmos and torrential tribute etc.

  28. the nightmare for the blackwings, lightsworns and tele dad is a koaki meiru deck no doubt. there i think is a possible lockdown using drago, doom, and tornado.

  29. no one uses a koa’ki meiru deck though because it’s too hard to keep the monsters on the field. they only slap certain koa’ki meirus that have good synnergy with their deck, like koa’ki meiru guardian in a rock deck.

    and yeah, blackwings definitely best. amazing swarming, blackwing support cards, DARK support cards, winged beast support cards. you know I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but monarchs stink because they are impossible to support. they’re all different types, different attributes, and their effects can easily turn against you or are just plain useless, like Granmarg’s effect.

    and if you think blackwings don’t have good effects, you’ve either never heard of gale the whirlwind, armor master, bora the spear, sirocco the dawn, or you fail to realize just how powerful their effects can be.

  30. i have heard of them. But honestly their effects aren’t all that impressive. Swarming yes, overall card, no. i want to see a blackwing monster with an effect like Jester Confit, Stardust Dragon, Ryko Lightsworn Hunter etc. and they REALLY REALLY REALLY need a Blackwing monster that’s a girl who looks cute. hehe

  31. you don’t see any monarchs with a jester confit effect, stardust effect, or ryko effect.

  32. heard of Raiza, Caius, Zaborg, Kuraz, etc…..

    none of the monarchs have a stardust effect but they do have a confitish effect and a rykoish effect.

    And btw i was referring to that none of the blackwings have these effects.

  33. raiza is the only one whose effect even comes close to confit’s, and raiza’s effect can only be used once when it’s tribute summoned. confit’s effect can be used multiple times – each time it’s special summoned using it’s own effect. so raiza’s too different from confit.

    ok, my bad. I thought ryko destroyed 2 cards. but still, to use zaborg or caius’s effects, you have to tribute a monster which you can’t always do, and you can’t do more than once per duel usually. as for kuraz, if you destroy your opponent’s cards, your opponent gets to draw… kind of the exact opposite of ryko.

    ryko, confit, stardust, and certain blackwings effects = awesome to the point of broken. monarch effects = far from broken

  34. well it’s not if you have a deck made to summon stardust or other synchro monsters. But if you just try and splash stardust in a deck, you won’t usually summon it.

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