Top 15 Strong and Easy to Summon Monsters Part 1

I have been posting a lot of stuff about cards to have in a deck, lots of top tens, and many posts about monsters in varying archetypes. I recently got a comment from nader, requesting I write a post about the top 10 monsters who are easy to summon (through their own capabilities), and have strong effects. I could quickly think of some names. So I decided to go with the idea, and I came up with this list! I hope you guys like part 1 of the list!

I have been posting a lot of stuff about cards to have in a deck, lots of top tens, and many posts about monsters in varying archetypes. I recently got a comment from nader, requesting I write a post about the top 10 monsters who are easy to summon (through their own capabilities), and have strong effects. I could quickly think of some names. So I decided to go with the idea, and I came up with this list! I hope you guys like part 1 of the list!

Strong Fairy Yugioh Majestic Mech Goryu

15. Majestic Mech Goryu

Majestic Mech may be a level eight monster, however you can summon him with only tribute instead of two. Though it will be destroyed on your end phase if you summon it this way, Majestic Mech’s ability ensured it a place on this list. Even though it’ll only last you a turn, Majestic Mech can be used to deal penetration damage on your opponent for its effect is that when it battles with a monster that has lower defense than Majestic Mech’s attack, you can deal damage equal to the difference to your foe. Because Goryu has such a high attack power, that could be a game changing amount of damage. Plus, it’s great for dealing direct even for a turn. All of this for merely one tribute. Sweet

14. Freed the Brave Wanderer

Yugioh Freed the Brave Wanderer

Freed is a great way to obliterate your opponent’s monster defenses. All you have to do is to remove from play to light monsters from you graveyard, and you can destroy one monster on the field. The most abundant monster attributes in the game is dark, and after that, light. So, you should have no trouble using his effect. Freed is a four-star monster, making him easy to play. (Tip: Would be great in a fairy deck)

Strong Monster Yugioh Cyber Dragon13. Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon is such an easy monster to special summon. As long as you don’t have any monsters on your side of the field and your foe does, it can easily be played. Cyber Dragon can then be used as tribute for stronger monsters or as another for you to directly attack your opponent with! With 2100 attack points, it can be dangerous powerhouse yet it’s still simple to summon. yu-gi-oh-cyber-dragon

12. Fenrir

Yugioh Fenrir Strong Water

I wouldn’t say Fenrir is as easy to play as the my previous listings, but it isn’t impossible to play either. If you have a sea-serpent, fish, or aqua deck, Fenrir would be a great addition and it’s effect would be easy to facilitate. Fenrir can’t be played unless you remove two water monsters from play (not hard if your using one of the three type of decks listed above). All it has to do is destroy one of your opponent’s monsters and they skip their draw phase. It might not be as good as Yata, but Fenrir can still allow you to achieve a “Fenrir-lock” which is a broken maneuver all by itself. Therefore Fenrir has to come in this list.

Best Dragon Decoy Dragon11. Decoy Dragon

Though it’s only useful in dragon decks, Decoy Dragon is still a very helpful monster. First of all, it’s a level two monster meaning it doesn’t require a tribute to summon. Second, its effect is an easy way to special dragon type monsters. When Decoy Dragon is attacked, the controller can special summon a special summon a level seven or higher monster to your side of the field and switch the target to the special summoned monster. Not only is Decoy Dragon easy to play and has a strong effect, it makes summoning powerful dragons very easy as well.

54 thoughts on “Top 15 Strong and Easy to Summon Monsters Part 1”

  1. my senses tell me that the part 2 is going to contain some koaki meirus. if you don’t have a doom, drago, tornado, ghoulungulate, then it would be quite shocking. i think im overreacting a bit dont you think?

  2. Um how about machina fortress, chaos sorcerer, soul of purity and light, guardian eatos, blackwing- sirroco the dawn, junk synchron, dark creator, dark armed dragon…..and countless others.

  3. I’ll be honest, Majestic Mech Goryu surprised me, wasn’t expecting a high level monster, but he’s a Level 8 yugiohblogger not 7. In my defense, I don’t have this card, so I wasn’t aware of it’s effect. I would have been surprised if CyDra wasn’t in the list, because I’m looking for some cards to complete my own CyDra deck.
    Grabbed a Pojo account back in March, and have got quite a few cards like Cyber Esper and Cyber Shadow Gardna for it. This is a nice list though. And Cyber Valley is quite helpful too, I put two in my deck because of it. It’s a level 1 LIGHT Machine-Type monster, that helps boost Cyber Eltanin’s stats by 500. Sure it’s got 0 ATK/DEF and you get one of its three effects, the fact you only get one is a drawback. But the abilities can come in handy, especially in a CyDra deck, where you’re main focus is the Extra Deck.

    This is a nice list, I’d put Card Ejector in there too. Its effect can help against Powerhouses like Dark Armed Dragon. Keeping your opponent’s graveyard free of monsters. Or cards if that’s what you’re into.

  4. Ya, Koakis are tight cards to have. Oh and don’t put Yata on the list, Yata is only good when it can direct attack.

  5. Machina Fortress isn’t that easy to play, if you don’t have enough monster levels that is. Chaos Sorcerer is good, but if it uses its effect, then it can’t attack which sucks. The others are pretty good but they’re not as simple and easy to summon as the ones I listed. I will tell you this: DAD will be in part two.

  6. you better add battle fader and gorz. that’s all I’m saying.

    I never really thought of goryu, but I can see your point. I’m still not too sure it’s good enough for a top 10 though.

    also, are you including banned cards in this? cuz if so, I can think of 2 very banned monsters that would easily make this list.

    I think you guys are over-exaggerating the usefulness of koaki meirus. Even if they have high atk for their level and anti-meta effects, their meitananence cost really brings down their usefulness.

  7. oh god, please DO NOT Let DAD or JD be number 1. If it is my laptop is gonna break down because of that.

    Koaki Meirus, the cost for them is crazy but oh well. If i would choose the best anti meta deck i would choose oppression monarchs.

  8. 2 banned cards? i think you are talking about Cyber Jar and Tsukoyomi. Do I win anything?

  9. Yes, the reason I did top 15 is because there are so many monsters I have to add! Don’t worry though, DAD won’t be number. Number one is an aqua monster that’s currently banned.

  10. Yeah Cyber Valley is a nice card to have. Darn, there are so many good cards to add! I am trying to decide which ones to put in! This list is the toughest one I’ve had to do, haha.

  11. Dad and JD are practically yugioh god cards. Of course they should be #1 on the list. It only makes sense. DAD is too much of a staple to not be number one.

  12. actually I was talking about black luster soldier – envoy of the beginning, and chaos emperor dragon – envoy of the end.

    your number one wouldn’t happen to be tribe-infecting virus would it?

  13. Oh god chris harbour they are so overrated and there are literally many cards that can counter it. You should look at Vennominaga she’s better than the egyptian gods.

  14. Oh no chris harbour they are so overrated and there are literally many cards that can counter it. You should look at Vennominaga she’s better than the egyptian gods.

  15. woops, yea DAD could have been a better card personally, Stardust Dragon will have a night out with him.

  16. nader, they are not that overrated. slightly overrated, maybe, but not to the point it can be complained about. Probably might not count them in this list though, because they’re not that easy to summon (same goes for vennminaga and stardust). and for the record, stardust is a brokenly powerful card so not a good argument.

  17. when i said stardust will have a night out with him i was referring too that stardust is a counter to him. and yes stardust is broken, but remember that he can only negate cards that destroys a card(s) a card on the field. Still a great card though.

  18. off topic question, but are there any non effect cards that you like personally? that is splashable and fits well to many decks?

  19. we should do a post on Egyptian Gods vs Wicked Gods vs Orichalcos vs Sacred Beasts vs Signer Dragons vs Earthbound Immortals vs Infinities. LOL

  20. i actually thought soitsu and aitsu are terrible, especially aitsu. you need a tribute for a 100 atk and def monster with no effect.

  21. The forum is about the best and EASY monsters to summon. Vennominaga is a terribly difficult monster to bring out. Dad and jd are simple and easy to do the job with. Dad and jd can do their job even if someone bottomless holed it.

    Also, is this forum goin to help the advanced players if people keep suggesting banned cards as the top easy to summon monsters?

  22. about battle fader, you know there are some cards like that like cyber valley, electromagnetic turtle, and quick attack scarecrow. i love battle phase ending cards.

  23. does electromagnetic bagworm seem like a good card? Its a flip effect card and it says take control of 1 machine type monster your opponent controls until the end phase of your next turn. If its destroyed by battle the monster that destroyed it loses 500 ATK and DEF.

  24. it’s decent but not good…

    cyber valley isn’t as good though because it needs to be attacked for it to work, making it easy to predict and easy to counter. battle fader on the other hand isn’t as easy to expect or prevent.

    was this site’s intention to help advanced players? I thought it was just discussing yu-gi-oh…

  25. i know a special weakness of the machine emporers and CED (Cyber End Dragon and every other machine type monster. Acid Rain. I think that Yusei should of have that card so badly.

  26. We already know Vennominaga is hard to summon, i was just saying that because i love her so much. and that shes way harder to overcome than 99.9% of the other monsters.

  27. acid rain is a double-edged sword for yusei. don’t forget that some of his monsters (namely the synchrons) are machine types as well. and anyway, system down is much, much better.

    there is. it’s called milus radiant

  28. oh yeah i forgot to pinpoint that out. just wished most cards that destroy stuff only destroy to your opponent.

  29. Why isn’t Great Maju Garzett on this list? Common sense dictates that having ~3800 ATK and NOT being destroyed after one turn is better than having 2900 ATK, piercing damage, and being destroyed in one turn.

    Conclusion: Great Maju Garzett should replace Majestic Mech-Goryu.

  30. well techincally both shouldn’t be on the list, but the reason why gmg should not be on here is that its just an attacker, and a tribute, nothing else really.

  31. @Victor

    Nahh, Maju is good but like nader said, it’s just an attacking monster. Majestic Mech can actually deal penetration damage as well. Plus, if you summon Majestic Mech regularly, its destruction effect doesn’t apply.

  32. @nader

    I mean, Majestic Mech is a great “one turn card.” If you’re in a close situation with your foe, it’d be great to have it in your hand because then you play it with one tribute, equip to something like Axe of Despair, and BAM!!! Destruction!

  33. @nader and yugiohblogger

    One turn effects are nothing. Compare:

    2900 ATK
    Destroyed at the end
    Piercing damage

    3800 ATK
    Not destroyed at the end
    No piercing damage

    What’s so good about piercing damage? Even if Majestic Mech Goryu ‘did not have its destoyed at the end effect, I would still prefer Great Maju Garzett. High attack is better than piercing in general.

  34. And @ yugiohblogger

    Equip Great Maju Garzett w/ megamorph/axe of despair/united we stand and it will most likely attack an ATK position monster.

  35. actually, megamorph would do nothing to great maju garzett because great maju garzett’s original atk is 0. double or half, it’s still 0.

    and honestly, I agree with victor that great maju garzett is better than majestic mech.

  36. @yugiohblogger

    That’s not even a question. MAju garzett’s attack is equal to the combined attack of the 2 tributed monsters. Great maju garzett’s attack is equal to 2X the attack of the ONE MONSTER you tributed.

    Both will have similar attack powers, but great maju garzett needs only one tribute.

  37. Also, why isn’t Chaos emperor dragon envoy of the end on this list? It’s similar in terms of summoning conditions and powerful effects and ATK power to black luster soldier envoy of the beginning.

  38. plus, if you think about it, great maju garzett will always either have equal to or more attack than maju garzett. because if you control a monster with atk: A, and another monster with atk: B. If you tribute both for maju garzett, then maju garzett will have atk: A+B. to summon great maju garzett though, it will either have atk: 2A or 2B. if A > B, then 2A > A+B. if A A+B. if A = B, then 2A = A+B = 2B. and that’s not counting the monster that wasn’t tributed for great maju garzett…

  39. huh, didn’t know html codes worked on this. where it starts to bold, it’s supposed to say A is less than B.

  40. maybe if we get some really good level 3 or lower monsters, possessed dark soul may also join on this list.

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