Top 15 Strong and Easy to Summon Monsters Part 2

Here is part two of the list:

10. Armed Dragon LV5, 9. Penguin Soldier, 8. Reflect Bounder, 7. Elemental Hero Wildheart, 6. Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Here is part two of the list:

Yugioh Armed Dragon LV510. Armed Dragon LV5

Armed Dragon is a fabulous card to have in any deck, as long you have Armed Dragon LV3 that is. Compared to its LV7 and LV10, Lv5 may lack in power however simple summoning capabilities make it the best one of the four. All you have to do to summon Armed Dragon LV5 is tribute one monster from your side of the field, or you can tribute A.D. LV3 to special summon LV5 from your deck. As long as you discard a monster with higher attack points than the target, Armed Dragon LV5 can basically destroy any monster your foe has. Plus with its 2400 attack points, Armed Dragon LV5 could clear the field and inflict lots of direct damage to your opponent.

Yugioh Penguin Soldier9. Penguin Soldier

The adorable and cute-looking Penguin Soldier can be a major threat to your opponent. In fact, whenever I play my Yugioh: 7 Trials to Glory video game, I am so paranoid in attacking face-down monsters because I assume that it could be a Penguin Soldier! When Penguin Soldier is flipped, you can return up to two monster cards on the field to the owner’s hand. Penguin Soldier could clear your foe’s field for you to directly attack them. It is such an efficient and easy-to-summon monster.

Yugioh Reflect Bounder8. Reflect Bounder

Reflect Bounder is the monster entity of Magic Cylinder. Not only is it a level four monster (therefore easy to play) but its effect is like a trap card. When attacked, Reflect Bounder “reflects” damage equal to the attack of the attacking monster right back to the opponent. Though Reflect Bounder is destroyed right after using its effect, it can still be a duel-changer. You can think of it like a Magic Cylinder, for its effect is very similar. Plus, with 1700 attack points, Reflect Bounder is also decent in the defensive side as well. A great monster that meshes with any deck.

Yugioh Elemental Hero Wildheart7. Elemental Hero Wildheart

Besides Penguin Soldier, Elemental Hero Wildheart is my favorite monster in Yugioh and for one reason only: it cannot be affected by trap cards. Yep, it can’t be affected, not targeted, affected. If your foe plays a Draining Shield on you or Torrential Tribute, whoops! Elemental Hero Wildheart takes no effect from the traps. Your opponent can only destroy Wildhear by spells (quick spells if it’s your turn), monster effects, or by battle. Let’s face it, monsters are 90% of the time destroyed by traps or by battle. If you equip an Axe of Despair or Malevolent Nuzzler to Wildheart, it’ll be virtually indestructible with 2500/2300 attack points. As soon as a monster is immune to traps, it takes a lot of time to destroy it. That’s why Wildheart, who is one of the few monsters (or the only one) with this ability, is so strong, it had to be high on the list.

Yugioh Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier6. Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Imagine a monster equivalent to a bunch of Penguin Soldiers, the result is Brionac. First of all, Brionac is a synchro monster which means you can either just synchro summon him (which is a simple process) or revive him from the graveyard with a Monster Reborn or a Premature Burial. Brionac has 2300 attack points, making him a strong monster in terms of stats, however I love Brionac because it can basically clear your opponent’s field; literally. You can discard any number of cards to the graveyard to return the same amount of cards on the field to the respective owner’s hand. Plus, you can activate this effect during your foe’s turn as well. He can make the field wide open basically EVERY TURN for direct attacks. What a beast.

29 thoughts on “Top 15 Strong and Easy to Summon Monsters Part 2”

  1. can you make a top 10 whit the best cards thath don´t need other monsters in order to besumoned?
    Excluding fusions/sinchrons and monsters like yubel.

  2. No, this is actually a good list, especially Penguin Soldier and Reflect Bounder. Winning a duel is all about overcoming your opponent in clutch situations and these easy-to-summon monsters allow you to do that. I guess WIldheart’s ok… it is resistant to traps so it’s pretty good. Brionac is a great card but it sucks if you don’t have any cards in your hand. Armed Dragon LV5 seems like a card you put up there just for the heck of it. Ever heard of Battlestorm? He would be great for the tenth spot.

  3. @nader

    There are a bunch of cards I can think of that are better and easier to summon than Brionac, DAD, Black Luster Soldier E.O.B., etc…

  4. well yeah, but who said i liked DAD and BLS? They are very good but not amazing. And im actually quite shocked you did not add Super Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon. its a 1 tribute monster for a nice 2400 ATK and it’ll gain one of the effects for a Batteryman. Like negating spells and traps targeting it or inflicting damage or gaining 1000 Atk. Thats only however depending on which batteryman you tributed.

    @Duffer: Cyber Jar? Tribe Infecting Virus? Caius and Kuraz? (maybe)

  5. This whole list isn’t that great. Penguin soldier? Really? With today’s swarming power, bouncing two monsters back to the hand isn’t great.

  6. you know what we should do. we should make a contest of everyone trying to make the most broken yugioh cards.

  7. no nader that would be stupid… anyone can make a seriously broken card. just slap some name together with a random type, attribute, atk, def, level, etc. and say it’s effect is you can skip your draw phase to search your deck for this card and add it to your hand. during your standby phase, you can show it to your opponent and win the match…

  8. is vennominaga basically the only card that is unaffected by the effects of all cards cause im thinking thats true.

  9. the anime card eshila the lovely bisque doll it can get up to 5000 ATK but the funny thing is that the artwork looks to pretty to be powerful right.

  10. It doesn’t matter, their effects are still very similar. It’s pretty much like a monster form of a Magical Cylinder, even if it doesn’t negate the attack.

  11. quote = yugiohblogger

    It doesn’t matter, their effects are still very similar. It’s pretty much like a monster form of a Magical Cylinder, even if it doesn’t negate the attack.

    That’s like saying “ENchanted JAvelin” is just as good as “draining shield.” If your opponent attacks you directly, Enchanted Javelin simply cancels out the damage (because the attack carries through, just like attacking reflect bounder). Draining shield, however, NEGATES THE ATTACK as well as increasing LP (similar to MC). Therefore, Reflect bounder does not really have a built in MC effect.

  12. beast machine king barbaros ur isn’t that great, only for skill drain decks sadly. beast king barbaros would be on this list if it was a 1 tribute monster, there are some that are easier to summon. Malefics are same as ur.

  13. Wanna know what monster should be in the top 15 strong and easy to summon AND cards everyone should have list?

    BRAIN JACKER!!! Isn’t it great to run three of them?

  14. @victor: unless you were being sarcastic, not really… it’s pretty hard to activate brain jacker’s effect because not only does it have to be flipped, it has to survive the battle (it’s effect doesn’t work if it’s destroyed by battle).

  15. Chris harbour said:

    “This whole list isn’t that great. Penguin soldier? Really? With today’s swarming power, bouncing two monsters back to the hand isn’t great.”

    Ur saying this and you meanwhile think brionac deserves a top spot on the list? Okay, brionac usually returns 3 cards to the hand. 3 cards vs 2 cards. U GOT ME THERE!!! Second, brionac requires you to discard practically ur entire hand. Third, unlike penguin soldier, if u fail to otk the turn u use brionac’s effect, ur dead. So, wtf are u talking about?

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