Yugioh Blog Site Redesign

It was time to freshen up Yugioh Blog so I redesigned the site.

Yes, it’s what you think! A new year calls for new changes and now my Yugioh Blog has a new background. Though I did like the last design, I thought that changing the background would freshen up my site. My old background was about 800 pixels wide, but this one is 1024 pixels wide, and therefore my site is significantly larger. The larger size makes the sidebar less jam-packed and more presentable.  It also allows more reading space. The inferno image from my old background was fairly large, and as a result, it took a lot of time for people with slow connections to access my site. Now that it is removed, it will take less time to enter my Yugioh Blog.

I will spend some more time this weekend to refine the site some more.  I hope you like the new background; you can give the credit to my father, who spent hours on Photoshop finding the right color schemes for the new design. Thanks dad!

11 thoughts on “Yugioh Blog Site Redesign”

  1. The site looks great man, although I will miss the inferno image, being a Pyromaniac and all. Burn with my cards, not the cards themselves. =^D Anyway the new layout and design are great, and the fact you didn’t change the picture at the top makes it all sweeter, don’t think I’ve seen a better picture of Atem. Should probably make some post on that. Let us nominate the best Atem image, and then we all vote on the nominations for the #1 Atem picture.

  2. Considering it almost feels like a Forum with all the comments and what not, might as well go all the way right? But I merely suggested the forum, although I don’t believe I’ve seen a Blog/Forum site yet. Would be something to think about for sure, keep up the good work.

  3. Kudos to your dad. And maybe you should put an image of Jaden and Yusei alongside Yugi

  4. Hey, I found a loophole with Stardust Dragon/Assault mode! It doesn’t say that you cant tribute it from your hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i say you should and a little more color to the place and add some yugioh monsters around the wall paper too but so far from what i’ve seen it’s pretty cool around here?

  6. You mean on the background? We thought about that for a while but if we did that, it would take several minutes for the site to load… that’s the problem with today’s internet.

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