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In Yugioh duels, having monsters with a high attack and broken burn effects will not guarantee victory. A simple Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder can break your momentum and change the outcome of the duel instantly. Therefore, just like in basketball or football, every good deck needs a strong defense in order to protect your life points in case of an emergency. I have already talked about Yugioh trap cards and Yugioh spell cards that are a great defensive addition to your deck. In this post, I will talk about key defensive monsters that can stall the duel for you in order to set up a combo to facilitate a come-back.

In Yugioh duels, having monsters with a high attack and broken burn effects will not guarantee victory. A simple Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder can break your momentum and change the outcome of the duel instantly. Therefore, just like in basketball or football, every good deck needs a strong defense in order to protect your life points in case of an emergency. I have already talked about Yugioh trap cards and Yugioh spell cards that are a great defensive addition to your deck. In this post, I will talk about key defensive monsters that can stall the duel for you in order to set up a combo to facilitate a come-back.

Sometimes, you’re foe’s just going to overpower you in even simple level four versus level four match-ups (i.e. your foe plays Vorse  Raider and defeats your Nin-Ken Dog). In these type of situations, you need monsters with high defense points; they don’t need to be effect monsters either. Soul Tiger, Giant Soldier of Stone, Destiny Hero Defender, and Gravekeeper’s Guard are all great options for a quick defense. The purpose of these type of monsters are to stall the duel for you so that you can stock up on cards to unleash a quick, or even deadly combo on your opponent. Monsters like Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster and Total Defense Shogun are powerful monsters that can help you in provide defense and offense… at the same time! Those are two key powerhouse, defensive monsters.

Defense isn’t just limited to a monster’s defense points; monsters with defensive effects are helpful as defense monsters as well. One of my favorite defensive monsters is Blast Sphere. Though Blast Sphere has decent stats, it has a great effect. When Blast Sphere is attacked as a set monster, it equips itself onto the attacking monster. Then, in your opponent’s following standby phase, it destroys the monster (along with it’s self) and inflicts damage to your opponent equal to the attack of the monster Blast Sphere equipped itself onto. It’s effect is similar to Reflect Bounder, another great defensive monster.

Of course, defense also means being able to protect yourself from spell and trap cards. Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar is one of those monsters that many people have heard about but deserves to be in the list of top 10 defensive monsters. Not only is it pretty easy to summon (Alien Ammonite’s effect does it for you basically), it has an effect that can send a number of spell and trap cards back to the controller’s hand (this can be your opponent’s trap and spells only!). Plus, for each spell and trap returned this way, you can distribute A counters among any monsters on the field. You can remove two A counters to destroy a card your foe controls. This monster is very much like DAD, but is an unlimited monster! It’s a great addition to any Alien deck!

Defense helps wins any game. Though in Yugioh, defense mostly appears through traps and spells, it is vital that you have some monsters that can produce defense and stall the duel in order for you to set up a combo. There are so many combos you can unleash in a duel if you just have a line of defense in order to protect your life points and stall the match. The monsters I have listed above are some of the best defensive monsters in the game. Perhaps, you all could give them a try in your deck; trust me, you’ll be having a win-streak in no time with defensive monsters.

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  1. sometimes there can be defense monsters that can actually win you the duel in no time like Vennominaga. Its good to have some nice defense monsters. Consecrated Light is good for stall and defense against dark monsters. i think a combo with that and honest can cripple an opponents blackwing deck.

  2. vennominaga is no defensive monster. another trait of defensive monsters is you can bring them out easily, like gorz or battle fader. vennominaga, even if the difficulty of her summoning requirements are greatly overexaggerated, is still too hard to summon to be defensive.

    speaking of which, I don’t know about you guys but I’d say battle fader is the best defensive monster out there. almost impossible to predict and just as hard to stop. plus it provides a monster for you to use as a tribute next turn, which could completely turn the situation around.

    other good defensive monsters are winged kuriboh, zero gardna, cyber valley, the unhappy girl, and marshmallon.

  3. battle fader shouldn’t be unlimited. its just too good. otk stopping cards are one of my favorites.

  4. A great defense monster is collosal fighter.

    But personally, I believe the best defense is a strong offense.

  5. Colossal Fighter? I guess so, well yeah in terms of momentum swing you’re right however in a neck and neck duel or a duel in which you are losing pretty badly, you’re going to have to take a defensive approach for a while in order to get back in the game.

  6. yeah, colossal fighter is defensive because when it’s destroyed by battle, it can special summon a warrior-type monster from the grave, and it can target itself meaning it is immune to being destroyed by battle (unless there’s something like marco cosmos on the field)

    well yugiohblogger, if you have a strong enough offense you can control the duel from the start so that you’d never be in a situation where you’d need to take a defensive approach. but making a deck that good requires a lot of skill. can’t say I’ve ever succeeded in that.

  7. Do you know what we should do. we should have a card review of the week. once a week we should review a memorable card.

  8. Personally, I played lightsworn blackwings and currently xsabers. My decks have consistently topped at locals and I don’t play defensively. Never have. The closest I came to that was using collossal fighter. But even then it takes me to an offensive mode

  9. You have to build decks that appear like you are playing recklessly but at the same time have at least 3 moves to fall back on. All of which are more powerful than the next…..

  10. Monsters that stall but set you up for a next turn comeback:

    spirit reaper
    macrocosmos with gravekeepers servant
    collossal fighter

    my opinion is that every deck should use one of these depending on the specific characteristics of the deck and such.

  11. I guess my playing just hasn’t evolved with the game. I tried lightsworns once and failed at that. I tried blackwings but didn’t do too well with that either, unless you count the blackwing-exodia deck I made. That I did pretty well with.

    The only one of those I’ve used consistently is battle fader. I’ve also used gorz once or twice in my monarch deck, and marshmallon in my final countdown deck. I don’t really like spirit reaper since it can be destroyed when targeted by a spell. and marco cosmos has never been good for any deck I had. it always just hurt me more.

    well that’s the trouble. I don’t know how to have “3 moves to fall back on”. I can’t long-term plan, only react and short-term plans (a plan for a turn or 2). that’s probably why I fail to make any OTK decks…

  12. i don’t know why konami makes some monsters extremely outrageous to summon. as of now, probably the hardest to summon maybe armityle, gate guardian and possibly rainbow neos. i don’t figure out why yuggiohblogger loves it so much. no offense yb. he does look cool but he is not worth summoning for its effects.

  13. no rainbow neos is worth it a little. he’s hard to summon but his effect is awesome. it clears all your opponent of all things on the field and graveyard leaving your opponent with only the hand to defend themselves, plus it does it without destroying cards making it immune to stardust. better yet, after stardust uses its effect, you can return it to the extra deck. also, it returns cards to the deck thickening your opponent’s deck and making it unlikely they draw a card they want. Finally, Rainbow Neos has 4500 atk. at the very least, he’s a balanced card.

  14. hmm your right, but i think it only actives each of the 3 effects once per turn. some monsters are very imbalanced like LADD, SDAM and Vennominaga. they just all have outrageously amazing effects. better yet all of them arent tricky getting out. including venny. tribute 2 monsters you get vennominion. use offering the snake deity (i always use this) to destroy vennominion and 2 cards your opponent controls then activate the trap and your gonna have your snake queen. whenever someone tries to remove cards from the grave i just pack in a solemn judgement and a mystical space typhoon. she even revives after getting destroyed by battle.

  15. It’s all cool! But I do don’t love it that much. The only reason I put it in the Top 10 Monsters list was because like morfowt said, its stats and effect are amazing. Remember, summoning conditions was never a judge factor for that list.

  16. Yeah Rainbow Neos is actually a really good monster. The only problem with it is that it’s really hard to summon, especially because there are no such thing as “Crystal Beast-Hero” decks. They just don’t mesh.

  17. very tricky getting out, but rainbow neos’s summoning is nothing compared to armityle, theinen, and gate guardian. all of which i think are abysmal cards.

  18. does anyone here even own a gate guardian, theinen, or armityle? they too me seem unplayable. and are not worth it.

  19. from your strongest monsters list, im surprised you did not add CED, SDAM, LADD, Angel O7, Vennominaga etc. maybe you didn’t add them because it was too strong for you. hehe

  20. well no one said it had to be a crystal beast-hero deck. you can also summon rainbow neos by fusing neos and dark rainbow dragon. so you could make a dark hero deck.

  21. Ya, idk. Maybe defense doesn’t make sense to me since I play decks that are OTK happy. I believe that the best decks have the power to OTK frequently. Because if you cannot make the otk happen, at least your cards are still good enough to win long games…..

  22. I have no idea what your abbreviations are… I know this is kind of embarrassing, but I had never heard of Vennominga until I started your obsessive comments about her. I had never heard of Angel 07 until last week!

  23. well chris, if we’re talking in terms of power and the ability to win, then yes OTK decks are the best. But, personally, I feel the best deck is one where both you and your opponent can have fun playing. That way neither will regret playing. With an OTK deck though, your opponent will probably get tired of never getting a chance to fight back.

  24. @yugiohblogger its okay you dont have to be a genius to figure it out. CED is Chaos Emperor Dragon (rolleyes, not cyber end dragon). SDAM is Stardust Dragon Assault Mode (another heavy roll eye). LADD is Light and Darkness Dragon (……………………..).

  25. vennominaga came out a very long time ago. since yugioh gx. And rainbow dragon is hard enough to summon. and some of the e hero fusions havent aged well. divine neos for example is way too much to summon. and he doesn’t do anything cool. that my friends is very undivine.

  26. i heard about the movie a long time ago. and paradox loses. sorry for the spoil. and he plays a malefic deck. malefic truth dragon is the only card i like of him. others are abysmal. the anime effect of malefic truth dragon was too broken.

  27. im not only obssessed about vennominaga but im obsessed about tons of cards. i used to be obssessed about the fake cards: Hell Trader, name and art only, Eshila the lovely bisque doll she can get huge atk and is very cute. and super fusion god. a card impossible to summon.

  28. anyone here owns a djinn of rituals deck? they seem cool. though it mainly belongs in a deck with ritual monsters. i dont know, but i might want to build one. djinn releaser of rituals is my favorite. though djinn prognosticator of rituals is my least favorite.

  29. defense i believe can be used in 2 ways. i think that a powerful offense can be considered a defense. or defense meaning like being unaffected by trap cards or something like that.

  30. OTK happy decks can piss off the opponent. But when paired with another OTK happy deck, wow that’s fun. It’s way better to be playing an opponent that has just as many moves as you do. If you limit your deck to playing at a 6 year old playing style, then you lose out on a load of fun combos. And only sore losers complain or get angered if they lose to a good deck. The game is supposed to be more fun as you learn to get better and play with better cards………

  31. damn, Scar Red Nova Dragon looks so beast. i think its better than shooting star dragon. 3500 atk and 3000 def. gains 500 atk for each tuner in the grave. cant be destroyed by your opponents card effects, you can remove it from play to negate the attack of one of your opponents monsters and gets special summoned back to the field at the end phase. one hell of a monster.

  32. majestic dragons were never good but shooting star and scar red are muuuuuuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh better.

  33. let’s do maybe a post on the most powerful monsters for each of the six attribute. although it would be hard to determine that monster for each attribute. especially for dark and light.

  34. hmm… I never thought of an OTK deck going against another OTK deck… i suppose that would be interesting.

  35. The way this format is built, all good decks have the ability to otk (and otk frequently).
    The top contenders for a national victory is down to 3 decks: X-Sabers, Infernity, and Blackwings. I guarantee that at least 15 out of the top 16 decks will be comprised of those three.

    The way OTK decks versing OTK decks tend to show consistency versus eachother comes down to a few key factors:
    1) Knowing your deck
    2) knowing your opponents’ decks
    3) creating a good side board

  36. wait a minute, a few days ago fusion summoning can be done by the hand for destiny end dragoon. the problem is how are you going to tribute 2 3 tribute monsters by hand? it would kinda make more sense tributing them on the field.

  37. i meant fuse 2 3 tribute monsters, sorry about that. i used to have a destiny hero deck and i normally tribute 3 monsters for plasma and then tribute another 3 monsters for dogma on the field and then fuse them on the field together.

  38. Not yet, there an amazing group of monsters, but due to them being a new archetype, they don’t have much support cards yet. Plus, I’m a bit unfamiliar with the group.

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