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Card of the week 6/16/10: Non-Aggression Area

Non-Aggression Area was a trap card that I found while researching some anti-swarm Yugioh decks. Though I’ve had four of these traps in my collection, I’d never even bothered to read its effect: As long you as discard a card during each of your standby phases, your opponent cannot normal, set, or special summon any monsters in their following turn. Non-Aggression is an amazing defensive card! It could create wide-open attacks against your opponent! Non-Aggression Area is also a great card to fight swarm decks like the Blackwings or X-Sabers. Non-Aggression Area is also put to good use in a Dark World deck, where a majority of monster effects are facilitated by discarding a card(s). NAA is an awesome, easy-to-find, defensive trap card!

Card of the week 6/16/10: Non-Aggression Area

Yu-Gi-Oh-Non-Aggression-AreaNon-Aggression Area was a trap card that I found while researching some anti-swarm Yugioh decks. Though I’ve had four of these traps in my collection, I’d never even bothered to read its effect: As long you as discard a card during your standby phase, your opponent cannot normal, set, or special summon any monsters in their following turn. Non-Aggression Area is an amazing defensive card! It could create wide-open attacks against your opponent! Non-Aggression Area is also a great card to fight swarm decks like the Blackwings or X-Sabers. Non-Aggression Area is also put to good use in a Dark World deck, where a majority of monster effects are facilitated by discarding a card(s). NAA is an awesome, easy-to-find, defensive trap card! It is also a nice card to have in an Infernity deck for it can clear the field for an OTK.

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  1. finally, we have a card that can severely slow down blackwings, infernities, lightsworns etc. very good card.

  2. what do you mean finally? that card is old…

    it’s also misleading. you make it sound like you can use it every turn. you can’t. it’s a normal trap so it only works for your opponent’s next turn.

  3. I thought darkworld monsters effects come from them being discarded by EFFECT not as a COST??!??!?!?

  4. chris is right. Non-aggression area could also help an infernity deck by dumping more cards into the graveyard and clearing the field for an OTK…

  5. spell speed 1: Normal spells (+continuous)
    spell speed 2: Traps and quick play
    speell 3: Counter

  6. are you serious yugiohblogger? I can understand not knowing priority or missing the timing or maintenance costs, but spell speeds are even covered in those beginner (I emphasize this word) rulebooks… how do you possibly play the game without knowing what spell speeds are?

    yugioh fan: also some monster effects (like stardust dragon) have a spell speed of 2. basically any card effect that can be activated during your opponent’s turn (and is not a counter trap) have a spell speed of 2. only counter traps have a spell speed of 3. everything else has a spell speed of 1.

  7. what do you guys think of summon limit? while it’s on the field neither player can summon more than twice. it’s another anti-swarm card that’s not as complete as non-aggression area, but is a continuous trap and has no cost, unless you count the fact that it affects you too.

  8. … I think you’re thinking of speed spell cards, a type of spell card that can only be used with speed world…

  9. i agree morfowt summon limit in moost cases would be much more useful, and btw i hate costs on cards for an effect.

  10. random statement but i think it would be true for koaki meiru guardian to negate the activation of the effect of SDAM and destroy it if you summon guardian first and get through its cost. and the same would be applied against LADD. sorta like a divine wrath.

  11. one time i thought that DAD and JD were overrated. But then i find Jinzo to be even more overrated. possibly the most overrated card in yugioh. because you also cant activate traps too. its like a double edgged sword.

  12. yes, you can chain koa’ki meiru guardian to SDAM (and LADD) and negate its effect and destroy it, but the reverse is also true. if you chain koa’ki meiru guardian’s effect to something, SDAM (and LADD) can chain its effects and negate koa’ki meiru guardian. It doesn’t matter which is summoned first though. what matters is which activated their effect first (for guardian and Stardust)or how much atk it has left (for LADD). divine wrath is better than all of those though because it’s a counter trap, so only another counter trap can stop it.

  13. Um why do you think DAD and JD are over rated? There’s a reason they are limited/semilimited. Do you not know how many formats were absolutely dominated by tele-DAD and lightsworn decks???? I mean how over rated can they be if they got hit by the limited list, have had decks that absolutely dominate for many formats, those cards are (well at least DAD) are the boss monsters of many decks, and whose summoning requirements are practically free? They have fantastic “+’s”!!!!!

  14. when i mean overrated, i mean that some people say that they should be banned. DAD and JD (particularly DAD) have great effects yet they are not extremely overpowered. DAD is actually a balanced card, and actually DAD alone doesn’t win most tournaments. the synchros in their decks do. and its support.

  15. JD is less overrated (you know what i mean). i think its effect will have a much greater chance for an OTK than DAD. but JD shouldn’t be banned. its not like CED broken. I actually think JD is better than DAD.

  16. they are not severely overhyped or overrated, what i meant to say was that they are just slightly worth less than what it actually is. They are charging DAD and JD cards for over like 150 dollars, which i find very overpriced.

  17. Not even. Gold series DAD is priced at 25, secret rare is priced at 50. Jd is actually losing value and can be bought for less than 50 now

  18. Summon limit is just a minus one that can end up hurting yourself. Non agression area is way better because it can be a timely used winner. Summon limit can’t do that. Furthermore, with how control the graveyards are played nowadays, discarding a card can be all to useful

  19. well I suppose whether it’s better or not depends on what kind of deck you’re using. if you’re using a deck that has massive swarm power itself, then yeah chances are you’ll end up hurting yourself. Since most decks out there have massive swarm power, non-aggression area is better than summon limit overall. But in just terms of anti-swarm power, I’m pretty sure summon limit is better. If someone was to make an anti-meta deck based on stopping swarming, I think they’d rather put summon limit in instead of non-aggression area.

  20. Do you guys make absolutely shitty decks? Why do you care about antimeta and anti swarming? Is it that you guys can’t make a good deck? Really? Good decks swarm. And good decks are what meta is. So if you make an antimeta deck you are making an anti good deck……a shitty deck. And that is what anti meta is: shit.

  21. well it offers more creativity when making a deck than slapping together the same old infernity or blackwing cards, so the deck is more interesting. And, personally, I prefer playing against an interesting “pussy” deck than a predictable otk deck.

  22. they may be good decks but they’re boring because everybody uses them. it’s like going to a talent show and watching everyone pull off the same trick. after a while, no matter how good it is, you’re gonna get tired of it, and will even welcome “shit” just to break the monotone…

  23. woah watch your language, i sometimes play an anti meta deck and i think anti meta was a brilliant idea. it gets boring if everyone plays against each other with a meta deck. come on man, anti meta isn’t bad. its a “good” different creative alternative instead of a meta deck that 95% of yugioh players use when dueling against each other. are you assuming that if i “sometimes” use anti meta that automatically makes me a bad player? are you serious?

  24. my main deck is usually a reptile based deck and usually a macro monarch deck. i only sometimes use anti meta (koaki meiru deck) when dueling. my favorite koaki meiru is koaki meiru doom because he looks like a green version of batman.

  25. Morfowt: can you beat otk decks? There is no better satisfaction in this game than to kill an otk deck. What satisfaction is there if you beat an absolutely crappy “interesting” deck?

  26. from previous experience i cannot beat an otk deck with anti meta stuff. dont get me wrong, anti meta isn’t the greatest or the best but its somewhat different and kinda “interesting” (this is my opinion). Chris are there any anti meta monsters you sorta like? (thunder king rai oh, fossil dyna pachycephalo, jowgen the spiritualist).

  27. 1. that was random

    2. yes the game is fun

    3. why bash us?

    4. we did nothing to you

    5. why do you hate anti meta?

    6. thanks for sharing your opinion

    7. meta is fun so is anti meta (cough)

    8. what is up with you today?

    9. i miss yugiohblogger

    10. Chris how old are you?

  28. Antimeta is just a gay game to be playing. I am 19. I have been dominating in this came since it came out. Heck I topped regionals when I was 11.
    This game is about making decks that win. Or else why would you play? Fun? Winning is fun. Winning is gay when played by stupid antimeta decks. Antimeta is also another name for decks who rely on other decks. You need to build a deck that can dominate whatever format it’s in. For example, lightsworn. They will never be the way they were, but can always be a threat. Blackwings, although losing popularity, can always be built and taken competitively. QuickDraw will always be competitive. Teledad will make a comeback because emergency teleport is going to go to 2 next format. Glad beasts will always be competitive.

    You see? You can’t say the same about any anI’mteta deck. This is because antimeta is determined by what meta currently is. Antimeta is always a terrible way to go. When was the last time an antimeta deck topped at a big tourney?

  29. Uh… that was pretty random. Winning is fun to us, and you are correct about anti-meta. Meta changes basically every release of a booster pack so your AM deck is only going to be useful for three months. Chris, I know nader might say some disagreeable things, but doesn’t you can bash him or any of us. You can respectfully disagree with us.

  30. Yugiohblogger: you should have a forum where people can submit decklists with accomodating bio’s and where you can rate the decks and have people post criticism

  31. that’s fine chris. you hate anti meta and that is your opinion. there is nothing wrong with me disagreeing.

  32. while you hate anti meta decks, are there any anti meta monsters you like? there has to be some you like. my personal favorites are thunder king rai oh, fossil dyna pachycephalo, koaki meiru doom, consecrated light (kinda).

  33. Not really. Archlord Kristy maybe. Just because it’s worth 60 and is a staple in fairy decks

  34. honestly, winning isn’t what makes the game fun for me. The things about the game that I like:

    1. creating my own deck which I can exercise my creativity
    2. seeing what great ideas other people have had in making their deck
    3. faced with challenges and overcoming them (even if it’s the opponent overcoming my obstacle)
    4. when both players are a good sport

    and how would I know whether I’ve beaten an OTK deck? I can’t tell it’s an otk deck unless it otks me, in which case obviously I lost. I can tell you I’ve beaten infernities, blackwings, lightsworns, and x-sabers though.

  35. An otk deck is a term for a deck that has the ability to otk (frequently). If you win an otk deck, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t an otk deck. It just means that your deck was able to stop the otk from happening. If you have beaten those decks though, it means you (playing reptiles) weren’t playing against a good player. The decks you listed are far better than reptiles, it’s just whether or not your opponents are as skilled as you.

  36. I know what an otk deck is. I’m saying I wouldn’t know whether or not I’ve stopped an otk because I wouldn’t know if it can otk unless it otks me.

    ok, I’ve never played reptiles. that’s nader, not me. I play with 10 different decks, the 3 most successful so far, are final countdown, blackwing-exodia, and rock stun (in that order)…

  37. soon there should be a debate post on the assault mode forms vs majestic forms vs accel synchro forms. overall id say that the accel synchros (shooting star and scar red nova) are the best. worst i say are the majestics. id rather have rainbow neos than the majestics. the majestics though have some killer artwork.

  38. um… I don’t remember. I only recall playing a glad deck once but I don’t remember the outcome… I think we cancelled the duel cuz the guy had to leave…

  39. Cmon dude if you don’t know if the deck is an otk deck. Just ask! Jesus. Just because you beat one, that doesn’t mean you won’t know for sure. Jesus. Ever beat machina? That’s an otk deck. Blackwings? A good one can otk frequently. Xsabers? Do I have to say more? Froggy otk? Um the name implies what it can do. How hard is it for you to understand this? Quit trying to dance around the subject. Only a dumbass thinks that if you beat a deck you will never know if it otk’s or not. If you want to know, ask

  40. why would I care to know whether it’s an otk deck or not? duelist comes along, asks to duel, I win, good game. he wins, good game. I don’t care whether it could otk or not because beating an otk deck isn’t the greatest achievement for me. it’s just an achievement.

    and like you said, a GOOD blackwing deck can otk frequently. how do I know whether the opponent made a good blackwing deck? I can’t make a good one myself so obviously I don’t know what a good one is like.

  41. Definitely, the Assault Forms. The Majestics suck and the Accels take to long to summon. If the Accels were even a bit more easier to summon, they would have to be BANNED because they’d be seriously broken.

  42. I think that as long as you defeat a powerful deck, you should be proud of yourself. For me, I think it’s not an accomplishment if I beat an OTK deck because beating an OTK deck means that you lasted for more than a turn. Thus, that OTK deck sucks.

  43. I don’t understand why you’re so frustrated. Beating an OTK is nothing to be proud of; beating an OTK deck means it couldn’t do it’s job of finishing you in ONE turn. And an OTK deck doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great, nation – level, deck. I’ve made it to Nationals running a freaking Dark World deck. A good deck means you can produce with it. You don’t have to be angry at us because we don’t agree with you on gameplay of a card game. Chill.

  44. Darkworld is garbage. That’s why you didn’t top at nationals. Beating an otk deck means that you can handle anything. Because if you can put away a deck that is supposed to put you away quick means that your deck is capable of winning the fast and slow games. A deck isn’t good unless is can otk frequently. If you beat an otk deck, does that mean it’s not an otk deck? No. You morons seem to think so. Whatever. I’ll quit arguing with retards……..

  45. How do you go to nationals and not know what spell speeds are? Answer that one yugiohblogger

  46. All decks the past 6 or more formats are otk decks. Are you saying that any nationals winner wouldn’t be happy or proud he won? Cmon, you make no sense. Seriously?

  47. What’s there to disagree with? Gameplay doesn’t change, nor does rulings. So agree when it’s right. And if you don’t agree, back it up. Do something besides not know what spell speeds are

  48. Oh and lasting more than one turn would be considered beating an FTK deck. If you don’t know already, that means a first turn kill deck. And yes, I agree with you. Ftk decks are quite annoying

  49. They never explain the rules to you… Plus in 2007, there were no such things as synchros so that might have been another reason… And don’t use the word ‘retard’ in the comments ok? I am being tolerant of your comments, but retard is a little bit over the top. Just because we are disagreeing with you, doesn’t mean we are wrong. We both have our opinions about OTK’s, so you don’t have to become edgy to get your point across.

  50. Yes, I realized my mistake on using Dark World during Nationals. It was easily countered because of the larger variety of decks. I should have switched to my Exodia deck before entering. I might have had a bit more success.

  51. I am no arguing opinion. I am arguing fact. Jesus are you guys mentally challenged?

  52. Instead of saying how mentally challenged we are, you should look at your writing. I am ‘no’ arguing opinion… we learned to spell ‘not’ in kindergarten pal. Chris, you are a really good duelist, but you’re being very rude. You are a tremendous influence and a big help to the blog and I really don’t want to block you from the site. Please use polite language on this site.

  53. How about quit arguing spelling and argue the content. Block me from the site. Who cares? Anyone with an email and fake name can do this. What’re you going to do? Block anyone “new” from joining? Besides the obvious, don’t you agree that the best games are played by two decks that are currently to their best potential? Not just making random decks and trying to see your strategies follow through?

  54. be creative, not everyone is going to play blackwings or x sabers or other decks like that. and i agree with yugiohblogger on everything what he says.

  55. well not everything, i just meant that you should be more polite in this site. yb didnt even know what spell speeds are which i know (no offense yb). as for me im not a 100% genius in yugioh either. you are a good person when coming into dueling though chris. and i respect that

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