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In a recent comment, I received a very interesting idea from nader. He proposed that I should have “Card of the Week” post every week. Because booster packs aren’t released every week, I decided that the card of the week would be card that really helped me out in a duel (real or in a game) or a card that rose in popularity. Then, every month, you all can vote on which card you think is the best, and that card will win the “Card of the Month” award. I would like to thank nader for this idea because I think it is a great addition to this site!

In a recent comment, I received a very interesting idea from nader. He proposed that I should have “Card of the Week” post every week. Because booster packs aren’t released every week, I decided that the card of the week would be card that really helped me out in a duel (real or in a game),  a card that rose in popularity, or a card that I was introduced to. Then, every month, you all can vote on which card you think is the best, and that card will win the “Card of the Month” award. I would like to thank nader for this idea because I think it is a great addition to this site!

Card of the week 6/3/10: Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar

Yugioh Cosmic Fortress Gol'garI had never even heard of Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar until a week ago. I had found it while looking at the character list for Yugioh World Championships 2010: Reverse of Arcadia. Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar not only possesses deadly stats (2600 attack points and 1800 defense points) but it is also a great defensive monster as well. It can return unlimited amounts of spell and trap cards on the field (up to ten of course) and distribute A-Counters to an amount of monsters equal to the amount of spell and trap cards returned to the controller’s hand. His effect is not only a great way to weaken strong monsters through A-Counters (facilitated by the effects of other “Alien” monsters) but it can also rid your foe of spells and traps. The 0nly catch with CFG is that if you return too many spell and trap cards, then you have distribute A-Counters to your own monsters as well. If you’re not using an Alien deck that’s okay, however if you are than that could be bad. Still, Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar is truly a great monster and I am glad that I was introduced to it.

Read more about Yugioh Alien Monsters.

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  1. love this card. and a reptile type synchro is very interesting. effect is great. i like it.

  2. because its a synchro, i’ll normally give it an 8/10 or better. i just love synchros.

  3. of this types of deck wich one is betther?

    gladiator’s beast

  4. none of them. infernities beat all of them.

    haha sorry, probably

    1. glads
    2. blackwings (i don’t hate them, but there not amazazingly wow)
    3. x sabers
    4. machina

  5. Sorry, all the other decks rankings are wrong.

    It goes:
    1) X-Sabers
    2) Infernities
    3) Blackwings
    4) Gladiator Beasts

    …….machina isn’t good enough to top.

  6. well i was playing yuhioh online when i lost aginst glads, but i think my real deck is able to beat glads

  7. my vennominaga deck may also beat it. i mean look how strong that girl is. actually right now im undefeated with my vennominaga deck. i was even able to stop lava golem and volcanic queen just by using mask of restrict. and i used solemn judgement or necrovalley to avoid removing my monsters from the grave. i also use shrink to make my opponent even weaker.

  8. the main page of yugioh wikia needs to adjust switching the featured card once every week instead of once every two and a half months. come on its sooooooo booooooring. and they never feature any great amazing cards. only archlord kristya was the only decent one. come on already. were is my queens (vennominaga and yubel (yubel may be a tranny at least venny aint)) and kings ( sd am and ladd).

  9. Glads are a strong archetype, but if you play any type of deck that reduces your foe’s graveyard (i.e. Soul Release) or limits “tagging out,” then you’d do fine against a Glad deck. Of course, it’s harder than it sounds.

  10. Though I love Blackwings, they are nothing if they cannot be swarmed. X-Sabers and Infernities have much minor catches than Blackwings. Although, from personal experience, I think Infernities are better than X-Sabers.

  11. I think that Kalin’s infernity deck is the best in 5ds. but yeah i agree with yugiohblogger, infernities are perhaps one of the best decks. However, i found out that Book of Eclipse totally screws them over as well as consecrated light.

  12. take caution with book of eclipse. use a solemn judgement in your infernity deck. consecrated light basically rejects any summoning of dark monsters which is also a problem. oh well.decks cant be perfect.

  13. Um infernities will not be dominant in this format. X sabers have more consistency than infernities. Furthermore, x sabers have the capability to eliminate the opponents hand turn 1. I play against infernities on a consistent basis lately, and x sabers dominate. One would think that getting rid of an infernity players hand turn 1 would he bad, but actually it really takes away their moves and makes them need to top deck wonders to get back into the game. Which doesn’t usually happen. XSABERS ALL THE WAY!!!

  14. How do you say that infernities are better, then on a further post say “where are infernities”?

  15. Is there going to be another card of the week soon? i think this post is around like 6-7 days old. im excited what your next card of the week is going to be.

  16. I personally believe that koa’ki meiru’s are konami’s attempt to change the way the game is made. Koa’kis, though they have seemingly powerful effects, are really a bad choice. They are constantly behind in hand advantage that it’s not even funny, that and even with the newest support in shining darkness and absolute powerforce, they only make the deck slightly faster. But this deck type is really a bad choice all in all. Trust me, I own 3 copies of every koa’ki meiru ever made up to this point and have never made a good consistent deck with them. They are better off support to other type based decks.

  17. you know chris koakis would have benn SO much better if they didnt have the “destroy this card or unless you can send a iron core of the koaki meiru or reveal a _ card.”

  18. i am trying to figure out a main weakness of an x saber deck. i dont know maybe my vennominaga deck can beat it but who knows. no deck can be perfect. and this is random but the burn deck should come back. nowadays no one has it. burn is such a great deck though.

  19. Sorry about that, I am currently in my home country and I’d been reminiscing with my family so much that I forgot to write. Don’t worry though, I’ll be writing posts much more often.

  20. Ok. The first weakness of xsabers, or more specifically, here’s what people are using to counter them:

    1) gottom’s emergency call
    2) creature swap
    3) enemy controller
    4) rivalry of warlords

    as you can see, thus far people really can’t find a clear weakness. Mainstream decks can’t mainboard anything to hurt them. Try blackwings for example, they cannot take the pressure of the sheer synchro, brute force, and hand devastation that the X-sabers implement. Lightsworns can’t do much since most x-sabers play 2 starlight roads and 3 my body as a shields. Infernity’s lack the consistency to take sheer power and hand kill. The hand kill tears up the seemingly useful thing for the infernities. Glads cannot stand up to the synchros nor the magic/trap stun X-Sabers enjoy. Even simple burn decks get thwarted because of Black-Winged Dragon. Vennominaga? Not a big deal since x-sabers will side in share the pain.

    Obviously since X-sabers have the EARTH element in their favor, they do not have the consecrated light bs to have to deal with like many other popular decks.

    HANDS DOWN! I vote that the next few formats X-Sabers will dominate. At least untill they limit Darksoul or Boggart knight.

  21. maybe I’m playing them wrong but I don’t see why glads would need the graveyard… or at least how soul release would hinder a gladiator beast deck…

  22. @morfowt

    Many Glads can swarm from the graveyard. It might not be a main Glad effect, but reducing the graveyard still helps against Glads. Soul Release will definitely not breakdown a Glad deck, but it could stall combo and swarming abilities for a bit.

  23. actually chris, what you said about vennominaga was incorrect. vennominaga cant be tributed for part of a resolution effect. share the pain is part of a resolution effect. so sorry but a vennominaga deck can still beat an x saber deck (if you know what your doing).

  24. and besides i could just use snake deity’s command to negate and destroy it since its a spell card. same thing with ectoplasmer. its also part of a resolution effect. soooo if you don’t have any cards to remove cards from the grave or tribute it via lava golem or volcanic queen, your screwed. but dont worry i use mask of restrict, solemn judgement, necrovalley, shrink to make vennominaga basically invicible.

  25. No that’s untrue. When share the pain is used, it targets the player. Not vennominaga. That’s why share the pain can cause my opponent to tribute Horus lv6 even though it is unaffected by spell cards.

    Resolution effect? No such thing. All cards when activated have to resolve before the effect can be implemented. So coining the term “resolution effect” actually means nothing since that is a basic characteristic of all cards with effects.

  26. if you activate share the pain and offer 1 monster as a tribute that is for a cost. However if i select and tribute vennominaga (which wont work) that means that its not tributed because the tribute is an effect. It cannot be tributed as part of the resolution of a card’s effect. there is a ruling for that on the yugioh page i believe.

  27. Share the pain does not allow you to target any opponents monster. It forces your opponent to tribute a monster. That is why it is vital to play the card when the only monster your opponent has is vennominaga.
    Look up YouTube and look up share the pain/ killer ways to take out vennominaga by an official tournament ruling judge.

  28. Furthermore, not only can you take down vennominaga with a solemn judgment. X-Sabers have another equivalent. They have saber hole. This card can mess up vennominaga easy

  29. wrong wrong wrong. you cant solemn vennominaga’s summon, you can though solemn the trap card used to summon her. why, because it specifically states in the rulings that you cannot negate the special summon of a monster after it is special summoned with a spell or trap card. same with saber hole.

  30. morfowt and yugiohblogger where are you? please tell me if im right or im wrong with share the pain and solemn judgement.

    AND, dont even think about using Divine Wrath or Light and Darkness Dragon or Stardust Dragon Assault Mode on vennominaga because none of them work on her.

  31. and besides i carry around Snake Deity’s Command so im not afraid of share the pain. since its a spell card. also it prevents other cards like zombie world, soul release, dimensional fissure etc. im pretty sure i would wreck the hell out of you in a duel.

  32. i know that it doesnt target. if you look under the misc categorie(s) it states that it tributes for effect. that is if lets say i activate share the pain i tribute a monster for cost my opponent has vennominaga and he must select and tribute it. thats not going to happen because the second part of share the pain is an EFFECT not a COST. effect and cost are 2 different things. i dont know who will win this debate if only morfowt and yugiohblogger were here.

  33. Look dude. It is an effect. But what you are not getting is that it doesn’t effect vennominaga! It targets your opponent REQUIRING him/her to sacrifice a monster.

    And besides the fact dude, solemn judgment kills the monster technically before it even hits the field. Cmon man know your basics. I go to regionals and have official judges breathing down my neck for every move I make. Trust me. I know this. But if you don’t want to believe me cause you are that naive……I’m sorry for you.

  34. “because this card requires your opponent to tribute one of his or her own monsters, no effect to prevent this from happening occurs” ——yugioh wikia

    “tributing a monster is not considered an effect”

    ——-um lava golem technically doesn’t sacrifice monsters as a cost because technically only the player of the card can fulfill costs. Lava golem only works because it tributes your opponents monsters, not by effect, but by a condition.

    You guys have to realize that cards with effects have 3 main components:

    condition: for example, a condition that must happen in order for you to be able to activate. Like “you can only activate this card if…….”
    cost: what you have to do in order to gain an effect. Like “discard one card to…..”
    effect: whatever the card allows you to do. It is usually followed directly after the cost or within the same sentence.

  35. nader, Chris is right about Share the Pain. It’s not like a Ring of Destruction, where when you choose the monster you want to destroy; you’re technically targetting it. Share the Pain is a spell that targets your foe, and forces him/her to choose a monster to destroy. Notice how the card says, “Your opponent must…” key words like that tell who the target is. In Share the Pain’s case, it’s you and your foe, not the monster. In Wikia, I didn’t see any ruling that said you couldn’t negate a special summon of a monster after it’s summoned. However, because Venomminaga cannot be affected by traps, you wouldn’t be able to negate her special summoning. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t use Solemn Judgement to negate the fusion summon of lets say, a Dark Magician.

  36. all right chris im going to stop here but share the pain is very easy to counter. most reptile decks specificslly venom monsters use snake deity’s command. by showing the opponent 1 venom monster, negate the activation and effect of an opponent’s spell card and destroy it. share the pain, zombie world, soul release, and dimensional fissure will all be thwarted against this since all of them are spells. i also use solemn judgement but no one was able to negate and destroy rise of the snake deity because i used offering the snake deity to destroy vennominion and 2 cards my foe controls. sometimes one of them being a face down solemn judgement. and since rise of the snake deity is a very fast trap card. no one has really been able to damage it.

  37. i still use des feral imp incase if rise of the snake deity is destroyed/negated by solemn judgement.

    and no im not being naive i was just uncertain at first. thus i might still beat you in a duel! (im serious)

  38. oh well screw share the pain and solemn judgement. i’ll just use sj before my opponent uses sj by using offering the snake deity for a destroying ability and snake deity’s command stopping share the pain.

  39. while share the pain doesn’t target a monster, your opponent tributing a monster is part of the effect, not the cost… which is why if mask of restrict is on the field, your opponent doesn’t have to tribute but you do. however, vennominaga’s ruling says it can’t be tributed for an effect, only for a cost. so I’m not entirely sure of share the pain actually.

    however, in regards to solemn judgment, I’m about 90% sure that a monster’s “cannot be affected by traps” effect only works when it’s on the field (which is why elemental hero wildheart would still be removed from play if marco cosmos is on the field). when you negate a summon, the monster hasn’t been officially on the field yet so, yes you could negate vennominaga’s summon with solemn judgment, saber hole, dark horn of heaven, etc.

  40. actually morfowt i heard a ruling in the TCG of that solemn judgement cant negate the special summon of a monster after it is special summoned with a spell or trap card. but you can use solemn judgement to negate the activation of a spell or trap card. i think the same applies with saber hole and dark horn of heaven. so really you can only negate the trap summoning vennominaga. dark horn of heaven, horn of heaven, saber hole also cant negate the special summon of a monster that results from a spell, trap, or an effect of an effect monster. so really none of them work. sj may be difficult however.

  41. Look. With regards to vennominaga, share the pain is an effect. But the difference is that the effect only targets the oppont to force him to tribute a monster. It doesn’t affect the monster it forces the opponent to dump a monster. That is why it works

  42. i still have doubts and i agree with morfowt on the first half about share the pain but i disagreed with what he said about solemn judgment. and one important question. Who even runs share the pain? and forcing to tribute doesnt mean that you have to due to vennominagas ruling about tributing for effect. not sounding ignorant but i still dont fully agree. i chose morfowt.

  43. um… the ruling you heard is probably in regards to a monster like armed dragon lv10 special summoned through the effect of level modulation. you can’t negate the special summoning then, but you can negate the activation of level modulation. however, if you special summon armed dragon lv10 through its own inherent effect, you CAN negate the special summon.

    actually, I don’t think share the pain targets at all, monster or player. I think it’s more like creature swap which just affects the monsters. and if there isn’t a card that can fulfill the effect of the spell card, the effect disappears. don’t quote me though. I’m not even 80% sure on this.

  44. no the ruling was from vennominaga, you can only negate rise of the snake deity. because solemn judgment cant negate the special summon of a monster after it is special summoned from a spell or trap. most people wouldn’t even have time to solemn it because its a pretty fast trap.

    Lets just all agree that vennominaga is possibly the toughest monster to beat in yugioh.

    Except she barely has any major weakness. these include

    Lava Golem
    Volcanic Queen
    Graveyard removal cards (this is why i keep a necrovalley, but make sure she has extremely high atk because if she is destroyed by battle she isnt coming back)
    Skill Drain (if activated first, then her effect would be negated if she is summoned first then she is unaffected by skill drain)
    Destiny Hero Plasma (if summoned first, then her effect would be negated, if she is summoned first then she is unaffected by Plasma’s effect).

  45. there is no ruling in vennominaga saying it’s special summon can’t be negated. there’s is only a ruling in solemn judgment saying it can’t negate a monster special summoned through the effect of another card. and I’ve already explained the meaning of that ruling. if you special summoned vennominaga through rise of the snake deity, you can’t negate the special summon, but you can negate rise of the snake deity. however, if you special summon vennominaga through her own effect after it’s destroyed by battle, you can negate the special summon.

    you forgot to mention cards like dark ruler ha des which negate the effect of monsters it destroyed by battle. according to vennominaga’s ruling, that is a valid way to beat it. also monsters that can attack continuously like elemental hero wildedge.

  46. that is valid, but most of the time vennominaga will have higher atk. dark ruler ha des has 2450 atk. vennominaga will usually have more. in fact one time i made her atk 5000. wildedge is no problem either, mirror force is his nightmare. he has 2600 atk no big deal. is it true that graveyard removal cards are perhaps extremely uncommon because almost every single meta deck depends somewhat on the graveyard and they usually dont carry around cards like dimmensional fissure, soul release etc? like zombies, lightsworn, tele dad, destiny heroes, infernities, glaiator beasts (in a way).

  47. if you say a monster is no problem just because of mirror force, you’re basically saying 99% of all monsters in the game are no problem (among them is yata-garasu).

  48. well i say that because wildedge’s attacking ability makes it easy prey for mirror force. and yeah i agree with that statement because almost all of them will get thwarted. unless if you were facing a monster like Light and Darkness Dragon. Besides mirror force, vennominaga will almost always have higher atk then wildedge or ha des. depends though on how many reptiles in the grave. with like two or three copies of snake rain you should be in good shape.

    and i think that solemn judgment is probably the hardest card to counter in yugioh. do you guys agree?

  49. no… it’s just a counter trap. it’s no harder to counter than any other counter trap out there.

    the hardest card to counter in my opinion is super polymerization because it literally says in its effect that cards cannot be activated in response to it. spiritualism is a close second because its effect says its activation and effect can’t be negated.

  50. i heard that counter traps can affect both stardust dragon assault mode and light and darkness dragon. im pretty sure this is true. is it.

  51. Technically, any trap card can affect Stardust A.M. When you use an effect on Stardust A.M., it will activate its own effect that discards itself to the graveyard and destroys the effect card in the process. Once Stardust A.M. activates that effect, it’s prone to any spell, trap, and monster effect that deals with the graveyard: Soul Release, Helphomer, etc… that’s why I think that with a D.D. deck, you can easily overcome a Stardust A.M. With Light and Darkness Dragon, destroying it through an effect is pretty difficult because as long as it’s on the field, it literally can negate any effect no matter what phase it’s activated in, and if it has 0 attack points, it still can activate its effect however because there aren’t negative attack points in Yugioh, it doesn’t have a cost. Of course, it too is prone to effects in the grave, as is any monster. And, a counter trap is still a trap, I don’t Light and Darkness Dragon or the Stardust Dragons can’t activate their effects on the activation of a counter trap.

  52. yugiohblogger, LADD CANNOT activate it’s effect if it can’t pay the cost of depleting its ATK. in other words, if it has 0 atk, it can’t negate any more effects. that’s why I think LADD is overrated.

    and yes, they’re prone to counter traps because of spell speed. stardust and LADD’s effects both have a spell speed of 2. they can only be chained against effects that are spell speed 1 or 2. counter traps have a spell speed of 3, which is why stardust and LADD can’t counter them.

  53. man i’m on a mission to build a good deck but ever time i get a little a head my friends buy like 200 new cards i can never have one period of time on top. i trust in u man you’ll choose the right person who ever that maybe.

  54. I have a ruling question regarding stardust: Can stardust negate effects that will destroy something, but not immediately, like limiter removal? also, if you use mist archfiend’s effect to normal summon it without tribute, can you use stardust to negate mist archfiend’s self-destruction effect? and if you can, when do you activate stardust’s effect?

  55. first question: it will not negate limiter removal because it doesn’t use the chain.

    second question: i think you can use stardust dragon to negate mist archfiend’s self-destruction effect. i think you activate it immediately after it is normal summoned. im not 100% sure on your second question but i hope this helps.

  56. there was a talk about a stardust dragon vs limiter removal somewhere and i looked for the comments. im not a genius on every card in yugioh. my answer wasn’t technically original but oh well.

  57. Stardust dragon can only negate cards that have the effect of destroying a card. You already know that, but it can only be chained directly to a card that direcly destroys a monster(s). So when limiter removal is played, it will resolve and when the effect to destroy monster is applied, you miss the timing. The effect that destroys cards such as limiter removal or mist archfiend is actually a condition, much like scapegoats condition that you cannot summon any other monsters.

  58. nader’s right. Stardust Dragon’s effect never states that you have to destroy the card the turn it’s effect activates. You destroy when the destruction effect is activated. One might play Limitor Removal on Main Phase, but you can still destroy the card in the end phase when Limitor Removal destroys all the Machine monsters in the field.

  59. i’ve just noticed that if you summon koaki meiru guardian first and get through it’s cost quick enough, you can negate the activation of the effect of stardust dragon assault mode and destroy it. sort of like divine wrath. i think the same would apply with LADD. is this correct?

  60. You can’t tribute stardust after the effect resolves. You completely miss the timing.

  61. the ruling on various cards similar to stardust say that it can only negate destruction of cards that will destroy cards upon the effects resolution.

  62. My Body as a Shield: “My Body as a Shield” can only be used against effects that will destroy monsters at that time… Also, you cannot use “My Body as a Shield” against cards whose effects will not destroy a monster right away, so you cannot use “My Body as a Shield” against…”Limiter Removal”…

    Prime Material Dragon: … you cannot use “Prime Material Dragon’s” effect against cards whose effects will not destroy a monster right away, so you cannot use “Prime Material Dragon” against… “Limiter Removal”…

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