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Every monster card has an incredible, legendary story. For instance, after it serves as Eria’s servant, Gagagigo enters D.D. Borderline and meets Freed, the Brave Wanderer. After going to war, he turns into Giga Gagagigo in order to gain more power. Even after his marvelous victory, it turns into Gogiga Gagagigo; the ultimate scourge of hate and darkness. There’s also the story of Gearfried and how he enclosed himself in steel armor so that his power could be contained. Monster stories turn Yugioh into a very interesting. See where this is going? The point of the Yugioh Monster Card Contest is to select a monster (not the ones I used above) and by using cards it’s drawn in, create a story about it. I think this is the most creative contest I have thought of, so therefore I will also have my own entry. The winner of this contest gets an Ultra Rare Hino-Kage Tsuchi and he/she gets their deck posted online for useful editing tips. The entry must be 4-7 sentences long and must include the cards used in the story (TCG and OCG allowed). The deadline for entry posts is June 30. Good luck, and I hope to be entertained by your posts!

P.S. – My story will be about Warrior Dai Grepher so you can’t use him for yours!

Every monster card has an incredible, legendary story. For instance, after it serves as Eria’s servant, Gagagigo enters D.D. Borderline and meets Freed, the Brave Wanderer. After going to war, he turns into Giga Gagagigo in order to gain more power. Even after his marvelous victory, it turns into Gogiga Gagagigo; the ultimate scourge of hate and darkness. There’s also the story of Gearfried and how he enclosed himself in steel armor so that his power could be contained. Monster stories turn Yugioh into a very interesting. See where this is going? The point of the Yugioh Monster Card Contest is to select a monster (not the ones I used above) and by using cards it’s drawn in, create a story about it. I think this is the most creative contest I have thought of, so therefore I will also have my own entry. The winner of this contest gets an Ultra Rare Hino-Kage Tsuchi and he/she gets their deck posted online for useful editing tips. The entry must be 4-7 sentences long and must include the cards used in the story (TCG and OCG allowed). The deadline for entry posts is June 30. Good luck, and I hope to be entertained by your posts!

P.S. – My story will be about Warrior Dai Grepher so you can’t use him for yours!

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  1. are you allowed to use the monsters you mentioned above in your story, as long as the card you picked isn’t mentioned above?

  2. The warrior of zera was once a god over his lands. It was when doomcalibur knight struck the mighty zerato and stripped him of all his glory. So after long exile, zerato journeyed to the sanctuary in the sky in hopes of restoring himself. But to his dismay, all the gods had fled. No Athena, tethys, or kristya to be found. Up and down zerato looked, but no one was there. Zerato decided that not even the sanctuary in the sky could help him now. But just as he was about to leave, herald, a fairy appeared to him. Herald said that the only way to restore zerato back was to perform the ritual to make herald of perfection rise again to restore order and zerato himself……….to he continued

  3. Never mind. I found another card to use.

    For years the skull servants were considered the lowest monsters in the spirit world. The were weak, useless, and nothing but trash. They were abused as other monsters’ slaves and when they could serve no more, they were killed without a second thought. The skull servants were obedient, knowing their inferiority. But one skull servant changed all that. Unlike the others, he had pride in his kind. He believed his kind could be strong. He was to be their liberator. He gathered an army of followers to overthrow the other monsters, but it was to no avail. Every last one was killed. He was buried alive for his disobedience. But that wasn’t the end of his journey. One night, a zombie master came to the very place where he was buried alive. The zombie master used his art of necromancy to revive a reborn zombie, but something went wrong. It affected the skull servant as well. He started to stir. Suddenly, in an explosion of dark magic, the skull servant was reborn (Dark Eruption) with powers never seen before. His fallen brethren became his strength. No long was he a weak, useless skull servant. From then on he would be known as the King of the Skull Servants.

  4. im going on vacation today. im not going to be here for 11 days. (maybe i might stop by sometimes) looks like im not taking part in this contest. oh well, i hope you guys still remember my name! see ya

  5. The Story of Gigobyte

    His story started out in his younger days, serving Eria the Water Charmer as her familiar. During this time, he fought alongside her and many others. He grew up into Gagagigo, and continued to serve Eria for a long time before leaving her. He went on to follow his own path of evil where he ran into Freed the Brave Wanderer. They both started to fight and somehow Gagagigo got dragged into the other dimension through the Dimensional Prison. Bent on revenge, he managed to get back and arrived on what it seems to be a cemetery. He joined Invader of Darkness and his group of demons only to be betrayed later on by Invader of Darkness himself. He ended up fighting in a cell battle, along with Marauding Captain and Blazing Inpachi. Thanks to Marauding Captain, he was saved by a blast launched by Blazing Inpachi and he turned to the good side to help his newfound friend. He would then join Marauding Captain in a war against Invader of Darkness, and protect one of Marauding Captain’s men from Invader of Darkness. However, after that blast, Gagagigo was severely injured and was in need of immediate support. He went on to gain aid from Kozaky, who was a spy among the warriors, and got his body reconstructed, turning him into Giga Gagagigo. This was a mistake and Giga Gagagigo was turned against his friends by Kozaky’s Dark World technology. Giga Gagagigo was sent back to his dimension thanks to a machine, which opened the Monster Gate and he became a fighting machine and sought more power. He even attacked Freed the Brave Wanderer and also Venom Cobra. Due to his cybernetic implants, he became power-hungry and transformed into Gogiga Gagagigo, the ultimate source of greed and hatred…

  6. First of all, I already used Gigobyte as an example so you couldn’t have used him. Second, you totally plagerized this story from a youtube video that I watched to get the whole idea for this contest. Cheaters never win man.

  7. Yes! That’s an awesome story! Nice details and vocabulary! The only thing you need to add is a list of cards you used in your story, but otherwise it’s awesome!

  8. Long ago, the dragons ruled over the world, until the day when the warriors appaered and start treating them as slaves, but 1 day one poor paladin and a white dragon, who were tired of that, decided to invade the king’s castle. They weren’t very powerfull and the paladin died, the dragon became furious, he absorbed the paladin’s spirit and became the blue-eyes white dragon and killed the 1 who killed the paladin. His dream of becoming free was almost realized but then he had to face the gate guardian, he wasn’t enought to bea the guardian but his brothers came to help him and the guardian was beated. the only one left was the king. When they got there he killed the blu-eyes brothers, no one was left, he was alone and then his evil taked control over him, and now, he was no longer a blu-eyes he was a sin blue-eyes! He defeted the king and then he realized that his friends were all killed. He walk in a desert until a day when he found the toon world, he was so happy that he became the toon blu-eyes!

    cards used:paladin of the white dragon, 3 blue-eyes white dragon , gate guardian, sin(Malefic) blue eyes white dragon and Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon.

  9. yugiohblogger: I can’t tell which of your comments was addressed to me and which was addressed to chris…

  10. oh well in that case, here’s the list:

    skull servant
    pride of the weak
    zombie master
    dark eruption
    king of the skull servants

  11. Warrior Dai Grepher

    In the distant past, the lands were ruled by evil and corrupt Arch-Fiends. They destroyed many humans, including the prestigious Grepher family. However, the sole survivor of the Grephers, Dai, traveled to a mystic forest in order to train. In time, he obtained great strength however he knew he could not kill the Arch-Fiends alone. In order to destroy the Arch-Fiends, he needed the strongest weapon on Earth, the Flamberge of Baiou. He created a team of indestructible beings and together they searched day and night for the blade. When Dai and his ‘Crew of Havoc’ entered the temple of Baiou, they were attacked by powerful fiends who were guarding the weapon. Death lingered closer to Dai and his Crew, however, due to the purity of his heart, Dai was able to create an array of light that vanquished the fiends and their dark souls. An exhausted and wounded Dai grabbed the blade; power unlike any other started flowing through him. Soon, he was able to kill every Arch-Fiend that existed.

    Due to his possession of the Flamberge, Dai gained many enemies. Of course, they were no match for his power. One night, as Dai laid in bed, he was attacked by an assassin. Quickly he knocked the masked assassin to the ground and discovered that the assassin was the infamous Warrior Lady of the Wasteland. Despite her speed, Dai easily beat her and sent her to another dimension. However, Warrior Lady trained with her new found acquaintances, grew stronger and using the Dimension Gate, returned to her original dimension. When she confronted Dai, she had turned into a more powerful woman known as D.D. Warrior Lady. The two fought for ages, however Dai seemed to be overpowered. In fear that he would be humiliated and shunned for his loss to D.D. Warrior Lady, he created an inversion in order to flee his domain.

    Dai was in deep hatred and confusion. He had lost the trust of his people, he had lost his powerful Flamberge blade, but worst of all, he had lost his dignity. One fateful day, Dai came upon a split path. One road was dark, and the other was light. He could feel a happy aura radiating from the path of light, however he could feel a powerful aura emanating from the path of darkness. He decided to take the path of darkness. During his travels, Dai started to change. He became more violent; he killed animals, beheaded towns people, and started to turn into a monster. Soon, Dai was completely overtaken by darkness. He had become Dark Grepher. He went back to his homeland and learned that the townspeople had elected D.D. Warrior Lady as their leader. In a fit of rage, he killed every single one of the townspeople, including D.D. Warrior Lady herself.

    Dark Grepher again roamed lands and killed anything or anyone that crossed him. One day, he met a young fiend. When Dark Grepher tried to kill her, he was instantly thrown back against a wall. Impossible, he had thought. There was no being stronger than he. The fiend introduced herself as Yubel. She had been trying to find Dark Grepher for ages, but now he had found her. Yubel allowed Dark Grepher to work for her cause; destroy the light. Dark Grepher agreed. The darkness radiating from Yubel was so strong that it plunged Grepher further into the darkness. Soon, he transformed into a being of ultimate hatred and revenge, Dark Lucius. Dark Lucius was a fierce beast and along with Yubel and co., he eradicated every bit of hope, justice, and happiness in the world…

    Card used:
    Warrior Dai Grepher
    Array of Revealing Light
    Cry Havoc
    Morale Boost
    Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
    Karma Cut
    Dimension Gate
    Return From the Different Dimension
    Dimension Inversion
    The Paths of Destiny
    Dark Grepher
    Dark Lucius LV8

  12. Yugiohblogger, that story was epic. Morfowt, yours definitely deserved to win (no offense to other contestants). I know I’m no longer eligible, but I wrote one anyways, here it is:

    Far, far, away, the lands were ruled by several monsters. There were many powerful and respected rulers, but none were as powerful as Beast King Barbaros. He was the most powerful beast in history and no monster could match his relentless power. One day, Barbaros was approached with tragic news; some sort of demon had massacred his troops in the forest. Barbaros sent his most trusted comrade, the master of boxing Des Kangaroo, to vanquish the beast. Des Kangaroo was shocked by the demon’s appearance; it was large and red with hatred. Des Kangaroo fought long and hard, but he was overwhelmed by the demon.

    As soon as Barbaros heard of Des Kangaroo’s he created an army of the strongest beasts in the jungle. Learning about his cause, the legendary Green Baboon decided to help Barbaros as well. Barbaros and his army fought well against the red beast Behemoth, but they too could not defeat Behemoth. Barbaros’ army was killed, the Green Baboon fled the scene, and Behemoth ordered the surviving beasts to send Barbaros to exile.

    Barbaros knew he needed to kill Behemoth for he was an evil and fiendish being. However, Barbaros needed more power. One day, Barbaros came upon a machine factory. Hungry for food, Barbaros quickly ate nearby machines. As he went back on his way, he started to feel different, as if he power was starting to gain power. Over the days, Barbaros had started to transform into part machine. Soon, he had become a cyborg.

    Though he had changed, Barbaros had gained significant strength. He, by himself, crushed Behemoth. Barbaros had again become the king of beasts, but he had lost something; the light in his heart. He started to be overwhelmed by the darkness.

  13. Oh yeah, cards used were:

    Beast King Barbaros
    Des Kangaroo
    Cross Counter
    Beast King Behemoth
    Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
    Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur

  14. Well my blackwing-exodia deck won with 2 votes, so here it is:

    Monsters: 22
    1 Exodia the Forbidden One
    1 Left Arm of the Forbidden One
    1 Left Leg of the Forbidden One
    1 Right Arm of the Forbidden One
    1 Right Leg of the Forbidden One
    2 Blackwing – Bora the Spear
    1 Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind
    3 Blackwing – Ghibli the Searing Wind
    1 Necro Gardna
    3 Battle Fader
    1 Sangan
    3 Emissary of the Afterlife
    2 Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame
    1 Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North

    Spells: 9
    1 Allure of Darkness
    3 Cards for Black Feathers
    3 Dark Eruption
    2 Black Whirlwind

    Traps: 9
    3 Reckless Greed
    3 Dark Spirit Art – Greed
    3 Defense Draw

    Extra Deck: 11
    2 Blackwing – Silverwind the Ascendant
    2 Blackwing Armed Wing
    3 Blackwing Armor Master
    2 Stardust Dragon
    2 Collosal Fighter

    won’t be able to read your tips until I get back from Guangzhou though.

  15. Gazelle and Berfomet were brothers who lived in the forest of Africa. The times were dark, and the great Dark Knight, Zure had taken their parents as slaves to serve the Dark Master-Zorc. In the depths of Yami the great Castle of Illusions was built, here Zorc ruled the world of shadows. He felt like this world was to small for a king like him so he hired the scout D.D. Assailant-Damia. Damia used her sword to open an inter-dimensional portal to the great world of Africa. Here, she became lost and quenched with thirst, Gazelle, while going fishing to feed his little brother Berfomet, hunted for the 7 Colored Fish, here he found Damia, she was looking for some water to drink, so she started drinking the great spring of the 7 Colored Fish. Gazelle spotted the thirsty Assailant and took her to a safe town. This town was a peaceful town where the weakest of all monsters felt happy, and Gazelle, the towns ally. Gazelle took Damia to Ojama Country where she was cured and happily welcomed. Zorc was becoming impatient so he sent out his most helpful servants, the D.D. Warrior and the D.D. Warrior Lady. Together, they went on the different dimension where they found Ojama Country, at this time, Berfomet was wondering where his brother had gone to, so he searched and searched until he found Ojama Country, he went to speak with the king, but the king was not there. The town had been taken over by the Dark Master, Berfomet found his brother Gazelle in a work camp and together they came up with a plan to save the town. They had to go visit the great Dark Magician, the Dark Magician granted them the wish to become a greater force so he gave them the Horn Of Light. They were to play the Horn of Light when they where encountering Zorc, so they headed to Ojama Country. The guards tried to hold Gazelle and Berfomet back but they where just some brain-washed Ojamas with no skill. They went up the tower to find Zorc, his plan was to take over the whole forest. He drew his sword and called out to the two brothers “Leave at once! or I will make you suffer”. Gazelle remembered the Horn of Light and he played it, Berfomet started disappearing and he did not feel like his usual self, he felt a new power condensing within him and Gazelle felt his brothers own soul combined with him, and Zorc yelled out “What? The great Chimera! how could this be! I will have to take you on personally”. But the Chimera was smarter and attacked Zorc with the great new power he was given. Ojama Country was safe, and later on, Damia told them about Yami, and then Chimera turned it into the 3 lands, Umi, Sogen, and the Mountain, together formed a new world named, Yu-Gi-Oh!

    The End

  16. No matter how good my story is, i do not want to win (oh wait morfowt already won)

    A long time ago, the egyptian gods were thought to be the most powerful creatures in the universe. Together they managed to defeat the evil leviathan. However, a beautiful woman nearby a village was bitten and poisoned by a huge viper. She became even more beautiful during her transformation into a huge half human half serpent creature. Humans then came to know her as vennominaga, because she was so exquitsitely beautiful yet very dangerous. Obelisk was seen in a forest when out of nowhere Vennominaga attacks him. She eats him alive while obelisk wishes to free himself from her. Obelisk is now pronounced dead. (im glad he died that fool deserved it). Slifer was seen in between several clouds when unexpectedly vennominaga flies and attacks him too. Slifer is now dead. (awwwwwww). Ra is now seen near the sun and vennominaga once again charges to him. Ra is dead. (sniff). Vennominaga continues to eat and attack everyone she sees. Then years later the earth is empty from life and vennominaga is the only one remaining. (applause)

    Monsters used


  17. Vennominaga is the deity of poisonous snakes. Not of the yugioh world. Lol. So I would highly doubt she can beat the gods haha

  18. she might if she will, she’s a snake which is silent but deadly. you can beat a bird and and a beast and a dragon but you cant beat a snake. haha

  19. oh well in that case she should beat them because she is beautiful and she looks like the ultimate medusa. woohoo. sexy slithery serpent snake wins this one. haha

  20. was that addressed to me. and what do you mean by yeah, seriously. lol. was my story too obvious for you guys?

  21. I know the contest is over but he goes anyway. To get revenge on those who ruined his life and killed all he loved, he trained in the dark arts. His father, robbed of his crown in a military coup and made to wear the clothes of a peasant before he was executed, his mother and brother tourtured then hanged, compelled him to became a master of necromancy. His plan, to revive his family, gather his loyal troops and return his father to his rightfull throne. Now as a Spirit Caller his first attempt at Gracefull Revival from the Book of life caused a Dark Eruption which made him realize that his power over the dead was great. Knowing this he could raise an army of the dead instead to reclaim what was his and from that day on he was known as the Zombie Master. As they conquered town after town, village after village, those who escaped spoke of an army of skeltons lead by the one they called The King of the Skull Servants, and at his side The Lady in Wight and one called Wightmare. Those who fought them and survied would joke with one another and say “A skeletal ghost that isn’t strong but can mean trouble in large numbers”.

    I hope you enjoy this. The king is my favorite card

  22. once there was a clan called the armed dragon clan that was at war with another clan called the lightsworn clan. and inside the armed dragon clan was a dragon known as Recall. Recalls dream was to become the strongest armed dragon ever and the first dragon to deafet the lightsworn. So Recall trained hard and rose in levels going from level 3 to level 5 to level 7. back then it was very rare that you become a level 10 because the king of the armed dragons would not trust you as much to carry the burden of power that you gain when you go to level 10 so he was the only level 10 armed dragon there was. luckily for Recall he was the kings freind and the king trusted Recall enough to bring him to level 10. and Recall finnally almost copmleted his dream. For a reason that Recall knew not the King did not want him to kill any of the major lightsworns: Celestia, Wulf, Lyla,and Gragonith. Recall though this was silly and diobayed rules and dueled Gragonith and killed him. the king was furious. so he punished Recall by degrading him back to level 7 and banishing him from the clan without telling Recall why what he did was so bad. Recall knew his dream of becoming the most powerful armed dragon was crushed. He wanted revenge but how could he, he was only level 7 and the king was level 10.Then after hiding in a cave for 2 years he was visited by a man (or at least he thought it was a man) known as The Dark Creator. he told The Dark Creator of his sufferings. the Dark Creator hated the armed dragons and lightsworns as well. so he tricked Recall into joining him and he expirimented on Recall. he tourtured Recall, he consumed Recall, he made Recall foreget everything that he knew ecxept how to hate and who he hated. and he knew he hated the king and the lightsworns. Recall went from red to Black. Everything about him went to the dark side: his color, his emotion and his skill. he was tourtured and brain washed till he was nothing but darkness. He became what we know him today as The Dark Armed Dragon. Dark Armed Dragon foregot everything about his former self Recall except for his dream: to become the most powerful Armed Dragon ever. The Dark Creator said he was but he had to test it himself. so he decided to test himself on his new dream: to destroy all armed dragons and lightsworns. He waged war on the armed dragon clan. he could not belive the power he could kill a level 7 with one swipe of his mighty claws. he confronted the king. And they where in an all out brawl. But the power of Dark Armed Dragon was to great for the king and he won. Dark Armed Dragon held the king by his head and showed the town that he was the strongest. so the armed dragons left had fled. finnally vengence was fufilled. now he had one thing on his mind. “Destroy the Lightsworn clan”. then he set out and waged war on the lightsworns. he attacked the major lightsworns and and they put up a pretty good fight but it was not nearly enough to beat Dark Armed Dragon. so he slayed all of them. finnally all four major lightsworns were dead. Dark Armed Dragon wondered why the Armed dragons did not dare to kill the major lightsworns if they were so easy to beat. But then his question was answered as the sky turned gold and and the angels sang out as the legendary Judgment Dragon was summoned from the skys. Judgment Dragon told Dark Armed Dragon that he will pay for what he has done. and the most Epic battle of our Generation was about to unfold. To Be Contiued…

    monters used:
    Armed Dragon level 3
    Armed Dragon level 5
    Armed Dragon level 7
    Armed Dragon level 10
    Dark Armed Dragon
    Judgment Dragon
    The Dark Creator

    (sorry its so long and sorry if sombodys already used some of these mosters i didnt check) thx.

  23. one day in the armed dragon clan there was a deformed egg. this deformed egg hatched a white dragon with feathers on it. the armed dragons couldn’t arm a feathered dragon so they tried to take the feathers off. but it did nothing but hurt the poor creature. so without naming it they dumped it in a wasteland. he was there for about 2 weeks with no food and dirty water. but one day a dragon named Gragonith stumbled upon him. Gragonith knew that this creature was in fact a dragon and science Gragonith was the only lightsworn dragon he thought he would take this one under his wing. so Gragonith took the dragon to the lightsworns Celestia Wulf and Lyla. they agreed to have Gragonith train the dragon. so Gragonith took the dragon to the skys where all other lightsworns were training. Gragonith knew that the dragon did not have a name so he said this “you and I will know you as Famoth, but everyone else will know you as The Judgment Dragon.” so Judgment Dragon trained hard with Gragonith as he grew. in a month he was about Gragoniths size. in 2 months he became the size of an averaged size armed dragon level 7. and as he grew in size. he grew in strength and power and skill even more. Gragonith knew he was becoming very strong so he decided to put him through the test early. all lightsworns if they wanted to call themselves lightsworns they had to complete the test. which is to kill 5 level 7 armed dragons. so Gragonith took him to back to the clan and told him what he had to do. so then Judgment Dragon set out on a journey to find 5 armed dragon level 7’s. the first one he found alone probably scouting around so then Judgment Dragon knew he was close to the armed dragon clan. Judgment Dragon needed to kill this one nice and clean so he wasn’t detected. So Judgment Dragon charged him and slammed him into a wall and killed him. the second one was another scout that went to search for the first scout. Judgment Dragon tried to charge him but the armed dragon was suspecting it and caught him by the head. and the armed dragon threw him into the wall. but Judgment Dragon got up quickly and swiped him with his claw and it crushed him. but he had made too much noise and 3 armed dragon level 7’s came out and spotted him. Judgment Dragon brawled with them and realized that he was standing his ground. but it wasn’t enough. they got him down and Judgment Dragon knew that this was probably it and that he had failed. then suddenly he got really hot and the armed dragons could not touch him and then Judgment dragon not knowing what he was doing sent out a massive pulse and that pulse sent the dragons flying. he watched the pulse go as it sliced through trees, shattered rocks and level mountains. and then Judgment Dragon knew what he could become. he went back to the skies to tell Gragonith about his journey and his new power. but when he came back the other three major lightsworns were there. they looked sad. Judgment Dragon asked where Gragonith was. they didn’t seem to want to tell him. he got frustrated so then he asked again. they slowly told him that he got into a duel with a armed dragon level 10 not realizing it was a level 10 until it was too late and was killed. they said they had put a spell on him that he could only come to the land if we were killed and science Gragonith broke that temporarily and sent you they probably thought that now it did not matter anymore. so they killed him. Judgment Dragon was furious and sad at the same time. he didnt know what to do. he thought that it was impossible that Gragonith had been killed. he just couldn’t believe it. sat and cried. he wanted revenge on the dragon that killed Gragonith. he would not let this stand. so he waited. he knew he was not to return to land untill they were killed and they needed him. so he searched the skies for more dragon that he could train like Gragonith did when he found Judgment Dragon. he searched and searched for 2 years. but one day he found someone known as The Dark Creator. The Dark Creator made it look to Judgment Dragon like he was his friend and Judgment Dragon fell for it. and then The Dark Creator started to consume Judgment Dragon. Judgment Dragon started to realize he was losing himself. and then he thought of Gragonith and suddenly his body started to glow again. The Dark Creator lost his grip on him and got blasted away by a massive pulse. The Dark Creator was weakened and he fled. Judgment Dragon realized that pulse was even bigger and stronger than the last one. he came back to the skies where they were training and found the major lightsworns again. they said that the whole armed dragon clan was wiped out and that they won. Judgment Dragon asked who did it. thy said the same armed dragon who killed Gragonith. Judgment dragon knew instantly that the fight wasn’t over. and he was right for 3 weeks later he was told that there was a massive black armed dragon attacking the city. Judgment Dragon got ready to come help. he hated just watching people die. but then he felt a rush of power and the skies turned gold around him and so he came down to the land. and what he saw was a giant black armed dragon probably level 7 he thought. “this is for Gragonith”. he thought. and then he told this Dark Armed Dragon that he would pay for what he had done. and the most epic battle of our generation was about to unfold.

    i just thought i would do this while im trying to think of a conclusion.
    sorry if you are dissapointed that this wasent the conclusion.
    and also vote on who you think should win.

  24. @yugiohblogger

    from who’s point of view do you think the conclusion be

    Dark Armed Dragon or Judgment Dragon

    this will not effect who wins or who loses.

  25. i think that neither would win. i’m still betting for something non monster related to win. perhaps a spell card?

  26. So yeah, the contest is over but I thought I would give this a shot.

    Many years ago, the land was a peaceful place where many great warriors with strange powers watched over the land. These warriors had the power to fuse together and combine their powers to become the strongest forces of their time. They were called the “elemental heroes” and with their power they protected the people and did all they could to preserve peace in the world. That was over two hundred years ago.
    The land now is a desolate wasteland, devoid of life and shrouded by the dark forces that had taken over. The one named Ha Des, whom was assassinated and then later revived, came upon the land and completely stripped it of its former glory. Since his rule, all the former heroes were captured and put to death; one by one, hero after hero would fall, the fusion of the heroes were no match for the dark ruler and it was believed no heroes had survived the purge. Or so it was believed.
    A rather unlikely duo appeared before the dark castle of illusion to confront Ha Des. Their names were Sparkman and Bubbleman, though these two incompatible heroes could not bind together, their sense of duty brought them before the dark ruler and they challenged him in an attempt to free the land. Sadly, the duo simply could not defeat the powerful ruler. But before the final blow was struck, a miracle occurred, a holy light descended upon the two heroes and their bodies began to contort as they melded together. This was the birth of the one named, Absolute Zero. The unparalleled power of the new hero was more than enough to defeat the ruler and as the new hero stepped out of the castle he could see the first rays of sunshine shining upon the world, the first rays of hope after many years.

    Used Cards:
    Elemental hero Bubbleman
    Elemental hero Sparkman
    Elemental hero Absolute Zero
    Miracle Fusion
    Ray of Hope
    Dark Ruler Ha Des
    Revived King Ha Des

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