Top 5 Yugioh Monster Archetypes Part 1

In Yugioh Cards Blog, the discussions about the strongest Yugioh archetypes have getting very popular. Therefore, I decided to write a post on the top 5 archetypes in Yugioh. Before I start, I want to remind you that these are based on TCG deck lists. Here is part 1 of the list.

5. Dark World


Though they are heavily looked down upon, Dark World monsters are actually one of the best types of cards to use. They are, in my opinion, the more advanced versions of Blackwings. Dark World monsters revolve around the activation of effects after being discarded. For example; Beiige, Vanguard of the Dark World can be special summoned if it is discarded from your hand by a card effect. The Dark World monsters really punish mill archetypes, and other archetypes that like to discard cards from the foe’s hand; a popular archetype being the X-Sabers. Dark World is also a great swarming archetype especially with effect of Brron, Mad King of the Dark World. The Dark World archetype also goes great with the Infernity archetype, creating a nearly unbeatable deck (I would know, since I used a mixture of Dark World and Infernity and made it to nationals).


Besides the fact Consecrated Light would kill this deck, the only weakness I noticed in a Dark World deck is that it is hard to function if you don’t draw a card that discards other cards, such as a Morphing Jar. Unless you can activate their effects, Dark World monsters are pretty weak so a lot of the Dark World archetype is based on luck. Plus, Dark World monsters are very against D.D. decks, since they utilize cards like Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos which send monsters out of play rather than the graveyard. Also, Dark World decks can be a bit predictable, so you need to have a strong extra deck.

4. Blackwings


One of the best OTK decks around, Blackwing monsters are one of the, if not the most used archetype in Yugioh duels. With their vast swarming capabilities, Blackwings could create obstacles for your opponent early in the turn. Cards like Sirocco the Dawn also help out by improving the attack stat of other Blackwings. One of the most dangerous attributes about Blackwings is how quickly they can create an OTK. Because Blackwings swarm so much, they can quickly create OTK situations or quick-kill situations. The difficulty of preparing for those types of situations makes Blackwing monsters very deadly. Because of their swarming prowess, Blackwings also focus on summoning many synchro monsters.


Blackwing monsters are a very one-dimensional archetype. Besides the fact they swarm to create OTK situations, they aren’t really capable of doing anything else. Plus, the fact they are all winged-beast, dark attribute monsters, means that you can easily defeat them with Tribe-Infecting virus or Consecrated Light. Also, because Blackwing decks focus on swarming synchros, cards like Gravity Bind make it very difficult for a Blackwing deck to function.

I hoped you guys like part 1 of the Top 5 Yugioh Deck Archetypes, tune in for my next post to see my 3rd and 4th entries, although they are pretty obvious!


  1. dark world in this list was suprising actually. i thought number 5 was going to be tele dad or glads.

  2. Tele-DAD isn’t really an archetype. Archetype is a group of monsters, but Tele-DAD is really just a deck type. Here’s my Alien Deck list:

    3x Alien Ammonite
    3x Alien Warrior
    3x Alien Kid
    3x Alien Telepath
    3x Alien Dog
    3x Alien Grey
    2x Alien Overlord
    1x Alien Mars
    1x Blackwing- Gale the Whirlwind
    1x Krebons
    1x Oshaleon
    1x Flying Saucer Muusik’i
    3x Code A Ancient Ruins
    3x Mysterious Triangle
    1x Brain Control
    1x One for One
    1x Burden of the Mighty
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Swords of Reviling Light
    1x Otherworld – The “A” Zone
    1x Molting Escape
    3x Alien Brain
    3x Planet Pollutant Virus
    2x Offering to the Snake Deity
    1x Gravity Bind
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Crop Circle
    1x Snake Whistle
    3x Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar
    1x Ally of Justis Catastor
    1x Light End Dragon
    1x Goyo Guardian
    1x Psychic Magician (add anymore Synchros you have because the more options you have the more you can do)
    1x Vennominga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
    1x Rise of the Snake Deity
    2x Vennominion, King of Poisonous Snakes

  3. And how did you make a darkworld-infernity deck, how long ago? Infernities are really new, and nationals hasn’t even begun yet

  4. Mst, giant trunade, heavy storm, Icarus attack, and DAD are all the cards in a bw deck that will thwart gravity bind………gravity bind is no obstacle

  5. I really hope you include froggy ftk, herald of perfection, and (tele-dad) is a deck type. But not a true archetype. Just so you know

  6. Yugioh tcg defines an archetype as any group of cards that work well together. So in other words, a deck type can be considered an archetype if they work well together (maybe if they are national qualifying)

  7. Yugiohblogger: haha you should go up to nationals playing insects. You’ll do about the same as you would playing darkworlds.

    But the future is xsabers, naturia, and fabled decks. Naturia will be the next earth attribute tier deck. And fabled decks will he the next tier dark deck. Then genex may be thrown in there somewhere

  8. I think konami needs to make a version of MTG’s instants. In order to reduce ftk’s

  9. Dude, I didn’t do that bad in Nationals qualifiers with my deck. I needed to have two more wins in order to qualify for the Nationals. Plus, I didn’t have any Infernity monsters or even Infernity Doom Dragon like I do now. If I had the Dark World Infernity deck I use now, I would have made it to the Nationals, I guarantee it.

  10. All of those aren’t really archetypes though, they’re deck types. An archetype is a group of monsters like Crystal Beasts, Dark World Monsters, Elemental Heroes, etc…

  11. Overall I’d say it’s a good deck. There no upcoming Regionals for July and August, so you’re going to have wait till September, I think. You might want to add Code A Ancient Ruins, it’s a very card for swarming and revival.

  12. i dont know about you guys but from previous experience, would you say that macro monarchs can possibly be in the top 5 along with x sabers, blackwings etc.?

  13. Chris, an archetype doesn’t have to have cards that “work well together.” An archetype is just group of specific monsters. So technically, things Tele-DAD, OTK decks, etc… aren’t archetypes, they are deck types meaning they are decks that revolve around a goal(s), or summoning a card, etc..

  14. Not by yugioh tcg definition. If you want to argue this, argue with konami. But you can’t beat them. Look at what they have done to starlight road just to make it more fair.

  15. i just had a great idea. every week we compare and contrast two different monsters. we explain the monster’s effects, stats, summoning, overall usefulness, which card has better artwork, the positives and negatives of both monsters and which card overall would you prefer more. for example: Yugioh Monster Card Compare and Contrast: Dark Armed Dragon vs Judgement Dragon. we explain both of them, their summoning, their usefulness, which card has the better artwork, pros and cons, which card is better overall.

  16. i wanna try to make as many creative ideas as possible. it’ll make this blog even more fun than before.

  17. Actually, Frog FTK is an archetype because it utilizes a group of monsters: Frogs. I read about the deck, it’s a great deck and FTK is easy to pull off too. I have a ton of Frog cards so I’m making one, but I’m also adding cards like Des Frog and D.3.S Frog in order to have a plan B.

  18. black rose dragon totally needs upgrades like sd and rda. it would be awesome to see an assault mode form a majestic form and an accel synchro form of it. even though i think that sdam is the best one of the upgrades, scar red and shooting star look and sound awesome.

  19. Did you guys see the latest regionals decklists??? Wow. Machina beat sabers, infernities, froggy FTK, and frog monarchs. Wowwwww

  20. machina beat all those? dang, machina guys have a heart made out of technology. hey technology is great.

  21. notice how that for the 2 accel synchros, scar red is easier to summon because infernity and frog decks and some others can summon this guy easier. thus its more splashable. shooting star on the other hand is harder to summon and not as splashable. that’s why i like scar red more. and its a level 12 which is interesting. my macro monarch deck would run both of them over. (raiza, caius)

  22. Machine beat X-Sabers??? It must have been an incomplete Machine deck, with cards that aren’t supposed to be there. No way could a general Machine deck beat an X-Saber deck…

  23. lol i know right, hopefully one day im gonna challenge that machina guy and show him that a snake is better than a robot.

  24. System Down and Acid Rain would totally thwart a Machina deck, only problem is that those 2 cards aren’t played a lot. perhaps very very rarely.

  25. Your Compare and Contrast idea is very interesting, and it is better than the Card of the Week post. I will continue to do the Card of the Week until August, and then start the Compare and Contrast posts. Thanks once again nader!

  26. your welcome, i think that this blog is becoming even more fun and interesting than before. i like your posts and ideas too.

  27. i wouldn’t really be shocked if x sabers were number 1 on the top 5 yugioh archetypes. they are excellent but which deck would you say is better: x sabers or a macro monarch/ DD deck? because i find a macro monarch deck and a DD deck to be as powerful as an x saber deck. i know that macros and dd’s kinda lack speed however they do have powerful effects.

  28. i shouldn’t say this…. but the most unbeatable deck would have to be a vennominaga deck with reptiles and snake rains, with necrovalleys, shrinks, and a solemn judgment. that pretty much explains one of my decks. haha

  29. If you think it’s that powerful Nader, why don’t you take it to nationals? If it was as powerful as you think it is, why doesn’t anyone play reptiles?

    Dd decks and macromonarch decks only seem powerful because they are antimeta. But antimeta inherently means they suck on their own unless played against meta

  30. some people still do play reptiles chris (Duffer’s Alien deck). but anyways i think the main reasons why reptiles aren’t very popular compared to other decks is that
    1. Vennominaga is very expensive and very hard to get.
    2. Without her, reptiles aren’t very powerful on their own.
    3. They manipulate people into getting the top decks (blackwings, lightsworns, x sabers, infernities etc.) KIDDING
    4. Reptiles don’t have as much support as other decks, although they do have some useful support in regardings to vennominaga and vennominion.

    besides number 3 those are the main reasons why reptiles aren’t very popular.

  31. oh yeah , do you think that just regular monarchs may be better than macro monarch against other decks?

  32. Emmersblade, vayu, DAD, infernity barrier, darksoul, and JA (well except gold series) are all cards that are high price that people still buy regardless of price. The point is, no one at high levels will spend money on a card that has no powerful deck behind it. You can make a good blackwing deck without dad. You can make a good xsaber deck without emmersblade. You can make a good infernity deck without barrier. But as far as reptiles go, you can’t make a good deck without vennominaga. Vennominaga decks are easily countered. A simple trap dustshoot, or mind crush would kill that deck.
    No offense intended when I criticize reptiles. I believe that if it were a worthwhile tournament deck, why don’t other people try them? Maybe one regional qualifier had a single reptile deck. All I am saying is that reptiles aren’t gonna go far. Maybe in the future when the pharaohs dungeon field card comes out this deck will have a chance. ( this field card allows you to dump any reptile from your hand to dump up to 3 from the deck to the grave, also if it were to get destroyed, you can send a reptile from your deck to the grave instead. ) great card huh?
    But Nader, don’t get me wrong. You probably do have a worthy reptile deck, but the odds are way against that deck type from being widely succesful for a long while.

  33. well that’s true, but doesn’t trap dustshoot and mind crush affect like 99% of all decks? oh well i have mst and sj to back me up. i actually run both of those cards in my deck btw. every deck has a weakness right? like those two new accels which seem invincible right? wrong. a monarch deck would wreck them. what about x sabers? dark world and fabled (idk) can hinder them.

  34. Well saying that those cards affect 99% of all decks is pointless. A more valid description would be to say that all decks are affected. Every card in the game affects the opponent one way or another.

    My point is that it would especially impede a vennominaga deck.

  35. oh, and although you hate anti meta, aren’t there some anti meta decks and cards you sorta like? i thought that dd and stun and monarchs were good. so as consecrated light, tualatin, fossil dyna and rai oh.

    especially tualatin, that card is amazing

  36. besides that the “if you controlled 2 or more monsters at the start of your opponents battle phase and all of them were destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard.” that kinda makes it less impressive especially since most cards in this format blow up with effects. watch out for ryko also since its face down and a flip effect.

  37. Antimeta decks? Not really. But I like royal oppression. It is the best antimeta card. But really, royal oppression, has been fused into meta decks making them wicked good. I made my bw’s royal oppression blackwings. They are awesome good. And since yesterday, my Xsabers are royal sabers. I took them to locals yesterday and through 12 rounds, went 12-0. I won 2 boxes of shining darkness. That was a great day. Royal sabers are absolutely dominating.

    Thunderking rai-oh. Hmmm it’s a good card. Chris bowling is taking his form of royal sabers to nationals this year and his included 3 thunder kings

  38. do you think that fableds are ever going to be very popular in this format and in the future? seeming how as that they are much like dark world cards and they are used similarly like them. i’m not a genius when it comes to fableds though. i might plan to make a fabled deck in the future.

  39. yugiohblogger, you also forgot to mention cards like dimensional fissure and macro cosmos as weaknesses for dark world since they activate in the graveyard. also the barrier statues and both vanities. and my favorite: shadow imprisoning mirror

  40. i’m so building a fairy deck now. with that new fairy card herald of perfection. herald of perfection is similar to sdam but surprisingly herald is a lot better simply because of the support fairies have. there is an unbelevable combo lockdown with herald, honest, and archlord kristya. i think.

  41. oh btw chris plays x sabers. my decks vary actually. i have reptiles, monarchs, lightsworns and koaki meirus.

  42. herald of perfection actually is much better than sdam. you don’t have to worry about the graveyard. you will need lots of fairies in your hand though to make an infinite loop with the effect.

  43. herald is powerful however vennominaga has less weaknesses than herald. another sdam. but i believe that in terms of every yugioh monster card venny is by far the most broken. in fact her weaknesses are cards that are very rarely played (sr for example). hey duffer, you should have some necrovalleys in your alien deck. since most vennominaga decks main necrovalleys. it will help a lot. herald is good, but venny has more potential. (don’t criticize my comment).

  44. I play Infernity Dark World and a deck I like to call Old School Thrash, because it uses all these awesome cards (not forbidden) to just pwn. I still like Infernity Dark World though.

  45. that’s ok chris you are entitled to your opinion (facepalm, haha just kidding). i thought that rainbow neos at first was abysmal. considering the fact that it will leave a terrible hand. a -10 in card advantage actually. why does jaden win so many duels when his deck is a garbage disposal? angel o7 and vennominaga ftw

  46. see this is why i love this blog, it actually helps people learn something useful and fun but mostly useful. you guys are great duelists.

  47. Ok. Look. I don’t think vennominaga is terrible. To build a deck around it is what I believe is terrible. To a broader point, I don’t think any decks that are solely built to maintain a single card strategy is trash. For example, machina. Without machina fortress, the deck simply won’t work. Vennominaga? Royal oppression which is mainboarded in many decks can stop her. So why hope that you can stop royal oppression ftw? It seems too dependent. Your build, although sound, still seems to me to lack the power to kill high level players/decks without getting lucky enough to pull out your trump card. I believe decks need to be able to succeed without the trump cards to be considered powerful. Take BW’s for example. Take DAD, dark creator, or any synchro for that matter, and you can still build a strong successful bw deck. Know what I mean?

  48. Darkworld-infernity is not a terrible deck build. I still think that straight up infernities are better for many reasons ( I’ll explain my view if asked to) But at least darkworld-infernity is alot more fun to play than to sit there for 5 minutes doing your otk nearly infinite loop combo ftw. Infernities lack power by themselves. But yugiohblogger: you know that infernity inferno won’t trigger any darkworld monster right?Just making sure……

  49. i know what you mean, but konami doesn’t fuel lots of support for the reptile deck. they need to make reptiles strong and dedicated enough to make the deck work a lot faster. the thing about royal oppression is true but you and your opponent can use it which is kind of a negative, and likewise royal oppression stops every single special summon besides normal summons of course.

  50. Chris: Actually, according to the rules, it does. If you discard Dark World monsters as a cost (i.e. Lightning Vortex) then their effects won’t be triggered. However with cards like Infernity Inferno, and the effects of a lot of other Infernity cards, are all resolve effects and therefore, their effects do trigger the effects of Dark World monsters.

    I understand why you think plain Infernities are better than Dark World monsters. Meshing archetypes usually fails, like Elemental and Destiny Hero decks, fail. However, the thing about Infernities are, like I mentioned above, a majority of their discard effects are resolve (and wicked strong) so they were the perfect archetype to put in a Dark World deck because by using their effects, I help both my archetypes. So in theory a Infernity Dark World sounds better, but in practice I don’t know because I have never dueled an Infernity deck.

  51. Yeah. You are technically correct. But konami is a funny thing. You see, they ruled that saber slash is un-starlightroadable because it counts the number of xsabers as it resolves. Much like infernity inferno. But this actually doesn’t seem to fit gameplay. Because any effect that targets like saber slash does, the target is called upon activation, therefore the opponent should be allowed to starlight road it because your opponent WOULD destroy 2 or more cards. Wierd. Things like this, it makes me wonder if konami is trying to put some cards down without banning them…….

  52. i think that konami is killing some decktypes by giving them even more powerful support. fairy decks already have cards like archlord kristya, tualatin, splendid venus, angel o7 and other powerful powerhouses and then they made herald…..

    kinda random, but have you guys ever heard of an archetype deck called umi? its actually a water deck which is centered around a spell called umi which includes monsters like levia dragon daedalus and ocean dragon lord neo daedalus. it looks like the deck is good so far. ocean dragon lord actually has an effect like chaos emperop dragon minus the battle damage to the opponent. its harder to summon than CED however unlike him, ocean dragon lord survives the wipeout making it perfect for dealing 2900+ to your foe. interesting right?

  53. It’s te same build as normal but it plays 2 royal oppressions, 2-3 trap stuns, and always a cold wave. Some builds play 3 thunderking rai-oh’s. It’s just a royal beatdown. Much the same idea as oppression wings

  54. Currently: trap: imperial order
    spell: harpies feather duster
    monster: Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End

  55. is delta crow and elphin worth running in bw? A lot of ppl say that elphin isnt but its usually an easy summon for me and a replacement for armed wing with vayu

  56. Elphin is ok if you run 3 backblasts. But it’s not usually ever included in a bw deck. Delta crow is fantastic. I would play 1-2 depending how afraid of backrow cards you are.

  57. I hope this archetype list includes six samurai. A good samurai build is nearly just as good as any tier deck nowadays. But since they don’t swarm as fast, they don’t see much play today

  58. i don’t know why but why does konami make some monsters very difficult to summon? for example they made armityle extremely difficult to summon and yet the effect for armityle is useless. same with cards like divine neos, gate guardian and dragon master knight. its good though that konami is improving cards with less difficult summoning and more effective effects. (synchros)

  59. @Chris
    You are right about Vennominaga. Anytime you make a deck that revolves around one monster, rather than a whole set of monsters, you are at a disadvantage. Because if your ace monster, the one card that sustains your deck, is destroyed, then your whole deck basically collapses. In decks that revolve around a whole set of monsters, like my Alien deck, your X-Saber deck, or even YB’s Infernity DW deck, you have much more set plays and strategies you can pull out. That’s why Vennominaga is in my extra deck of my Alien deck. I only use her when my foe finds a loophole in my strategies.

  60. With Herald, fairies are going to be one of the strongest deck builds. Problem is though, Herald’s a bit hard to find in Shining Darkness. I used to run an Umi deck… lol. But I used Legendary Ocean instead. It was okay… I didn’t really make the deck it was all in a Structure Deck.

  61. There are actually a lot of Heralds, the strongest being Herald of Perfection. There’s a Herald of Creation, Herald of Green Light, Herald of Purple Light, and Herald of Perfection. All would be great in a fairy deck.

  62. herald of perfection is the only ritual card i like. i actually dislike rituals because they are harder to summon and they have so little support.

  63. yugiohblogger, did you ever use ocean dragon lord neo daedalus in the umi (legendary ocean) deck? its a really good otk card. its actually like a legal CED. with a legendary ocean helps easing the summon of neo daedalus. with it you only need 1 tribute for levia and then tribute levia for neo.

  64. My top 5 deck archeypes go in order from 5-1. Six samurais, glads, blackwings, infernity, xsabers

  65. would you guys rather perfer fableds or dark world? dark worlds i think have better effects idk. both are very similar though. i might be interested in making a fabled deck though in the near future.

    they should make a powerful wind attributed deck in the future. considering that wind is the least supported attribute.

    i’ve noticed that ice barrier monsters get the best synchros. brionac especially. do you guys think that brionac could be in the banlist or should it stay limited? its effect is easily abused.

  66. do any one of you guys see ice barriers possibly being a tier 1 deck competing with infernities, x sabers, glads and blackwings? i mean look at their synchros. they have the best synchros in the game.

  67. Fabled, icebarrier, and naturia are archetypes still up in the air. I don’t think anyone can determine top tier just yet. You can always look up what the Japanese have. But not always what they get, we get. I would like to wait and see before judging

  68. the ice barrier archetype seems very interesting. i especially love their synchros. but i also like dai-sojo, medium, and temple dancer. but wow, temple dancer, spellbreaker, and medium are sexy. ice barriers are like one of those lockdown decks to your opponent. good thing is that most of them are very quick to summon. ice barriers are too new but when all of them come to america, lots of people would want them. including me.

  69. off topic, but i must say that some people like to skip the summoning requirement of some monsters. i remember when armityle came out and one of my friends was dying to get that card. i was like “if you want that card badly you should get it only for collection because its too much to even run it.” then he read that it takes 12 cards to summon him and he can easily be destroyed. especially in this format since there are thousands of cards that do evil stuff to him. Konami must have had bad diarrhea when making that card.

  70. why would any player who runs bw be afraid of tribe-infecting virus? it’s banned, and for good reason…

    yugiohblogger: you say you would’ve made it to nationals if you had the deck you have now, but don’t forget other players have also improved their decks. so to be fair, it should be your now deck vs. their now deck so I wouldn’t say guarantee… I might say your chances would improve though.

    duffer: machinA not machinE

    nader: no offense but I think you talk about your vennominaga deck too much…

    and yes I know most of these replies are way late…

  71. morfowt
    Well that’s true, but I wasn’t talking about the decks in a tournament basis, just listing their general weaknesses and strengths. Tribe Infecting Virus may be banned, but in general, it’s effect would kill BWs. It’s true the other duelists’ decks would have improved, but you can’t imagine how much a Infernity Dark World deck powns. It’s such a strong deck! The only weakness it has is that there’s a few dead draws that could ruin my turn, however they are necessary for my strongest combos.

  72. 2 words: scorching hot. southern china just happened to be in the middle of a heat wave. I spent most of the day in my air-conditioned room watching tv. watching tv was awesome. found a couple new chinese cartoons, anime, and documentaries I like.

  73. If darkworld-infernity really powns, then why isn’t every infernity player (who obviously has the money to make it) play with darkworlds too? You can’t say that your deck is unique, because I guarantee that all infernity players have tried darkworlds, or at least known someone who has tried it. And failed. Tell me why what infernity players going to nationals aren’t running darkworlds? Because it’s too slow and whittles down the theme of the deck

  74. How come you manage to list consecrated light as a bw weakness but not darkworlds? Seems kinda biased.

  75. if you like dark world, you’ll love fableds.

    i wonder, does anyone here run consecrated light?

    and that’s true chris, i don’t know anybody who runs infernity and dark world together. it would make sense though if someone ran a dark world/ fabled deck because it all fits even together.

  76. Like I’ve been saying over and over, VERY few duelists now a days are going to be old school booster packs (Power of the Duelist) that have Dark World monsters in them. The reason Infernity Dark World isn’t so popular is because no one buys old packs. If no buys old packs, then hardly anyone who runs Infernities are going to know that when they are mixed with Dark World, they create a deadly deck. Dark World may slow Infernities down a bit, but the end result is DESTRUCTION.

  77. @nader
    Ok, I know Inf.Dark World isn’t very popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s easily tier 1, and my Inf. Deck has beaten some really powerful decks. The problem in Inf.Dark World deck is that DW slows it down. That’s the main weakness.

  78. booster packs aren’t a problem if you duel online. with online dueling, you have access to every card ever made in the TCG, which is great because I don’t have money to buy cards (so my real life deck sucks). yet I haven’t seen anyone use a dark world-infernity deck online either. I don’t think it’s an issue with access to cards. I think it’s more no one’s actually thought of combining the 2, or didn’t think it’d be good and so didn’t try it.

    no one else has ever thought of combining exodia and blackwings but my deck isn’t too bad either (though definitely not tournament material).

    I’m not saying combining dark world and infernities is a good idea because I haven’t dueled them before. I’m just saying it’s an interesting idea with possibilities.

  79. Ok I need help. Someone please find me a source or ruling to a card similar to Icarus attack. I need to prove that you cannot tribute a facedown winged beast minster. I know that the OCG ruling says you can, but I know better. Help please

  80. consecrated light will basically effect all dark decks, however i think that blackwings have it easier then most other dark decks because they have stuff like icarus and book of moon. destiny heroes would probably be most affected with consecrated light.

  81. couldn’t book of moon be said for any dark deck? or any deck at all? it’s not like it has specific type conditions like icarus attack.

  82. i see it a lot more often in blackwings for some reason. well that’s true about book of moon. consecrated light plus an anti spell fragrance i heard can shut down most common dark decks since they rely heavily on spells. consecrated light looks too cute for its effect and its name kinda offends me. (my point of view)

  83. i wonder if the release of starstrike blast soon would create a lot of talk. i just wish that shooting star isn’t the cover card since red nova dragon is better.

  84. I think the reason they rely mostly on spells is just because most people who use them, use them in otk decks which rely more heavily on spells than traps.

  85. that is true, i see that alot in tele dad’s and in zombies. although some zombies are of the earth attribute.

  86. Skill drain decks are the bomb if you combine them with Malefic Stardust Dragons. Kills off everything if you can tweak decks into decks where skill drain wont really affect you. Dark World plus skill drain is okay. If you have skill drain, you could get out a Beast King Barbaros with a 3000 atk without any tributes. HEY GUYS CAN ANYBODY MAKE ME A FABLED PLUS INFERNITY synchroing DECK!!! <– it can have banned cards!! please helppp

  87. We can’t really duel using this chat because you might not use cards you actually have! “Oh lucky me, I pulled out all five pieces of Exodia!” and I would never know if you were lying or not ^^

  88. To address some issues:

    Fabled vs Dark World: DW have more game-breaking discard effects, but fabled get their effects off no matter how they are discarded. I still prefer dark world because w/o the extra deck, fabled are one of the worst decks in the game.

    Lightsworn vs Blackwings and X-Sabers

    I firmly believe that my lightsworn deck can shatter any blackwing/X-saber deck I face. The reason is b/c of the number of boss monsters it runs and how easy it is to summon them. All I need are 5+ lights with different names in the grave and I can just spam lightrays onto the field. X-sabers have no answer to my 3 judgment dragons, my 3 lightray gearfrieds, my lightray diabolos, and sephylon, the ulimate timelord. Solemn warning my boss monster? Ima summon another boss monster b/c I have like 4 in hand.

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