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I thought that Dark Creator would win since it appeared to be the more popular card however it placed last among the three. The Card of the Month: August is Mist Wurm! I’m pretty surprised it won, because it has a fairly simple effect. Well, this marks the last Card of the ___ Post and starting in a few days will be the even more fun Yugioh Monster Comparisons!

13 thoughts on “Card of the Month”

  1. I’m surprised savage colosseum is second though. can someone please explain how it’s of any help?

  2. Guys, you might think I am crazy, but since I am making a Naturia Deck, I traded my Mist Wurm to my friend for a Naturia Beast. Did I screw up? or did I make a good decision?

  3. since it was for a naturia deck it was a good decision. do you have more than one copy of mist wurm?

  4. I agree that at first, Mist Wurm doesn’t seem that great but think about its pros: it’s a level 9 sychro requiring 3 monsters for its summon (so really easy to bring out), it boasts 2500 ATK which already puts some pressure on your opponent, its effect is a killer: since it is so easy to bring out, you can summon it at any time in the duel when your opponent has few cards on their field and take down 2500 of their lp. Enough said 😛

  5. ok it’s kinda cool, but still a card like that can cost someone the whole duel. and by the way which is worse, blue-eyes white dragon or cloudian- smoke ball?

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