The Number One Monster Archetype in Yugioh

Pretty obvious, they are the best as of now….

1. X-Sabers


X-Sabers became immensely popular the day Ancient Prophecy came out. X-Sabers are another versatile archetype that have a great amount of battle strategies. Though they are mainly focused on swarming, a lot of X-Saber have effects that revolve around things such as discarding cards from your foe’s hand. X-Sabers have amazing combos, (a notable one is known as the Faultrolls Loop, facilitated by two XX-Saber Faultrolls and XX-Saber Ragigura). X-Sabers have strong spell and trap cards, a notable and powerful support card is Gottam’s Emergency Call. They are a premier archetype and with more support and mastery, could be an even more destructive archetype.


The most notable weakness that X-Sabers have is lack of support. Though their spells and traps may be strong, they still need more spell and trap card support if they want to remain number one. Also, some X-Sabers require others to be on the field, slowing the deck down a bit. Other than that, X-Sabers are a near-perfect archetype. With more X-Saber oriented cards being released in Duelist Revolution and Starstrike Blast, they will be an unstoppable force.

Pretty obvious, they are the best as of now….

1. X-Sabers


X-Sabers became immensely popular the day Ancient Prophecy came out. X-Sabers are another versatile archetype that have a great amount of battle strategies. Though they are mainly focused on swarming, a lot of X-Saber have effects that revolve around things such as discarding cards from your foe’s hand.  X-Sabers have amazing combos, (a notable one is known as the Faultrolls Loop, facilitated by two XX-Saber Faultrolls and XX-Saber Ragigura). X-Sabers have strong spell and trap cards, a notable and powerful support card is Gottam’s Emergency Call. They are a premier archetype and with more support and mastery, could be an even more destructive archetype.


The most notable weakness that X-Sabers have is lack of support. Though their spells and traps may be strong, they still need more spell and trap card support if they want to remain number one. Also, some X-Sabers require others to be on the field, slowing the deck down a bit. Other than that, X-Sabers are a near-perfect archetype. With more X-Saber oriented cards being released in Duelist Revolution and Starstrike Blast, they will be an unstoppable force.

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  1. I love naturia beast. It’s like a badass version of Horus lv8. It was like made for xsabers. I run 3

  2. Naturias will surely run on top of X-sabers, I tested out the cards that have only been out in Japan by using some proxys just to have fun, and they where negating everything my opponent had, I left him unable to summon, special summon, play spells or traps, and I kept hitting him for 3700 (naturia bamboo shoot, naturia mantis) Royal Oppression.

  3. have you guys heard of monoceros? if you use it and a beast-type tuner for a synchro summon, you can special summon the beast-type tuner. not that x-sabers need more help but using it with x-saber airbellum means you get back airbellum to synch again for gottoms.

    unfortunately, monoceros can only be special summoned by removing from play 1 spell in your hand. meaning it can’t be special summoned with rescue cat.

    and I just noticed that xx-saber gottoms can be synchro summoned using all tuners… dang.

  4. well when you duel online the you can barely make out the tiny picture, so I stopped caring a long time ago about a card’s art.

  5. well its always good when a card has awesome art.

    i wonder if anyone here successfully taken down an x saber deck. i have but i was playing gadget oppression which is a weakness for that deck.

  6. Gadget oppression kills all current meta decks. Unless the meta deck is equipped with it’s own antimeta like royal sabers, or oppression wings. Naturia lacks swarm. That’s why xsabers using some naturia will beat regular naturia

  7. one time i actually had three copies of dark armed dragon. i traded all of mine for a van’dalgyon the dark dragon lord, an ocean dragon lord neo daedalus and for a red eyes darkness metal dragon. i was very happy because i have a secret passion for those cards. its okay because i got another DAD.

  8. um… no not really. I was in control as soon as I cleared his field with junk destroyer, which was on my second turn. in fact in all of our duels, he either quickly beats me or I’m in control most of the time. It’s not really possible to put up a good long fight against an x-saber deck unless your deck is meant to do that, like with a final countdown deck.

  9. ohh i see. so who is excited about the future release of the polar god cards. i know i am, i think that there effects are soooooooooooooooooooo overpowered for all 3 of there relatively easy summoning conditions. polar god king thor is my absolute favorite. he’s so great. loki is my second fav. and odin is my third fav. they are also very splashable. did you know that all 3 have the divine attribute? i also hope that they are going to keep the effects of all 3 and not screw them up. yeah i just realized that all 3 are out in japan in the OCG.

  10. I’m waiting to find out their effect from the anime. then I’ll decide whether I’d like em or not.

  11. thor’s effect was confirmed. loki and odin are approximations. actually all their effects are already out.

  12. I know they’re already out. I’m still waiting to find them out in the anime. no reason to spoil their effects before the episode airs.

  13. i wonder what jack and yusei might use to defeat the polar gods (cause they will be defeated) maybe something impossible to summon and have an effect that is near invincible. way too early to tell though. and did you know that loki lets you bring a trap card from your grave to your hand? that’s too abusive. its almost like a magician of faith effect but with traps instead of spells.

  14. oh God, i though that armityle was the hardest monster to summon. no. you should really see sleeping giant thud. garbage crappy horrible disgusting foul pointless card. i know cause ive seen the episodes. you have to tribute 1 level 1 normal monster that has remained face up on your side of the field for 10 or more of your turns. 10 of your turns plus 10 of your foe’s turns equals a total of 20 turns. wtf? and the effect is pointless. i think it would be anime exclusive though. lol final countdown i think is even better than this and final countdown i think is one of the worst cards ever created!

  15. are you kidding? final countdown is an awesome card. boring to play with but awesome. with the proper deck, it’s way too easy to win with. it’s far from the worst card ever created.

    and I’ve already seen sleeping giant thud. the episode already aired.

  16. that’s not that abusive. mask of darkness does the same thing except it’s a flip effect. and mask of darkness is unlimited last I checked.

  17. Blackwing monsters will ROFLRAPE x saber. i agree that infernity is good as well, but i see the jurracs becoming a new amazing archetype.

  18. there are better ways to win the game then waiting 20 turns. if maybe the amount of turns was cut in half. funny though how magician of faith is banned and mask of darkness is unlimited. i thought that traps were deadlier than spells? maybe back in the old days spells were deadlier but idk.

  19. yes spells are deadlier than traps. the main reason is that spells you can activate from your hand. traps, you have to set them first and you can can’t activate them the turn you set them. so if you set a trap and the opponent has a mystical space typhoon or dust tornado face-down, they can destroy the trap before it activates. if you play a spell though, destroying it won’t stop it from activating. the only way to stop a spell is with counter traps like solemn judgment or dark bribe which negate the spell.

    in short, solemn judgment and dark bribe can stop spells and traps, but mystical space typhoon and dust tornado can only stop traps.

    or at least that’s how I look at it.

    yeah but waiting 20 turns is sometimes more secure. your opponent always has the chance stop your attacks or burn effects, or even from gathering the exodia pieces. but unless you negate final countdown the turn it’s activated, the only way to stop it is to beat your opponent in 20 turns or less.

  20. final countdown maybe quicker to use with pyro clock of destiny. which increases the turn count by 1. so that helps.

  21. just so you guys know, when storm of ragnarok comes out the cover card will be polar god sacred emperor odin, which i never thought as personally i like loki and thor better. and konami better not nerf their effects. look what happened to ra. and thus there not invincible. trishula says bye.

  22. oh… never knew that. which would you say is a better easier win option final countdown or destiny board?

  23. final countdown by far. like I already said, you have to negate final countdown the turn it’s activated or you can’t stop it. destiny board however, stays on the field for 5 turns giving your opponent a chance to stop it, and with so many spell/trap/field removal cards out there (brionac, hyunlei, heavy storm, giant trunade, mist wurm, junk destoyer, mst, dust tornado, icarus attack), not to mention lack of space in your spell/trap zone, it’s pretty much guaranteed your opponent will stop destiny board before you can place all 5 spirit messages.

  24. I love last turns artwork. Back in the day, Yamata dragon and hino kagu tsuchi were my favorite monsters.

    Hey guys! I built Black valleys. I must say……they are pretty impressive. I have a new favorite card now. Dark simorgh. Badass……..

  25. dark simorgh is one of my top favorites as well, simply because if you combine it with anti-spell fragrance…

    have you guys heard of egotistical ape? It’s a level 5 EARTH beast-type tuner with 1200 atk, making it searchable with sangan. you can’t normal summon or set it, but you can special summon it by discarding a beast-type monster from your hand AND it can increase or decrease its level by the level of the sent monster. discard a level 2 beast, then normal summon a level 1 monster and you automatically have stardust dragon or any level 8 synchro that doesn’t require a specific tuner.

  26. yeah dark simorgh is one of my favorites too and yeah i heard of the ape, very useful in synchro summons. theres a dark synchro monster in the anime i like. dark diviner. level -4 with 2000 atk and 1000 def. it cant be destroyed by battle. when it attacks an opponents monster with a higher atk, it sends 1 card from the top of your opponents deck to the graveyard equal to the the difference between dark diviner’s original atk and the attack target’s atk/ 100. then the atk of the attack target becomes equal to dark diviner’s atk until the end of the battle phase. cool right? imagine if you were facing a high atk monster (like five headed dragon for instance) you send 30 cards from your opponents deck to the graveyard. it can deck your opponent out sometimes. very interesting.

  27. I don’t know if you guys have heard yet but here are the changes for the september ban list that’s supposedly been confirmed by konami:


    Rescue Cat
    Heavy Storm
    Brain Control


    Black Whirlwind
    Royal Oppression
    Infernity Launcher
    Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Monster Reborn
    Dark Hole


    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Chaos Sorcerer
    Snipe Hunter
    Ojama Trio
    Magic Cylinder


    Black Rose Dragon
    Goblin Zombie
    Cyber Dragon
    Treeborn Frog
    Royal Decree
    United We Stand

  28. personally I like it because brain control is banned.

    only thing that hurt my decks was rescue cat for my hyper psychic blaster deck. it wasn’t too hard a hit since rescue cat was just a secondary means of getting tuners (the primary means was egotistical ape).

  29. i think that the most underrated card is definitely the end of anubis. that card just kills so many decks right now. and its only 1 tribute with 2500 atk.

  30. Dark Simorgh is a beast! The strongest, underrated monster ever. I say underrated because it has only recently come into prominence. Originally, it wasn’t that popular of a card.

  31. I don’t think bamboo shoot would count as underrated since a lot of people already knew how it good it was before it even came into the TCG.

    not as unlikely as you think with the release of synchro monsters. a quickdraw synchron and quillbolt hedgehog in your hand is all you need to take down dark simorgh by battle. plus, there’s ways of getting rid of it with effects like exiled force, D.D. warrior lady, brionac, black rose dragon… and then are monsters that do both, like Dark Armed Dragon and Judgment Dragon. and with the new banlist, breaker the magical warrior and dark hole would also work.

  32. the end of anubis more because 99.9 percent of meta decks revolve around the grave. and anubis is just fantastic. one question though. why triple black rose dragons?

  33. Oh yeah, I forgot Simorgh was still affected by monster effects… People knew Bamboo Shoot was good, but it still isn’t as popular as per say, Stardust Dragon, even when the two are very similar in effectiveness.

  34. You guys can say as much as you want to as how you can get around dark simorgh. But who actually plays exiled force anymore? QuickDraw decks won’t see the light of day after sept 1st. Black rose? Who cares?

  35. who cares? i care. black rose unlimited would be too much. Dark hole and Monster reborn are now unbanned. Oh God this is going to be one crazy format. Starlight Road is my hero for this format. lol

  36. I don’t know why you think decks using quickdraw won’t work anymore. nothing in my junk destroyer deck (which uses quickdraw and quillbolt) was touched by the banlist, and I didn’t see any changes on the banlist that would affect a quickdraw dandywarrior deck. in fact, from what I heard, they’ll be one of the tier 1 decks this format.

  37. Black rose came back because the format is too fast for it to even be worth being limited. QuickDraw decks were a one hit wonder that in essence, are considered a fad, along with machina. How would starlight road be any better? What good player needs more than one black rose in their extra deck anyway? Given that, starlight road has just as many targets as before. Heavy for dark hole. And because brain control is dead (and an awesome top decker, who can win close games) monster reborn is an easy trade-off because it also allows slower decks the ability to compete (a little more) and is also a great top decker card. ¿comprende?

  38. Even if you were right about dandy warrior being “tier 1”. That still doesn’t outmatch sabers being called tier 0. Hahahaha. And I disagree. I have seen and asked my buddy roy st.Clair what he thought, and he believes that the top decks will be (not in this order) salvo-dad, blackwings, xsabers, and vanity’s monarchs. He and I both agree that QuickDraw is pretty much dead.

  39. last I checked, x-sabers were the only tier 0. so being tier 1 isn’t that bad. they may not be the best, but it wouldn’t mean their dead.

    yeah well that’s two of you versus a whole online community that I’m a part of… no offense, but I’m gonna trust the majority.

    and anyway you still have yet to mention a reason why you believe it to be dead. the only thing you mentioned was that you’ve seen it.

  40. Go ahead believe your community. It will do me better that people should play a dead and fad of a deck. It’s dead not by it’s own means but by the fact that there are way more decks much better than it. I concede that people will probably run QuickDraw for like 2 months after every banlist comes in effect, but only because no one really knows what’s good yet. Good players treat QuickDraw as a “go-to” deck when no deck is obvious yet to play. It’s cheap and affordable, and takes someone with less brains than a monkey to be good at. Same thing goes for machina. It’s just a gigantic fad that if it used synchros or had different variations to play with, would be in the same boat as QuickDraw. Fad. A deck doesn’t need to be hit by any list to become worthless.
    But yes, please go on and talk good things about QuickDraw, I want people to play worthless decks. It’s all the easier that way.

  41. this is another x saber format (unfortunately). but they are excellent. they didnt get hit besides the ban of rescue cat. once the full support of naturia and fabled come out, x sabers will have competition.

  42. ok now im understanding why it got back to 3, but why ban heavy storm and bring back dark hole? does that make sense?

  43. @nader:
    the latest/best archetypes focus more on monsters than spell or traps, making Dark Hole more useful than Heavy Storm.

    1. I don’t think “cheap and affordable” really matter when playing online, which is what I’m talking about right now.

    2.what makes you think using quickdraw synchron uses any less brain power than using say faultroll?

    and fyi, I don’t play quickdraw dandywarrior. my junk destroyer deck really can’t qualify since quickdraw synchron is just a secondary tuner and dandylion isn’t even in that deck.

  44. Faultroll is a much more difficult card to play. You have to have two or more x-sabers already present. Do you know how hard that is when 2 bottomless trapholes, solemn, and other things are just floating around? Do you know how often I go to play faultroll, and someone books one of my two sabers? QuickDraw, won’t have much the same playability concern, even though both decks usually only run 2 of each.

    Dark hole gives antimeta some fire power and evens the playing field with heavy gone. Now you can set 3-4 traps without concern of them dying.

  45. will you guys miss substitoad and rescue cat? i will, but they needed to be banned. some people thought roanintoadin would get the boot but i thought substitoad needed it. your views?

  46. @chris: oh you meant playing them from your hand. I thought you were referring to playing them while they’re on the field… I’m not sure that really has to do with brains you have though. you can’t control whether your opponent activates book of moon and whether you play faultroll or not they still have a book of moon set.

    @nader: no I won’t miss them. why would I?
    I never really divulged into how the frog ftk works so I don’t really care what people thought would get the boot and why. apparently substitoad is the heart of the ftk though, because a lot of people said with it banned, frogs still have a chance but the ftk is dead.

  47. true, the ftk for frogs got killed. they needed to ban substitoad though as frog ftk and otk are so dang annoying but with x sabers thats a different story. x sabers will still be tier 1 or (tier 0) without cat. not to mention faultroll and darksoul stayed put.

  48. no it actually is very amazing still. you get to remove from play 1 monster per turn. caius, which only removes when summoned is already bad enough. chaos sorcerer is gonna be a problem when it hits the field, especially with all these monster effect heavy decks. and it’s not hard at all these days to get a light and dark monster in your grave.

  49. its better than sky scourge enrise i must say. the sky scourges are just bad versions of the chaos monsters. i would never invest them instead of maybe norleras.

  50. Book of moon hurts all synchroing. Duh.

    And I am sad for rescue cats death. It made me spend 175 dollars on a playset of emmersblades that I was more than fine without before. My sabers this format will make it damn hard for my opponent to play any monsters. Thanks to heavy being booted. (yay? I guess)
    consider having to stop 2 bottomless, 3 saber hole, solemn, (3 chaos hole in side deck opportunities), and that new solemn coming out.
    Unfortunately, I’ll have to play more copies of sabers I dislike, like 2 palomuro and 2 pashuul for example.

    Isn’t it a bummer that in duelist revolution there are so many cards that rescue cat can target now, but it don’t even matter? Wow

  51. I personally feel that substitoad is an ok ban. Ronintoadin is less useful now but still playable. It makes it less broke but still useable in frognarchs. Considering that frognarchs would be nonexistent without it, I’m happy that the ftk is over without taking a perfectly acceptable deck down. Same goes for rescue cat. Yes, it makes darksoul less useful, but it don’t screw up the deck

  52. yes I know book of moon hurts all synchros. I still don’t see what that has to do with needing brains to play faultroll from your hand.

  53. wonder when were starting the compare and contrast monster post and the top ten synchros. those seem very interesting

  54. All I’m saying is that QuickDraw is an easy deck to master. It doesn’t take a genius to play. You think faultroll is easy to just “drop”? Well duh. But to master dropping home without proving to be harmful is another question. Every person playing against sabers will know to not let them have two sabers out. It’s a given. But the easy thing about QuickDraw is that the whole deck is a surprise, and a joke for that matter

  55. when you say it’s not a surprise, do you mean a single quickdraw deck uses all sorts of different combos, or do you mean there’s so many variations of decks?

    Because there aren’t too many surprises in my deck. Sure there are variations involving the non-tuners but often times, it’ll be junk synchron with 3 tuningware summoned through inferno reckless summon.

  56. i like quickdraw and yes the deck is not hard at all. i preordered like 3 large trap holes and i got disappointed that a lot of the cards in the banlist got hit which mostly relied on special summoning of 2 or more monsters.

  57. who here is going to build a fabled deck in the future? i am and im going to use morphing jars in it! all fableds need is some spell and trap support.

  58. Morphing jar. Unless you mean morphing jar #2 and stuff.

    The only combo I care about in QuickDraw is quick draw with tuning wares that were machine duped, synchro for destroyer, blow 3 cards up and draw 3. Then de-synchro and re synchro to blow up 3 and draw 3 more

  59. anything that lets you draw more than 2 cards is broken. unless if its like a hard to summon monster. although i really think that pot of greed should come back. (im not crazy)

  60. Pot of greed should be back at one. With magician of faith still gone, I don’t see why not.
    It’s way better that pot of avarice in so many ways. Every deck needs a form of drawpower without having to use reckless greed or avarice

  61. i would be so glad if pot of greed did come back. but not really graceful charity. graceful still should be kept put.

  62. @ Chris Harbour

    You better be ready to fight dirty against my deck if you’re using X-sabers. As far as I’ve seen, X-sabers have relatively low attack in general and my support cards will make your high level X-sabers get destroyed by my level 4 monsters. Examples: X-saber gottoms loses to chainsaw insect because I have burden of the mighty on the field, yet X-saber gottoms is the most powerful X-saber there is. PLus, I can have more than one power enhancing or enemy power reducing spell cards on the field.

  63. meh, fableds kill x sabers easier, since x sabers love hand destruction to your foe’s hand. Fableds would love it when you discard their cards and suddenly they gain the upper hand and bites x sabers back in the butt.

  64. victor, you realize you can no longer win a duel with just atk points? saying your chainsaw insect has higher atk really doesn’t say anything in the current meta…

  65. @morfowt

    DO YOU REALLY THINK I PLAY A NORMAL MONSTER BEATDOWN? I have several card removal effects that I use and ways to protect my monsters from being destroyed. Tell me how you can defeat my deck if your monsters are much weaker than mine? E.G. Ancient gear gadjiltron dragon and ancient gear golem can prevent you from stopoping their attacks. How can you defeat my deck w/o attacking much?

  66. did you happen to realize that card effects especially monster effects mostly win duels? it’s all in the effect which holds the true power. atk and def used to be good, but that was back in like 2004. not saying that monsters with good atk and def are terrible but in this format, its all about effects.

  67. @nader

    Do you happen to realize that my beast king barbaros can destroy all of your cards (that’s right, not just monsters, CARDS) just by adding one extra tribute (and I can simply use the trojan horse and another monster) using ultimate offering or such) and you will never be able to counter that? This effect guarantees a good 3000 damage. And completely losing control of the field will be a very difficult feat for you to deal with.

  68. @victor: junk destroyer, crystal abundance, gladiator beast mormolio/gyzarus, brionac, catastor, ojama delta hurricane… or stall with blackwing armor master and get all 5 pieces of exodia in my hand. really, ancient gears mean nothing to me. I have barely any traps meant to stop an attack. actually I have barely any defense cards, period. my decks are more meant to instantly turn the situation around if my opponent gets the upper hand by completely destroying their side of the field (that includes any beast king barboros, ancient gears, ultimate offering, chainsaw insect, whatever).

    I never said I thought you had a normal beatdown deck. but the thing is, most of the best effect monsters are not beatdown material. so even an effect beatdown deck won’t have as good effects as other decks.

    beast king barbaros does NOT guarantee a 3000 damage. I can chain waboku to beast king barbaros’s effect. or I can play battle fader from my hand.

  69. beast king barabaros is powerful because of its EFFECT. and no every single card has counter cards. the only card that can’t be countered is ummm….. nothing.

  70. @nader: well…no. if we go by the strict definition of the word, there are two (and as far as I know, only two) things that can’t be countered: uria’s face-down destruction effect, and super polymerization because neither of those can be chained to.

  71. @morfowt

    How can waboku be chained to Beast King barbaros. IF I TRIBUTE ONE EXTRA MONSTER FOR IT, IT DESTROYS ALL !!!CARDS!!! on the field, not just monsters, cards. THerefore, you would have nothing to sto pmy guaranteed 3000 damage because you would have no cards.

  72. a hypothetical card creator of light horakhty (my effect version) couldn’t be removed from the field in any way possible.

  73. waboku can be activated anytime during a turn and it’ll prevent me from taking any battle damage during that turn. the fact that you destroyed it makes no difference. why do you think waboku is such an important card in stall/final countdown decks?

    well if you wanted me to negate beast king barbaros, there’s a number of ways to do that too: divine wrath being the main one. also solemn judgment, solemn warning, pulling the rug, my body as a shield, destruction jammer (if i have a monster), starlight road (if I have another card), effect veiler, etc.

  74. @nader

    How are you going to activate a card from your hand when its MY turn? What monster are you going to have that can be special summoned that way?

  75. what are you talking about? do you mean effect veiler? Effect Veiler works when it is the opponent’s main phase. Send Effect Veiler from the hand to the Grave and negate the effect of a monster.

  76. @victor: there are MANY monsters whose effects activate from your hand (whether it’s opponent’s turn or not). kuriboh is a classic example. there’s also battle fader, gorz, tragoedia, honest, stronghold guardian, D.D. Crow, effect veiler, thunder dragon, hanewata, Blackwing – ghibli the searing wind, lifeforce harmonizer, herald of orange light, herald of green light, herald of purple light…

    most can activate during either player’s turn (thunder dragon is the only one in the above list that can’t be activated during the opponent’s turn. battle fader, stronghold guardian, and effect veiler can’t be activated during yours), although most don’t special summon themselves. gorz, tragoedia, battle fader, and ghibli are the only ones I know of that special summon themselves.

    there are also monsters whose trigger effects make themselves to be special summoned, such as the dark world monsters or fabled monsters if you activate a discard effect on your opponent before attacking.

  77. here is my first attempt of making a great card that isn’t overly broken:

    Monster Tranquilizer

    Normal Spell

    Select 1 face up monster your opponent controls. The ATK and DEF of the selected monster becomes 0 and its effects are negated. The selected monster also cannot attack. During your End Phase, remove from play that monster.

  78. Yeah I agree with x sabers, but what about lightsworns? They have topped shonen jump more than once, also a great deck I have is a mix of x sabers and 6 samurai. It owns, I haven’t had chance to use it in a tournament but it beat a blackwing and gladiator deck really easily, and those decks are some of the best apparently.

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