Yugioh Stardust Dragon VS Red Dragon Archfiend

Here is a compare and contrast of two of the earliest, and most synchro monsters in the game: Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend. Enjoy!

yu-gi-oh-stardust-dragon11. Stardust Dragon

Stardust Dragon was one the first card to be created in 3rd generation Yugioh, and thus it was given great power! Stardust Dragon, the grandfather of synchros, has a strong 2500 attack/2000 defense points and a great, defensive effect. Whenever a card destruction effect is activated, Stardust Dragon can sacrifice itself in order to negate the activation of that effect and destroy the card. But wait, it gets better! If Stardust Dragon is destroyed this way, it can be revived from the graveyard at the end of the turn! Not only can Stardust protect you from deadly effects, but you get it back on your field by the end of the turn as well. Stardust Dragon is a powerhouse monster had a great defensive wall too.

Artwork: 5/10, Effect: 8/10, Power: 8/10, Deck Adaptation: 9/10 Game Changer: 9/10, Playability: 9/10. Overall, Stardust Dragon gets a rating of about 8/10 – B-.

yu-gi-oh-red-dragon-archfiendRed Dragon Archfiend

The ultimate rival of Stardust Dragon and the second synchro monster created in 3rd generation Yugioh, Red Dragon Arcfiend packs a ferocious punch with 3000 attack/2000 defense points and a destructive effect. If Red Dragon Archfiend attacks a monster in defense position monster, all other defense position monsters on your foe’s side of the field! Red Dragon Archfiend could potentially clear your foe’s field of monsters. Red Dragon Archfiend also has really cool artwork; it looks so tough and majestic!

Game Changer: 7/10, Effect: 7/10, Playability: 8/10, Deck Adaptation: 8/10, Artwork: 9/10, Power: 9/10. Overall, Red Dragon Archfiend gets a rating of 8 – B-.

It was a hard decision, however Stardust Dragon wins by nail-pin! Though they had the same score, I felt that Stardust Dragon was the better monster due to it having a better Game Changer ability. They’re both very both strong monsters, but again, defense wins matches! And in terms of defense, Stardust completely tops Red Dragon Archfiend.


  1. uh, while I agree that stardust is better, I do not agree that defense wins matches. defense is helpful, but you can’t win just be protecting yourself. you do need some kind of attack strategy.

    I personally don’t see how it was a hard decision. Not too many players actually swarm the field with defensive monsters these days. That means the first part of Red Daemon Dragon’s effect isn’t too helpful actually. And the second part of his effect is usually more harmful than helpful. Everybody can agree, however, that stardust’s effect is awesome. It’s so awesome that people actually had to find ways around it.

  2. ^ very true.

    as for the assulat modes, SDAM vs RDAAM isn’t even a contest. Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode became a god and Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode became worse.

    now here’s something to think about: shooting star dragon vs. scar-red nova dragon. one increases its atk while the other increases its attacks.

  3. Why was this page made? Who plays red dragon anymore? Stardust is a staple. You shouldve used thought ruler instead.

  4. i am more of a red nova dragon fan. i just like his prehistorical pic more rather than shooting star dragon’s futuristic look. effect wise they are neck and neck but red nova beats out shooting star simply for his summoning conditions.

  5. they made thor and loki not divine beasts anymore and thankfully their effects didn’t change that much. loki is a dark spellcaster. thor is an earth beast warrior. and were wating for the change of odin.

  6. Dude in my opinion stardust dragon is better, it breaks your opponents game, they can’t dark hole you, bottomless you, unless divine wrath and solemn judgement

  7. they need to make a cost free monster version of solemn judgment. that would be awesome. when your opponent activates or summons anything you just (poof) it. and is it true that some monsters can be spell speed 3 like the fabled unicore? i think that may be the only spell speed 3 monster.

  8. nevermind. i know that speel speed 3 cards can only be counter traps. unicore’s effect is spell speed 3. i hope that card sees a lot of play. i would throw away my sdam for it.

  9. I’m guessing you already know now, but unicore’s effect isn’t spell speed 3. it’s a continuous effect so it has no spell speed.

  10. i was originally gonna say it doesn’t have a spell speed didn’t mean to put it as 3. me and my spelling and grammar errors.

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