Yugioh Road Warrior VS. Junk Destroyer

Both Road Warrior and Junk Destroyer are very power assets in Yusei Fudo’s junk deck. They’ve been used to defeat powerful opponents and they have a personal connection with Yusei as well (for they are part of the synchro-warrior archetype). Today, we’re going to see which of the two are more powerful.

yu-gi-oh-road-warriorRoad Warrior

With 3000 attack points, it might only seem like a stat powerhouse at first, but Road Warrior actually as a really good ability. You see, once per turn it allows the user to special summon one level two or lower machine/warrior monster on to the field. That’s a great effect because it allows you to swarm tuners! Road Warrior gives you a lot of opportunities to create more synchro monsters. It is a really powerful monster, and though it shouldn’t be your ace, its one heck of a good sidekick.

Artwork: 7/10, Effect: 8/10, Deck Adaptation: 5/10, Power: 9/10, Game Changer: 8/10, Playability: 7/10. Overall, Road Warrior receives a score of 7.3/10 – C.

yu-gi-oh-junk-destroyerJunk Destroyer

Junk Destroyer is a cool card. Not only is its design cool but it is another one of Junk Synchron’s  synchro transformations! Junk Destroyer was the card that helped Yusei beat Breo in the World Grand Prix as well. Junk Destroyer is a powerful 2600 attack point and 2500 defense point monster that can destroy cards in the field equivalent to the amount of non-tuners used to summon him. A pretty good effect if you have a deck with a high ratio of low-leveled monsters.

Artwork: 6/10, Effect: 7/10, Power: 8/10, Deck Adaptation: 5/10, Game Changer: 10/10, Playability: 7/10. Overall, Junk Destroyer gets a score off  7/10 – C-.

Alas, we have our winner for the day, Road Warrior! Their both great monsters but Road Warrior outs Junk Destroyer in terms of effect and power. Junk Destroyer’s effect can be a huge game changer however it is a bit difficult to tune numerous monsters and that’s why it got a deduction in the effect category.


  1. obviously you never heard of the tuningware-machine duplication combo if you think tuning numerous monsters is tough. I use both in my main deck and junk destroyer is way more helpful than road warrior, easily destroying 3 and sometimes even 4 cards when summoned. there aren’t too many helpful level 2 or lower warrior/machine type monsters for road warrior.

  2. I think Junk Destroyer should have more points in playability, deck adaptation, and effect. Road warrior should have less ”game changer” points

  3. guys in the set called extreme vicory which isnt going to be released anytime soon. the cover card will be junk berserker. which is from the junk series. i hope its good. though i was expecting a new upgraded version of stardust. i bet it will be a cosmic synchro. and i just have the feeling its going to be a lv 10 or a lv 12.

  4. Ive built an awesome destroyer deck. It’s super fun to use the machine dupe, de-synchro combo over and over again. I say destroyer is far better than the other. And I don’t think that attack nowadays means a whole lot. The game nowadays is about avoiding monsters. Destroyer does that

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