Yugioh Sakuretsu Armor and Magical Cylinder: Powerful Traps

This whole week, there’s been a huge discussion on which trap card is superior: the monster destroying, Sakuretsu Armor, or the damage-inflicting, Magical Cylinder. Here’s my opinion: there both very powerful cards and each one works great when used in different scenarios, however I still believe Magical Cylinder is better. It is a much better late-game card than Sakuretsu; what I mean by this is that, if you’re opponent is crushing you, you are better off getting a whack at their life points than destroying one of their monsters. That’s my viewpoint, what’s yours?


13 thoughts on “Yugioh Sakuretsu Armor and Magical Cylinder: Powerful Traps”

  1. I think everyone here has heard everyone else’s thoughts. all this does is the move the discussion from there to here.

  2. Yugioh blogger, do you think we can have a featured decklist discussion of people that tend to comment alot on your blog, like Nader or morfowt? Basically you make a page that in a discussion we analyze the posted deck of a person of your choice? It could be really beneficial to us players both whom you choose a deck for criticism and to hear what other people are playing and why.

  3. they are almost the same thing exept that magical cylinder is rarer and does damage to your opponent

  4. Yeah, there really isn’t much difference, except for the fact that you will be attack your opponents life points. But they would still both be excellent cards to have in your deck.

  5. Magic cylinder is not really a staple for every deck.

    1) It’s nonchainable

    2) It targets, making it easier to counter.

    3) Unless you’re targeting an ace monster, MC is not very likely to end the game.

  6. And some idiot told me that Sakuretsu armor was better than D-prison b/c it’s harder to counter. That’s completely untrue.

  7. i suppose situation-wise, D-prison is the better choice because keep in mind that it can remove cards like stardust dragon, furthermore, most decks revolve around re-borning form the graveyard. The only downfall to this card is that it would fuel a remove from play deck but the benefits obviously outweigh the cost.

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