Top 10 Synchros in Yugioh Part 1

I’ve done a bunch of top Yugioh monster lists, but not a top Yugioh synchro monster list, which is funny because they are possibly the most popular group of cards to ever be released in the whole Yugioh franchise!

I’ve done a bunch of top Yugioh monster lists, but not a top Yugioh synchro monster list, which is funny because they are possibly the most popular group of cards to ever be released in the whole Yugioh franchise! So, here is my top 10 list on the strongest synchro monsters (this list takes into consideration stats, effect, and how easy it is to play).

10. Zeman the Ape King

Despite its funny name, Zeman the Ape King is actually a good synchro to have in any extra deck. Why? Because no matter how face down spell/trap defenses your opponent has setup, Zeman the Ape King can penetrate through them all. Zeman has strong stats with 2500 attack and 1800 defense. It also has two wicked abilities, the first one being that when it attacks, your opponent cannot activate any spell or trap card after the damage step. This effect not only allows you to attack (with Zeman) with no risk, but it also negates a lot of cards. Suppose you’re opponent has a Magic Cylinder or a Sakuretsu Armor in store for you, well, if they are attacked by Zeman those cards would be useless since they can only be activated during the attack, not after. Zeman’s second effect is great too: by discarding or tributing one monster, Zeman can negate an attack. That effect could be huge in late-game situations!

9. Stardust Dragon

Stardust Dragon was a must on this list. This cool monster is a staple in a lot of extra decks because it has a perfect balance of defense and offense. Stardust Dragon has a good 2500 attack points and 2000 defense points. However, it’s Stardust Dragon’s effect that earns it a spot on the top ten list. Synchro summoning puts you in a field advantage in the sense that you have to give up at least two monsters for one. And who knows, perhaps your synchro monster will get with a Trap Hole or something of that sort. With Stardust Dragon, you don’t need to worry about it being destroyed by an effect because at its own cost, it negates and destroys any card that destroys another card through its effect. Plus, if Stardust Dragon is destroyed through its own effect, it comes back at the turn’s end phase! The only negative aspect about Stardust Dragon is that its effect is only limited to cards that destroy.

8. Turbo Warrior

One can make the argument that Turbo Warrior is quite possibly Yusei’s best synchro monster. Turbo Warrior has good stats with 2500 attack points and 1500 defense points, but it is its effect that makes it tough to beat. Whenever Turbo Warrior battles with a level six or greater synchro monster, the synchro monster’s attack points are halved, which means VERY few synchro monsters can defeat this warrior! Turbo Warrior cannot be targeted by the effects level six or lower monsters as well! It is a great defensive card to have and can be tough to bring down especially because duelists these days use a lot of powerful (and high leveled) synchro monsters.,

7. Dark Strike Fighter

Dark Fighter is immensely powerful in a dark deck, and especially if Dark Armed Dragon is in it. However, by itself, Dark Strike Fighter is not nearly as good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great card to have in any deck though. Anytime you can inflict battle damage at will like Dark Strike Fighter lets you do, you know you have a strong fighter. Dark Strike Fighter is an easy to summon, level seven synchro with 2600 attack points and a stellar effect: you can tribute one monster to inflict damage equal to the monster’s level multiplied by 200. If you play Dark Strike Fighter on a swarm deck, you can inflict damage left and right!

6. Thought Ruler Archfiend

Thought Ruler Archfiend easily comes in the top 5 Psychic monsters list and it should come in every top 10 synchro monster list as well. This powerful creature has 2700 attack points and 2300 defense points. Plus it is an amazing effect! Thought Ruler Archfiend destroys a monster, you gain life points equal to that monster’s attack! Also, you can pay 1000 life points to negate the activation of a spell or trap card that targets a Psychic monster and destroy it. The second effect might seem okay (1000 life points is a lot right?), well, not really due to Thought Ruler’s first effect. It is a great card to have in every Psychic deck and meshes well with fairy/heal decks as well!

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Synchros in Yugioh Part 1”

  1. pretty sure powertool dragon wont make the list even though he has an awesome effect. His effect lets you search your deck for 3 equip cards and let opponent choose one at random. Plus if you add 3 double tool C & D’s to your deck, then your guranteed to get one,it gains 1000 when it attacks and monster effects cant be activated during damage calculation!!! also, any monster that battles powertool when equipped with this card is automatically destroyed after damage calculation. also, powertool dragon can stay on the field if he were to be destroyed by destroying a card that was equipped to him, but not a problem because you can search your deck for another every round!

  2. why do you need a dark deck for dark strike fighter?

    and how is it not good by itself? if you tribute itself, that’s already 1400 damage.

  3. morfowt, I never said Dark Strike Fighter was bad by itself, I said it’s not nearly as good when its not with DAD (which also why Dark Strike Fighter is banned, because people were over-using DSF-DAD combos) but its still a great card to have in any deck. If it wasn’t good by itself, it wouldn’t be on the list!

  4. Goyo guardian pwns them and all other synchro monsters. Not to mention, it can defeat almost any synchro monster by battle, and you know what happens when goyo guardian destroys a monster by battle.

  5. no, goyo guardian does not pwn all other synchro monsters. it does not pwn road warrior, nor nitro warrior, nor colossal fighter, nor turbo warrior, nor ally of justice catastor, nor naturia leodrake, nor mist valley thunderlord, nor red dragon archfiend, nor shooting star dragon, nor red nova dragon, nor majestic star dragon, nor majestic red dragon, nor ancient fairy dragon (if in defense position) nor black-winged dragon, nor xx-saber gottoms, nor hyper psychic blaster, and the list goes on and on.

    goyo guardian’s effect doesn’t always activate when it destroys a monster either. the destroyed monster needs to be sent to the grave. it won’t work on crystal beasts nor quillbolt hedgehog/plaguespreader zombie/battle fader (after using their effects) and won’t work at all with macro cosmos on the field.

  6. @nader

    I meant most synchro monsters.

    And if you think about it, goyo guardian is better than stardust dragon due to its power, effect, and how easy it is to summon. Any player with common sense knows that level 6 synchro monsters are generally the easiest synchro monsters to summon.

  7. maybe even lv 4 or 5 synchros. and to be honest, the only good level 7 synchro is black rose dragon. most level 7s arent that great.

  8. @nader

    Its ironic how level 7 synchros are not very useful, because its the exact opposite for rank 7 Xyz monsters, they are arguably the best Xyzs monsters out there. Big Eye is equivalent to 2 permanent change of hearts, except it cannot attack when it activates. And there’s another rank 7 that’s even more broken than that.

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