Who is the Worst Duelist In the Yugioh Anime?

The main message throughout the three seasons of Yugioh (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugioh GX, and Yugioh 5Ds), we have continuously been reminded that the key to victory is believing in the “heart of the cards.” Though that ideal would be completely useless in the real world, it seems to work for duelists in the anime, notably Yugi/Atem, Jaden, and Yussei, which is why those three are the best duelists in the anime. Obviously, there are strong duelists as well: Joey, Kaiba, Chazz, Syrus, Crow, Jack, etc… and to some extent, the “heart of the cards” ideal works for them too. Then we have the crappy duelists, protagonist characters characters that are affected by the HOTC ideal, but still are terrible duelists: Duke Devlin, Alexis, Leo, etc…

The best part about Yugioh is when you see strong duelists beat difficult adversities and as a result, you are overcome by sudden happiness and inspiration. Of course, seeing duelists get destroyed in a duel(s) is another great part Yugioh, for that brings the humorous aspect to the show, which gets me to my point. In your guys’ opinion, who is that one duelist that you feel great pleasure in seeing lose? That one duelist that you feel doesn’t even deserve to be called  a duelist? In short, who is the worst duelist in Yugioh? For me, the answer is Leo, what about you guys (note: this has to be a legit duelist, Tea for example, doesn’t count as she isn’t a pure duelist)?


  1. I LOVE to see yusei lose more duels. not that i dont like him, i actually do like him, but most of his victories are based more on some cheap random cards he pulled from his deck, sorta like a miracle thing.

    Yusei: “Hey wait a minute, why am i not drawing the cards i want? I’m supposed to win this duel, the writers told me too.”

    Me: “I felt like using convulsion of nature.”

  2. I’ll beat any of the main characters by my death look! Once I look into there eyes deeply, they lost already. I’m like medusa and I control people’s minds (wait that doesnt make sense)! That thing about yusei pulling cards from nowhere is true! That’s why i was mentioning convulsion of nature. He almost knows where every card is in his deck!

    Option 2: I put a Kim Kardashian poster attached to the back of my deck so they loose focus on dueling. I’m not sure if Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei know Kim cause she’s real and there fake.

  3. lol you dont know who kim kardashian is? dont worry your not the only one. She’s a celebrity, model, and actress. She has several shows and makes some fragrances. She’s beautiful.

  4. First of all in the tough duelists, you forgot Akiza. Best deck out of the charters. I run plants and FLOG blackwings, eheros, morphtronics, machines and stuff like that everyday.
    Back on topic, Leo is abosloutlry terrible!

  5. Harsh. So Leo is a bit… win challenged. I don’t take pleasure in seeing him lose. Duke is easily the worst

  6. @audiosurfer

    He just annoys me so much! Talking really big, but not being able to back it up! Duke was the same way when he first appeared on the show too, thinking he was such a big shot at Dungeon Dice Monsters.

  7. well I prefer that arrogance to the other end of the spectrum where the characters have so little self-confidence and think they can’t do anything.

  8. oh I like seeing people lose confidence and win as well.

    what I meant was I hate people who put themselves down and lose.

  9. yeah, players should be confident first of all otherwise they would likely mess up more. yugiohblogger, lol i know if aporia loses the world might end!

  10. so basically the world is doomed either way. because if aporia loses, that means rua won and the world would end. and if aporia won, that means the gear wasn’t stopped and the world is doomed. that’s nice to know. now excuse me while I go live like there’s no tomorrow. lol.

  11. haha but still, imagining leo winning over aporia? after aporia loses he might commit suicide because he feels so embarrased to lose to a kid.

  12. random, but am i the only one who thinks that imperial order should come back? think about, it negates both your opponents and YOUR OWN spells, which is a drawback. You have to set it before you activate it, which means that your opponent can just easily destroy it with any monster, spell, or trap card. it costs 700 lp per turn (even though that is not huge, it would have been better if it was cost free otherwise it would be destroyed). since it only effects spells, your opponent can just use a monster to pop it or use a trap against it. See what im saying?

  13. the reason it’s banned is because of its 700 lifepoint maintenance cost. when you activate a spell, your opponent can activate imperial order to negate it. then when it comes to their turn, they can just choose not to pay the cost and destroy it, allowing them to use spell cards. So it’s not really a card that affects both players.

  14. hmm that actually makes sense to me. i was just wondering though, if it were at 1 would people live with it and it wouldn’t wreck formats? Cause i think we can handle IO at 1.

  15. a beast guy cannot lose to a small kid who only won like 2 duels. Funnier thing is that Luna has never won a duel by herself (i think). the writers would make a big mistake if leo won all by himself.

  16. @victor-Dartz would be the best duelist if at least HAFF THE CARDS IN HIS DECK WERE REAL!

    also, I don’t know if anyone agrees with me, but I think Jaden is, proportionally, the worst duelist in the anime. Oh sure, E-heroes are a decent archetype, but I hate it how he always draws the right cards or wins with imaginary cards, like sabatiel the philosopher’s stone. (although it would be so awesome if it existed 🙂

  17. @Random

    Haha, Sabatiel is ultra-broken, and so are all of the non-real cards in Dartz deck. I agree with you when you say Jaden is the worst duelist, but I think you can say the same thing for Atem and Yusei. They all get so lucky on their draws it’s annoying!

  18. @randomperson

    Saying Dartz has some unrealistic cards? Guess what?!! So do many other players such as Yami Marik (Vampiric Leech…) and Kaiba (mirror force dragon…)

  19. I make character decks putting the exactly cards they use but also all their cards were never made but looking at heir decks i would have to say Ruka her deck doesnt have much of a high a defense and a prettyl low offense but i like her deck. Then there’s rex raptor and weevil underwood kinda he has more strategy but once its broken hes screwed.

  20. I think Bakura is the worst Duelist i mean he only actually had that one good duel and he lost.

  21. leo dos not suck with him jack luna wood lsot to aprioa jack him slef said you guys nee d leo deck ni seaosn4 he become sigenr he dont suck laser sucks he works for good win eh the wose dose ever

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