Yugioh Obelisk the Tormentor VS. The Winged Dragon of Ra

The ultimate battle of the celestial realm; Obelisk the Tormentor VS. The Winged Dragon of Ra! The two cards became so popular (despite being unusable) that they were turned into legal, deadly monsters. They won’t be a part of high-tiered decks, but they can still be mighty powerful if played. Which one is the mightiest however? Which God provides the easiest victory? Let us commence the War of Heaven! (Note: Slifer the Sky Dragon has not been released as a legal card, otherwise we would be comparing it as well!).

yu-gi-oh-winged-dragon-of-ra1. Winged Dragon of Ra

The Winged Dragon of Ra is supposed to be the strongest God card in the anime, but in real life that is not the case. You have to pay all your life points up to 100 points and the Winged Dragon of Ra gains attack and defense points equal to the amount you paid. Sure it might become extremely strong, but it’s effect will you at a huge risk as well (unless you play a heal deck that is). You can pay 1000 life points to destroy a monster the field (which is pointless if you have already used The Winged Dragon of Ra’s first effect). Ra is a cool looking monster and everything, but it’s not a card that most decks should have.

Artwork: 9/10, Effect: 3/10, Power: 10/10, Deck Adaptation: 8/10, Game Changer: 5/10, Playability, 7/10. Ra gets an overall score of 7/10 – C-.

yu-gi-oh-obelisk-the-tormentor12. Obelisk the Tormentor

Obelisk the Tormentor isn’t as dominant in real life than it is in the anime as well. However, it is still a pretty solid monster. Obelisk the Tormentor cannot be targeted by effects and by tributing two monsters, it can destroy all monsters your opponent controls (Obelisk cannot attack this turn). Not as good as its anime effect (gain the combined attack points of the two monsters but still a great effect if you play a swarm deck.

Artwork: 6/10, Effect: 8/10,  Power: 10/10, Deck Adaptation: 9/10, Game Changer: 9/10, Playability: 7/10. Obelisk gets an overall score of 8.3 – B.

Obelisk is the winner of the battle between the celestial beasts (and for quite obvious reasons)!


  1. morfowt says:

    actually, no you don’t HAVE to pay all but 100 of your life points. that’s optional. you can keep ra at 0 life points if you want.

  2. morfowt says:

    whoops. meant 0 atk points.

  3. Well, that’s pointless since it’s just gonna be destroyed. But you’re right, technically you don’t have to give Ra any stats.

  4. morfowt says:

    you could say the same thing about snipe hunter or stardust dragon (2500 atk is pretty low compared to other monsters that can be instantly special summoned) or the entire watt archetype.

  5. nader says:

    top 10 synchros post soon!

  6. nader says:

    i can’t stand that white background in obelisk’s artwork.

  7. Jon says:

    Have to say that Obelisk wins out in all areas except for artwork. The pose is so bland and Ra’s artwork is just awesome. Obelisk is good in a swarm deck, I know because I’ve used him in a Blackwing deck before

  8. Troza says:

    The Winged Dragon of Ra looks like an egipician fraud… The art is awesome but all the other things are horrible.

    Obelisk… I think it is really good as it makes all spell, all traps and all effect monsters useless :) And it is very hard to destroy this beast :D

  9. koko4163 says:

    actully if your lucky and yu draw a card or three or two that can be special summoned on the first turn wdor and a card that does damage to your opponent directly wdor is perfect to have p.s. I got the exact wdor yesterday in Shonen Jump

  10. koko4163 says:

    of course it highly unlikly

  11. joel says:

    oblist would win because he looks awsome

  12. Yugioh says:

    Obelisk the tormentor simply owns. Its effect is simply amazing, and can easily wipe out any deck…if it could be used.

  13. Morphtronic Master says:

    I have both of these from shonen jump magazine, and ra’s effect was way under rated!!! by simply paying 4000 you arent at a risk, have a powerful monster, and it cant be destroyed, its also as strong as obelisk by paying 4000 or even stronger by paying 4100, not only that, but obelisk effect cant destroy ra because he cant be targeted by monster effects, i think ra is our obvious winner, ts helped me more than obelisk.

  14. Yes, Obelisk is a phenomenal card indeed!

  15. Uh, it’s Obelisk that can’t be destroyed by card effects. Also, you cannot pay a certain amount of life points, you have to pay all but 100 life points.

  16. Well, actually Obelisk can be destroyed by card effects, but it cannot be targeted by them.

  17. nader says:

    hmm of most of spell negation cards which out of the 4 you like most?
    Magic Drain
    Magic Jammer
    Spell Shield Type 8
    Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell

  18. morfowt says:

    magic jammer. because least situational cost.

    magic drain has a chance to be negated by your opponent which is never good

    spell shield type 8 isn’t bad but for it’s magic jammer effect, you need to discard a spell card, instead of just any card like magic jammer

    and cursed seal of the forbidden spell would be better except it’s cost is also a spell card instead of any card.

  19. nader says:

    cursed seal is better for the side deck. it can punish themed decks like a legendary ocean and earthbound immortals.

    i actually prefer magic drain over magic jammer cause it’s cost free, yes your opponent can discard a spell but what if that spell was very important to them and their only spell?

  20. morfowt says:

    nah, I think the spell they just played would be even more important to get rid of than one in their hand, or else i wouldn’t waste a magic drain (or any spell negater) on it. I’d wait until they played that spell and then negate it.

  21. nader says:

    yeah i agree on that.

  22. Victor says:

    In the anime, the winged dragon of ra is the most powerful of the three (although it still pales in comparison to wicked avatar).

    However, in real life, both legal cards were downgraded. Obelisk the tormentor remains very powerful if summoned on the field due to its effect resistance effect and power, but the winged dragon of ra is just retarded.

  23. nader says:

    why are you so in loved with those cards? do you put them under your pillow when you sleep? haha

  24. Victor says:

    The wicked gods are better.

  25. André Saraiva says:

    The Obelisk effect prevents the activation of spell, magic and effect monsters when he is normal summoned only for that turn of for the rest of the time he stays in the match?

  26. hahaha says:

    hahaha i dont know about you gys but when slither comes out itl kick ra and obalisks ass

  27. randy2033 says:

    lol. whoever has that blog is biiig nooob. i read some articles and i cant believe what r u writing? i believe that u r a 16 y.o child who has nothing to do except staying all day at his pc and never goes out.

    P.S How the hell can RA have palyability 7 and Obelisk 8 when they both R summoned the same way?

  28. @randy

    First of all, improve your grammar. Second of all, I made a mistake because I’m a human and unlike you, Yugioh isn’t the only thing that occupies my mind to the extent that I’m obsessed with it. Third of all, if I’m such a noob, why do I get 800+ viewers everyday on this blog? And why are you commenting on the blog if you think it’s noobish? It just makes you look stupider than you already are.

  29. nader says:

    beware yb, sometimes you have to deal with some immature people on here. Don’t listen to what randy is saying.

  30. randy2033 says:


    yeah sure whatever man… look at this http://yugiohblog.com/2010/11/yugioh-sakuretsu-armor-and-magical-cylinder-powerful-traps.html and show me one competitive deck from a ycs or nationals which was running one of this “powerful” traps…sakuretsu armor is long replaced by d-prison and magic cylinder is a useless card. nobody runs them. and look here http://yugiohblog.com/2010/05/cards-everyone-should-have-in-a-deck.html/comment-page-3#comment-5090 and tell me who has those cards in his deck? excluding mirror force all the others are not staples and some of them are useless cards. nobody runs them in his deck. i cant believe you write THAT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THEM IN HIS DECK. THIS IS LMAO….

    P.S i know i have to improve my grammar. you have to improve your yugioh knowledge…

  31. @randy

    Randy, the reason I wrote the post about Sakuretsu Armor and Magic Cylinder was because there was an argument within the blog as to which is better. I wrote that post in order to cease the argument. I know Sakuretsu has long been obsolete. The ‘Cards Everyone Should Have’ was just my opinion.

  32. nader says:

    how is mc useless?

  33. wingeddragonofra says:

    For winged dragon of ra it says that when this card is normal summoned magic, traps and other monsters effects cannot be activated. Does this mean you cant use magic traps and effect monsters for this first turn, or for the whole duel? Can ra be destroyed on the first turn, like when he attacks can my opponet use sakurestu armor, and he will be destroyed?

  34. @winged

    That turn only!

  35. Victor says:

    quote = nader
    which out of the 4 you like most?
    Magic Drain
    Magic Jammer
    Spell Shield Type 8
    Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell

    Magic drain, hands down. By the time you set it on the field, the opponent will not have many cards in his hand, let alone have a spell card that’s worse than the spell card played. Besides, you can say “Oh, is that the only spell you’ve got against me right now?” and your opponent will not know your intentions.

    Magic jammer is good in zombie or infernity or graveyard reliant decks, or hands w/ high level monsters.

    Cursed seal of the forbidden spell should never be used against the wrong deck.

    Spell shield type 8 is versatile, and ~half of all card removal spells target, but this card ranks low still.

  36. Victor says:

    @ winged dragon of ra

    When he’s SUMMONED!!! So you can’t use bottomless trap hole against him. However, once your opponent enters the battle phase for that turn, you can activate spells, traps, and effects starting there.

  37. nader says:

    we need better spell negating cards.

  38. @Victor

    Totally agree.

  39. Victor says:

    Which of the 3 trap negating cards is the best:

    Trap jammer
    Trap stun
    SEven tools of the bandit
    Royal decree

  40. nader says:

    well trap stun and royal decree are the best, but i would say that trap jammer is the worst of them. not the worst counter trap though. the worst counter trap would be riryoku field.

  41. @Victor

    It depends on type of deck you run. If you run a trap-heavy deck, Royal Decree and Trap Stun would be terrible. Otherwise, they’d definitely be the best.

  42. Victor says:

    To all dragon deck owners:

    Use 2 RED EYEs darkness metal dragons, not 3!!

  43. nader says:


  44. Victor says:

    I said if you run a dragon deck, use 2 red eyes darkness metal dragons, not 3. It may sound stupid, but trust me, it works.

  45. @Victor

    How come?

  46. nader says:

    i always found ra’s legal effect so pointless and stupid. they always have a problem of over nerfing cards.

  47. Victor says:


    The second effect of ra is absolutely useless, unless you use it during the same main phase he is summoned, if that’s legal.

    and @yugiohblogger

    Think about it. Why is red eyes darkness metal dragon unlimited despite being a super awesome card in dragon decks? Because it’s not wise to run 3 in a deck. Run 2 to increase your chances of drawing REDMD, but if you add a third one, it will reduce the effectiveness of REDMD’s effect by 2 dragons…

    Because not only is REDMD unable to summon another REDMD, but summoning REDMD requires REMOVING FROM PLAY 1 dragon monster. Even discarding REDMD to the graveyard w/ effects such as future fusion is a losing proportion. Why send 2 or 3 REDMD to the graveyard when you can, in most cases, revive only 1 of them (Monster Reborn/Call of the haunted)?

  48. omar says:

    I think that obelisk the tormenter will win.

  49. jkjinjh,kjhl says:

    i think the winged dragon of ra would win

  50. iggy sent me says:

    Ra’s only good of you combo it with something, and there are several ways. Lifegain is the obvious one, and there are some things you can do with it to really screw the opponent over. For example, you’re at full (or higher) health and you summon Ra and pay all your lifepoints. Then, when it attacks, activate Enchanted Javelin to get all of your lifepoints back, and you can still use it’s second effect then to clear the field and perform an OTK if your lifepoints started above max. Or, use Life Absorption Machine, preferably 2 or 3 of them. If you have 2, you get all your points back, and if you have 3 you have 50% more points with a monster of incredible power. Use cards like Trap Stun or Royal Decree to stop the opponent from doing mean things. Summon it by tributing Hardened Armed Dragon, making it indestructible to card effects, and giving you a monster that is nearly invincible. But beware of remove from play and return to the hand effects. A deck built around Ra can wipe the opponent out pretty easily.

  51. yugimon says:

    Ra sucks. I traded dark strike fighter for it.

  52. @yugimon

    Well compared to Dark Strike Fighter, of course Ra sucks! That’s a great trae for you.

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