Life Stream Dragon – The Sixth Dragon

For all of you guys who follow Yugioh 5Ds, be prepared to be shocked because tomorrow, on episode 143, the dragon we have all been anticipating to see will be revealed: Life Stream Dragon! Before Crow was revealed to be signer and Black Wing Dragon was revealed to be the “fifth dragon,” Life Stream Dragon had produced many cults because everyone that it was the fifth dragon, and due to its resemblance with Power Tool Dragon, they thought Leo was the fifth signer. Well, their guesses proved to be true as Leo is the sixth signer and bears the heart of the Crimson Dragon.

In the anime, Life Stream Dragon is created when the Crimson Dragon gives Leo the power to evolve Power Tool Dragon, however, what do you think its summoning conditions will be in the actual Yugioh card game? My guess is there’s going to be card called “Ancient Evolution” or something along the lines of that, which allows you to sync Power Tool Dragon and any tuner to synchro summon Life Stream Dragon. Based on its name, I suspect Life Stream Dragon is going to have an awesome life point regeneration effect, probably something along the lines of when this monster is synchro summoned, the user gains life points equal to the attack points of the strongest monster on your opponent’s side of the field. When this monster destroys an opposing monster, your opponent loses life points equal to half the destroyed monster’s attack points and you gain those life points.

I was actually pretty surprised to hear Leo was a signer because in the anime, the legend says that there were only five signers. Maybe Leo and Luna count as one signer, who knows? Another question that’s nagging my mind about Life Stream Dragon is, after it fought with the Earthbound Gods, how did it become mechanical (Power Tool Dragon)? Hopefully those questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. Either way, Life Stream Dragon is going to be one heck of a monster!


  1. life stream dragon’s effects: negate all effect damage. when this card is synchro summoned, your life points can become 2000. (not exact words, but what I figured from watching the episode)

    and I’m thinking its summoning conditions will be like any of the other dragons: 1 tuner + 1 or more non-tuners. at the very least, 1 tuner + power tool dragon.

  2. actually that is life stream’s dragon effect. i actually expected to have huge life point gaining and maybe some card protection.

  3. @nader

    I just wished it increased your life points by the a certain amount. If you have less than 2000 life points, going back up to 2000 doesn’t really help your situation… However, LSD’s (haha) other effect, to negate effect damage, is AWESOME!

  4. @morfowt

    Aww man it’s going to be extremely hard to summon LSD! Your going to need a lot of level one tuners or level controlling cards like Legendary Ocean to compensate a LSD deck.

  5. hard? you realize how many level 1 tuners there are? effect veiler, spore, changer synchron, flamvell guard, and best of all, glow-up bulb… you’d already have level 1 tuners if your deck for summoning formula synchron (which most decks have). using one of them for life stream dragon does not make any difference except for creating space in your extra deck for power tool dragon and life stream dragon.

  6. 1 Tuner + “Power Tool Dragon”
    When this card is Synchro Summoned, if you have less than 4000 Life Points, your Life Points become 4000. Any effect damage you would take becomes 0. If this face-up card would be destroyed by your opponent’s card (either by battle or by card effect), you can remove from play 1 Equip Spell Card in your Graveyard instead.

  7. konami actually made it better for once in a lifetime. cause konami mostly makes good cards from the anime useless in real life.

  8. Does anyone besides me think that this is a card which decks are going to be made from?

  9. in my opinion,it will be part of the morphmatronic/equipt decks….i run blkwings,GK’s,morphmatronics,draguniuties,and phychics……..

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