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Yugioh Cards Blog has many top 10 posts; I find top 10 posts are really cool because it not only helps people on that subject but describes the person writing it as well. That’s why, to start off 2011, I decided to have a Top 10 contest! It’s actually a pretty simple contest; all you have to do is choose a subject and make a top 10 list out of it. Your subject can be anything: normal monsters, OTK decks, counter traps, Frog archetype monsters, etc… Your list will be judged on these criteria:

Actuality (if Thousand-Eyes Idol is number in a Top 10 Monsters list, then something is wrong…)
Explanation (you’re explanation should be fluid and it should make me understand why you think this card deserves to be on the list)
Grammar (self-explanatory)
Creativeness (don’t just make a Top 10 Spells list, or a Top 10 Monsters list, be creative with your subject! How about a Top 10 Cards in Jaden’s Deck or something like that? Be creative!)
I can’t wait to see what kind of lists people come up with! The winner will be announced on Jan.30, good luck!

Yugioh Cards Blog has many top 10 posts; I find top 10 posts are really cool because it not only helps people on that subject but describes the person writing it as well. That’s why, to start off 2011, I decided to have a Top 10 contest! It’s actually a pretty simple contest; all you have to do is choose a subject and make a top 10 list out of it. Your subject can be anything: normal monsters, OTK decks, counter traps, Frog archetype monsters, etc… Your list will be judged on these criteria:

  • Actuality (if Thousand-Eyes Idol is even in a Top 10 Monsters list, then something is wrong…)
  • Explanation (you’re explanation should be fluid and it should make me understand why you think this card deserves to be on the list)
  • Grammar (self-explanatory)
  • Creativeness (don’t just make a  Top 10 Spells list, or a Top 10 Monsters list, be creative with your subject! How about a Top 10 Cards in Jaden’s Deck or something like that? Be creative!)

I can’t wait to see what kind of lists people come up with! The winner will be announced on Jan.30, good luck!

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  1. i have yet to choose either top 10 cards you should never run in a deck or top 10 most rediculously overpowered cards in all of yugioh, the anime, and in the manga.

  2. relax yugiohblogger; I’m almost done with mine. it’s not exactly easy and schoolwork doesn’t help…

  3. I’m doing top ten most underrated archtypes. It has their strengths and weaknesses. Do i post it has a comment?

  4. So i post it? Well this will be a big post.

    Top Ten Most Underrated Archtypes.
    10. Watts.
    Watts are quite powerful, have decent effects, some are offensive(Chimera, Pheasant), some defensive(Lemur) and some to cause minor lockdowns(Hopper.)

    Weakness: Low ATK/DEF, so skill drain kills a watt deck. FAST.

    9. Darkworld.
    Darkworld were powerful. Especially against decks that discard. Here, they would destroy, swarm and swarm. An extremely powerful archtype, but very under credited.

    Weakness: Besides discarding advantages, they can’t do much.

    8. Cloudian
    The little clouds are often overlooked. When used properly they hard to get. And can be quite powerful. Can use quite a bit of water and fairy support to boost this deck’s power.

    Weakness: Requires much skill to use, and without cards like Sanctuary in the Sky, you can easily lose. They mostly can’t be destroyed by battle, but have low ATK and destroy
    Themselves if they are in face up defense position.

    An Inferninty deck relies on having no cards in their hand. Phantom hand can realy help this deck. A well used Inferninty deck can be very hard to get round. Inferninty Doom Dragon adds A LOT of power.

    Weakness: An Infernity can’t do much without Phantom Hand. Cards like Gift of Greed,
    Brinonac, Bistro Butcher etc, can cause problems for this deck.

    6. Koaki Meriu.
    Widely overlooked, Koaki Meriu is a great anti meta deck. Decent destruction, negation and to a mild extent swarm. They are hard to get round if they are used properly. They
    Can destroy light and dark decks with cards like Core Blaster, Drago, etc. This is helpful
    as Lightsworn, Blackwing, Twilight and Twilightwings are very popular at the moment.

    Weakness: Although has effects to destroy light and dark monsters, Blackwings and Lightsworn are extremely fast and destructive. In order for
    a Koaki Meriu deck to win, it needs to be fast. The other weakness is this deck’s reliance
    on Iron Core of Koaki Meriu.

    5. Ojamas
    Ojamas are often weak in ATK, low level and (mostly) normal monsters. But cards like Ojama Country, Ojama Delta Hurricane, Honest, Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest, etc, boost this deck, and make it quite powerful and hard to beat. Powerful fusions add to
    this deck. Ojamas, if used properly are a force to be reckoned with.

    Weakness: Needs decent defense seeming as it relies heavily on defense, support and often offence. The deck turns defense into offence, but can be stopped fairly early if not used properly.

    4. Ice Barrier.
    Ice Barrier has extremely useable synchros, but the archtype itself is often ignored.
    An Ice barrier uses cards that boost/use field advantage. Cards like Nubbing Grub
    can stop an opponent summoning for some stalling, Blizzed can add some draw power,
    Dai-sojo protects them from Spell and Traps, Pilgrim can stall, Medium limits
    your opponent’s spell and traps, and (as long as they control 4 or more cards than
    you, it can special summon itself).

    Weakness: Ice Barriers are powerful, but rely on the opponent’s field a lot. If they
    control more unless you can pull a synchro or Medium, you have to clear their field.
    With out field advantage(and sometimes hand advantage) you may be in a tough postion.
    Some Ice Barriers require discard costs, but salvage fixes that.

    3. Naturia
    Naturias focus on locking your opponent down. Negation and limitation a common strategies for a Naturia deck. They quickly create a lock(Mosquito + beans). They
    use an opponents strategy against them. Naturias quickly challenge the opponent
    to think every move through. Lockdowns, negation, and passing damage are
    common use of a naturia deck.

    Weakness: Skill drain. While a decent Naturia deck could negate it(Dark bribe
    Extiro’s fang, Seven tools etc) if Skill Drain is on the field to long, a naturia
    lock could lose you the game. Easily..

    Worms rely on flip effects. Worms are mostly Light monsters. They have probably
    have the most powerful flip effects in yugioh. Worm Victory adds some destruction,
    Worm Call adds some help in an emergency. Book of Moon can re-use flip effects,
    but some worms manage to do that themselves. Worms can create a win if used well.

    Weakness: Because all Worms are Flip effects, cards such as Ally of Justice Reverse
    Break and Mystic Swordsman can cause problems for worms.

    Frogs may seem weak, but(even without Substitoad) can easily create an OTK.
    Wetlands adds power to this deck, along with Solidarity and Star boy. They
    can use cards such as Treeborn Frog, Ronintoadin and Fishborg Blaster as tribute fodders.
    As powerful as they are, Frogs are sadly overlooked.

    Weakness: Overworked kills almost any frog that has gained ATK from the mentioned cards. Removal decks can stop the graveyard revival, as well as the dupe frog loop.
    Skill drain may cause some problems, but not as much as the above cards..

  5. Top 10 shouldn’t be banned cards!
    1. Heavy Storm
    Okay, sure Konami has banned it as of September 2010 but let’s face it, there are tonnes of cards that can counter this spell card. For instance, magic drain, magic jammer, stardust dragon, horus the black flame lv8 and more. So, what’s the point? I think it will be wiser to ban cold wave as it totally prohibits the activation of spell and trap until the end of your 2nd end phase. Now that’s wicked.

    2. Substitoad
    From my observation, substitoad is generally run in a monarch deck and that’s about it. Just look at the current format, there are so many decks out there that can easily overwhelm the monarchs and six samurai being one of them. Banning it is just for the sake of reducing the number of toads I think (ronintoadin being the other toad).

    3. Fiber Jar
    Honestly, I don’t even see the need of banning this card. Okay, it may change the whole tide of the game but I, personally like to play another round with my opponent especially if I am in the middle of whooping his ass!

    4. Crush Card Virus
    I just miss the good old days when people would chain virus to a card that is about to get destroyed and the startled reaction like, “Oh dang, this isn’t looking good!”. Yeah, it’s a bit overpowered but there are also cards that can counter it (royal decree, mask of restrict, jinzo etc) and your chance of drawing it is like, say 1/40?

    5. Sinister Serpent
    No offense but this card seriously doesn’t belong here since it’s effect doesn’t facilitate a perfect loop (e.g 2 night assailant). It can be good as a cost for discarding effects but that’s about it. Guess Konami doesn’t review their banlist much.

    6. Pot of Greed
    Well, we have a lot of draw engines nowadays (advance draw, allure of darkness and the overpriced pot of duality) but nothing beat old pioneer pot of greed. Since we have tonnes of draw engines and pot of greed isn’t such a threat anymore, I don’t see why it should remained banned.

    7. Graceful Charity
    When dark world deck was in full glory, this card was indeed a very formidable force but now with so many cards that can lock down that deck (archlord kristia etc), this card should be released back into the limited area. Sure you get to draw three cards but you are required to discard two which is quite a heavy cost to me.

    8. Magician of Faith
    The reason why this card shouldn’t be banned is quite childish. Mask of darkness needs his partner back. When you can retrieve a trap for free, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do the same with magic. Plus, there are so many cards that can hinder the activation of flip effect cards (nobleman of crossout, master hyperion, dark armed dragon, light and darkness dragon etc) that this monsters don’t have the field advantage as before.

    9. Brain Control
    From my perspective, this card is not all that powerful. You need to pay 800 life points to take control of 1 face up monster your opponent controls. Most of the time, if you have this card in the early game, it can generate some field advantage for you but as the game drags on, you will find that brain control is not that usable in the late games. Thus, brain control should not be banned as its potential is severely crippled in the late game.

    10. Premature Burial
    Just to complete the three revival cards often used by Yugi, Kaiba and Joey now that monster reborn has been made limited. This card is still very devastating if combined with spell economics and brionac, giving you a good constant revival. However, with the banning of card of safe return and destiny hero disk commander, this loop is not that frightening anymore. Hence, Konami should consider letting it into the limited list.

  6. Oh how i wish Substitoad was unbanned.
    And yeah, thinking about it, Inferninty aren’t so underrated, but in my opinion, they don’t get as much credit as they should.

  7. uh, disagree. brain control is most deadly in late game, where your opponent most likely only has one monster left on the field, and few, if any set cards to counter the aftereffect of brain control. you play brain control early, you just do some considerable damage. playing it late game, could win you the game that turn, or if not, then next turn.

    the reason magician of faith is still banned but mask of darkness is in three is because traps are much easier to stop. with spells, you not only have to destroy them, you also have to negate their activation. with traps, you can just destroy them the turn they’re set (assuming they don’t have an activation requirement), and there are hundreds of cards that can destroy. there are only a handful that can negate the activation or effect.

    discarding 2 is not a heavy cost. quite the opposite, it’s a benefit since so many decks use the graveyard now: quickdraw variants, infernities, salvo decks, lightsworns… even old decks like spellcasters can rely on the graveyard heavily. The hand can only hold 6 cards max, placing cards on the field has a limit, it’s hard to retrieve cards when they’re removed from play, and some cards just can’t be searched in the deck. Placing cards in the graveyard and using one of many cards to retrieve them is the easiest way to make a (reverse) toolbox. That’s why foolish burial was limited. plus, unlike hand destruction, you lose no hand advantage (graceful is a +0. hand destruction is a -1) and the 2 cards sent to the graveyard can include cards you didn’t want to draw (because with graceful, you draw first, then discard. with hand destruction, you discard then draw).

    pot of greed is splashable in any deck, you can use it anytime (because it has no cost, no activation requirements), and is a +1 no matter what. it couldn’t get much more broken.

    I don’t really know how the frog ftk works so I can’t vouch for substitoad, but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with monarchs…

    don’t entirely disagree with sinister serpent, but it can be used for other than discards. you can use it as a free tribute if it survives, or even as a continuous wall for one of your opponent’s monster’s attacks.


    naturias aren’t underrated at all. if anything, people are still wondering what they’re like since they’re a new archetype. most people who know what naturias are like, know that they’re a very powerful archetype, especially naturia bamboo shoot, one of very few cards that can completely stop counter traps.

  8. @morfowt

    I think people can look at this list at different ways. I just don’t look at the banned cards James listed as big threats on their own. But of course, a lot of them lead to great combos so if you analyze each card and see what its effect could lead to, then yes, I agree with you morfowt. But in a singular sense, I just don’t think those cards are big threats.

  9. heavy needs to come back, but actually i think i am the only person on here who doesn’t want cold wave banned! its so fun playing that card, if it goes to 0 i will cry!

  10. there aren’t too many cards that are banned because of a singular sense. yata-garasu in a singular sense shouldn’t be banned since 200 atk can easily be stopped. but you can’t deny yata-garasu deserves to be banned. most cards are banned BECAUSE they lead to great combos.

  11. Well here’s mine:

    Top 10 Level 1 Monsters in the TCG.

    Note: I did not include forbidden monster cards in this list as I feel it’s stupid to mention a banned card as top 10 when you can’t even use it.

    10 – Level Eater
    Starting the countdown is Level Eater. The power of this monster lies in its ability to generate tribute fodder without losing card advantage. If this card is in the graveyard, you can activate its effect by selecting 1 level 5 or higher monster you control. Then decrease the level of the selected monster by 1 and special summon this card from your graveyard. You can tribute the Level Eater for a level 5 or 6 monster. Next turn, you can reduce its level to special summon Level Eater again and repeat the process. Level Eater’s ability is especially useful when combined with the tricky. Discard level eater to special summon the tricky. Then reduce the tricky’s level to special summon level eater. You now have two monsters you can use for the summon of a level 7 or higher monster. Level Eater’s effect isn’t limited to just once per turn either. For example, you can reduce scrap dragon’s level and special summon level eater, then use scrap dragon’s effect to destroy level eater and one card your opponent controls. Finally, reduce scrap dragon’s level again and re-summon level eater, basically destroying one of your opponent’s cards for free. It should be noted that Level Eater cannot be tributed unless it’s for a tribute summon. But rarely does one tribute a monster other than for a tribute summon making this drawback almost meaningless.

    9 – Cyber Valley
    Level 1 monsters are generally weak in atk and def, and this card, in terms of atk and def, are about as weak as they get. With 0 atk and def, this card may seem weak, but it has a powerful effect, or more precisely, 3 powerful effects. It’s first effect works to stall the opponent. When cyber valley is attacked, you can remove it from play to draw 1 card and end the battle phase. It’s second effect focuses on drawing. By removing it and another monster you control from play, you can draw 2 cards. It’s final effect is graveyard recovery. By removing it and 1 card in your hand from play, you can add 1 card from your graveyard on top or your deck. These effects are very helpful in an exodia deck as stalling, drawing, and graveyard recovery (recovery lost exodia pieces) are all a part of the basic strategy of such decks. However, they can be used with other decks as well, and with 3 different effects, cyber valley has the potential to be helpful in any situation.

    8 – Tuningware
    If Level Eater is excellent tribute fodder, then tuningware is an unmatched synchro material monster. Called tuning supporter in japanese, it lives up to that name because of its two effects. First, if tuningware is used for a synchro summon, you can treat its level as 2. Note the word “can”. You can use 1 without the effect for a total of one level, or use 3 with their effects for a total of 6 levels, and anything in between is also fair game. Thus, you can summon just about any generic synchro monster in the game (and most of the best ones are generic). Being a level 1 machine-type with 100 atk also makes it incredibly easy to get 3 out. 1 option is to use machine duplication which will special summon 2 more from your deck. Another option is to use inferno reckless summon which can summon 2 more from your deck, hand, or graveyard if tuningware was special summoned and your opponent controls a face-up monster. There are numerous ways to special summon tuningware for inferno reckless summon. Some ways include junk synchron, debris dragon, magnet circle lv2, one for one, and of course, monster reborn. So it really depends on whether your opponent has a face-up monster. Tuningware isn’t just for getting the level you want either. When tuningware is sent to the graveyard for a synchro summon, you get to draw 1 card. if you used 3, you get to draw 3 cards. Use de-synchro and you get to draw 6 cards, replenisihing your hand and maybe even increasing in hand advantage.

    7 – Turbo Booster
    Lots of monsters can special summon themselves these days, and turbo booster is about the easiest one to summon. All you have to do to special summon this is to normal summon this turn. You don’t even have to special summon turbo booster right after you normal summon. You can normal summon during your Main Phase 1, attack, and then special summon this during your Main Phase 2, which is probably better for using its effect. By tributing turbo booster during your Main Phase 2, you can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls that battled one of your monsters that turn. This works especially well with monsters like massive warrior or Yubel which take no battle damage. Even better is amazoness swords woman which not only prevents any battle damage to you, but also makes your opponent take the damage. If you normal summon a tuner monster, you can also use this for a synchro summon, especially if you have some non-tuners on the field as well.

    6 – Treeborn Frog
    Coming in at number 6 is another monster known for its ability to generate tribute fodder for free. During your standby phase, if you control no spell or trap cards, you can special summon this card from your graveyard. One reason this is better than level eater is because it can be tributed for anything, not just for a tribute summon. This means that you can special summon treeborn frog, tribute it for enemy controller, AND special summon treeborn frog during the same standby phase. Plus, unlike level eater, you wouldn’t need a monster that’s level 5 or higher, meaning you can suddenly get out a level 5 or 6 monster even if your opponent cleared your field of monsters last turn.

    5 – D.D. Crow
    This monster is more suited for the side deck than your main deck, but it’s still useful nonetheless. During either player’s turn, you can discard this card to remove from play 1 card in your opponent’s graveyard. Although it’s a simple effect, timing it correctly can effectively stop your opponent’s plan in its track. You can remove from play a judgment dragon they tried to add back to their hand with beckoning light, a level 4 or lower blackwing they tried to summon with blizzard the far north, or a monster they tried to add to their deck using pot of avarice. D.D. crow is also one of the few ways to stop the powerful Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode by removing it from play after it’s used its effect. Being a DARK monster also makes it easy to recycle with the spell card Dark Eruption, as well as other more generic methods.

    4 – Effect Veiler
    Effect Veiler is another card whose effect activates in your hand. During your opponent’s Main Phase, you can discard effect veiler to negate the effect of one of your opponent’s monsters until the end phase. It’s number 4 on the list because it can stop many combos these days, seeing as how many combos rely heavily on monster effects. Some annoying cards you can use this on include Dark Armed Dragon, Brionac, naturia bamboo shoot, and even stardust. That’s right, effect veiler can even work on stardust dragon because even though stardust won’t be on the field when its effect resolves, its effect activated on the field. Just make sure you use effect veiler before stardust activates its effect, because if the monster isn’t face-up when effect veiler resolves, the effect won’t be negated. Once you’ve used its effect, you can revive it using magical exemplar, kinka-byo, limit reverse, graceful revival, etc. to use it for a synchro summon.

    3 – Battle Fader
    OTKs have become increasingly popular the last couple of formats. Therefore, cards that can stop an otk have also become increasingly popular, and this card is one of the best. When your opponent declares a direct attack, you can activate battle fader’s effect to special summon itself from your hand and end the battle phase, saving you for at least another turn. Next turn, you can tribute battle fader for a powerful level 5 or 6 monster, like a monarch. Or you could use it for a synchro summon. Worst case scenario, battle fader can save you a little damage by taking one of your opponent’s attacks (unless your opponent’s monster inflicts piercing damage).

    2 – Swift Scarecrow
    Swift Scarecrow might as well be Battle Fader’s twin. They have nearly identical effects and even look similar. Swift Scarecrow also ends the battle phase when the opponent declares a direct attack, but instead of special summoning swift scarecrow, you discard it to the graveyard. Because of this, it’s slightly better than battle fader, as it’s not prone to being negated by your opponent’s royal oppression or, the now more common, solemn warning. In addition, there are many cards you can use to recycle this, including pot of avarice, monster reincarnation, and probably best of all, drill warrior. Attack directly with drill warrior, then remove it from play. If your opponent attacks you directly, discard swift scarecrow. Then you can add it back to your hand when drill warrior returns to your side of the field during your next standby phase.

    1 – Glow-up Bulb
    And our number 1 Level 1 monster is… *Drum Roll* … Glow-up Bulb! In a meta with powerful synchro monsters, it’s only natural for the best level 1 monster to be a tuner monster, and this card is the best level 1 tuner in the game. Even though it’s a plant-type monster, it doesn’t have to only be used in a plant deck. It’s effect, which special summons it from the graveyard once makes it the most generic level 1 tuner. The only cost is one card from the top of your deck, meaning the cost doesn’t decrease your card avantage at all. In addition, in the current meta, sending one card from the top of your deck to the graveyard is more a benefit than a cost. You thin your deck, send a card to the graveyard that you could possible recycle later, and special summon a tuner. What more could you ask from a level 1 monster?

  12. Hey everyone im selling rare yugioh cards on ebay and is wondering if anyone is interested. My cards include the egyptian god cards, the wicked gods (avatar, dreadroot, and eraser), and the 4 armed dragons lv3-10 for a good price. Shoot me an email if you are interesting in one of those or if you have a special card request ill see what i can do. Thank You. Account name: bradschutjer

  13. brad schutjer can I have a card for free.Could anyone please donate at least one card. I had to move to a coutry where people don’t even play the game or know about the show.

  14. Top 10 Morphtronics

    1.) Morphtronic Celfon: without this guy, swarming the field is virtually impossible, and morphtronic monsters depend on swarming.

    2.) Morphtronic Remoten: this guy has the ability to summon from the grave AND the deck with the small price of ridding yourself of one of equal level, AND is also a tuner!

    3.) Morphtronic Radion: This is the main power card for a “Morphtronic” Deck, upping all morphs by 800 ATK or 1000 DEF!

    4.) Morphtronic Boarden: This card allows direct attacks by other morphtronics for OTK’s and prevents their destruction also!

    5.) Morphtronic Boomboxen: Use this card with “Morphtronic Radion”, “Limiter Removal” & “Morphtronic Boarden” for a OTK!

    6.) Morphtronic Magnen: combine this card in defense position with either another “Morphtronic Magnen” in defense position and your opponent will no longer be able to attack. You can also combine this card in Defense Position with a “Morphtronic Boarden” in Defense Position so that your opponent cannot destroy it by battle and cannot attack another monster.

    7.) Morphtronic Scopen: Use “Morphtronic Scopen’s” effect to Special Summon “Morphtronic Radion” from your hand in Defense Position, then use “Inferno Reckless Summon”. Do this to swarm then Synchro for “Power Tool Dragon” or any other Level 7 Synchro.

    8.) Morphtronic Lighton: Only level morphtronilc tuner allowing for summon of Life stream Dragon and can save you from losing a duel by restoring life points to 100.

    9.) Morphtronic Clocken: Leave on field for 8 turns to deal 8000 damage when tributed.

    10.) Morphtronic Videon: Gains ATK from equip cards and extra 800 for each card equipped to him

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