ZONE is Yusei?

I was reading the spoilers of the upcoming Yugioh 5Ds episodes, and when I reached Yugioh 5Ds episode 149: The Revived Hero, I was shocked at what I read. That spoiler says that ZONE tells Yusei, “I am Yusei Fudo.” What? This somewhat surprises me, somewhat doesn’t because in Yugioh 5Ds episode 144 when Aporia recounts his days in the destroyed world, he is encountered by someone who (coincidentally) looks exactly like Yusei. That turns out to be ZONE. What do you guys take out of this, is ZONE really Yusei, or is this all part of ZONE’s plan to destroy Yusei and restart the world? Or, if ZONE really is the future-version of Yusei, what spurned him to become mechanical and plan the destruction of the world?

I was reading the spoilers of the upcoming Yugioh 5Ds episodes, and when I reached Yugioh 5Ds episode 149: The Revived Hero, I was shocked at what I read. That spoiler says that ZONE tells Yusei, “I am Yusei Fudo.” What? This somewhat surprises me, somewhat doesn’t because in Yugioh 5Ds episode 144 when Aporia recounts his days in the destroyed world, he is encountered by someone who (coincidentally) looks exactly like Yusei. That turns out to be ZONE. What do you guys take out of this, is ZONE really Yusei, or is this all part of ZONE’s plan to destroy Yusei and restart the world? Or, if ZONE really is the future-version of Yusei, what spurned him to become mechanical and plan the destruction of the world?

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  1. this was pretty much proven last episode. maybe the writers will surprise and zone isn’t really yusei, but if he is, it’s no longer a surprise at this point, it’s anticipated.

    and technically, he’s not destroying the world, he’s stopping the world from destroying itself.

  2. not possible you have seen episode 149,in japanese are almost in episode 146. No trouble ZOne didn’t says anything, but i think people are foolish to not see some details!
    His MechanicalChair having the same form of YuseiGo ( Dwheel), on his mask he have same jail mark. same colors and form eyes! same jacket form but grey and white!

  3. My theory is that ZONE is a clone of the present Yusei in the future or he is some sort of android created using the DNA of the present Yusei.
    My reason for this is due a number of things, particularly in regard to the episodes involving Bruno/Antinomy:- Remember that when he was told to stop using synchros he said: “the Legendary duelist Yusei Fudo used Synchros and gave people hope” if Yusei was “Legendary” at that time, he could not possibly be alive as one usually achieves Legend status after retirement or they pass away etc.
    I think that since in the past (the present in which Yusei, Jack, Crow etc.) Yusei was the defender and protector of New Domino City, I think that someone who had predicted the momentum going crazy as a result of synchro’s, revived Yusei as a clone in order to combat the threat of the machine emeperor’s:- this Yusei is ZONE and the reason why he is the last survivor also.
    Another reason why I don’t believe that the current Yusei is ZONE is because, why did Bruno say to Yusei “Save ZONE” – it wouldn’t make any sense to tell Yusei to save himself!?, it was like he was referring to ZONE as another person.

  4. @theory

    I like your theory. That is a very sensible theory, the only thing I don’t understand is, how come Aporia and Zone use Machine Emperors? Aren’t those the very monsters that destroyed their world? Plus, how did Machine Emperors come to the world? Lots of questions regarding this topic…

  5. Thanks yugiohblogger, appreciate the feedback =D
    However upon seeing episode 147 recently I think I may have come to a shocking alternative:
    This may sound completely absurd but what if ZONE is THE actual Yusei Fudo and he is not actually from the future as such but is from the main/real timeline in which the world was destroyed by Machine Emperors and he is the last survivor of mankind.
    ZONE says that he can travel back in time and manipulate time so I think that since he knew the world would be destroyed by synchros and machine emperors in his timeline (the actual timeline), I think he created a clone/android of himself in the past which is his younger self, the current team 5d’s Yusei Fudo that we know, to try and find an alternative way to save the world from machine emperors and the momentum, however, his alternative plan if he thought that his past self would fail in this mission is to destroy New Domino City and erase momentum which is why these events involving Arc Cradle are happening now.
    My reason for this is because according to the subbed translation, ZONE said that he had been manipulating the signers lives right from the beginning since zero reverse up until this point on Arc Cradle.
    Also from the spoilers and episode summaries I have read, I recall somewhere that Aporia said that in his duel with ZONE he was trying to remind ZONE of the hope he once had for the signers and his past self/clone Yusei to save the future. And ZONE also said that he once believed in friendship and bonds, referring to the fact that when he was younger (his past self) shared close bonds and fought with his friends which is just what Team 5’ds Yusei (ZONE’s past self) is doing now.
    If ZONE is actually Yusei and there are 2 of them, this would explain why there is an old and a young one.
    Also another piece of evidence that I think indicates that ZONE is the real Yusei, is that he has the criminal mark imprinted in his mask rather than his face, and you might recall that team 5d’s Yusei did not receive his mark till he went to the facility early in the series so maybe in order to show the similarity between his past self and himself, he manipulated events so that Yusei would get that specific criminal mark which is reminscent of the fact that he is ZONE. So the mark on Yusei’s face is a sign to show that he is the clone/past version of the proper Yusei: ZONE.

    (I hope i have explained this well, quite hard to relay what I mean in writing) =D

  6. @theory

    Interesting, I think this theory is more realistic. However, I don’t think ZONE recreated a Yusei clone. I think he traveled back to Yusei’s (his younger self’s) time and merely gave Yusei resources to help stop the machine emperors (Clear Mind). Aporia’s task was probably to beat Yusei down to the point that he would activate his “true power” that held the key to saving humanity. However, since that new power was never shown, ZONE proceeded on going to plan B like you said: destroy New Domino City and create a new world. The reason Aporia fights ZONE is to remind him of hope, which ZONE once had (hope for the signers to create the better day). I think what’s going to happen is Yusei will narrowly defeat ZONE and ZONE will destroy himself and the Ark Cradle because he is sure Yusei has the power to create the better day.

    I know ZONE said he had been manipulating the signers lives, which is why you would think Yusei’s a clone, but couldn’t he be bluffing? Remember in Yugioh GX, in the first arc where they have to fight the Sacred Beasts, Yusei duels evil professor Banner. Banner tells Jaden that everyone Jaden has dueled let him win so that he would come to this point. Then he says that Jaden’s whole world is an illusion and everyone is against him. After Banner loses though, Jaden finds out he was bluffing. So I think ZONE is just bluffing to Yusei in order to weaken his defense and destroy him.

    I know it’s sounds pretty weird, but that’s just what I think.

  7. @yugiohblogger:
    Thanks again for the feedback 🙂
    I see what you mean, I agree with that completely- ZONE’s threat of manipulating Yusei and co. from the beginning is possibly a threat to throw past Yusei off guard and weaken him as you said. I also agree that Yusei is not a clone but is ZONE’s past self:- that also sounds more realistic.
    2 other points I forgot to add in my previous post which also indicate that ZONE is the actual Yusei Fudo of the present is that:
    1) I recall that in an earlier episode when past (Team 5d’s) Yusei was reminiscing about the past, he suddenly remembers of discovers something about his father- I think what he discovered was that it was not his father but was actually ZONE his real self appearing to him in the form of his father- This explains why his “father” is only shown with his left eye exposed, just as ZONE is also shown with his left eye exposed only, the eye which bears the criminal mark. Also his “father” only appeared to him at pivotal moments in which past Yusei was in danger or needed help which links to what you said about ZONE helping his past self with advice and resources.
    *Also the threats of the Dark signers and Rex Goodwin etc. were not actual threats to destroy the world, I think they were just tests put in place by ZONE to awaken the potential/power of his past self and to prepare him for what was to come.*
    2) This is the point I find really interesting as it think it is one of the greatest indications that ZONE is the present/actual Yusei. In the opening “Going my way” – at the end, there is a picture of Yusei on his flying D-wheel fighting ZONE in the sky just as he is now, however the Crimson Dragon which has been aiding past Yusei all this time is shown to be on ZONE’s side as it seems to be growling at past Yusei who is attacking ZONE. It is like it is defending the actual Yusei who it also originally belongs to, as I dont believe that the Crimson Dragon would just abandon past Yusei like that after the numerous times it has saved him. Therefore, also linking to your theory that ZONE gave his past self resources and help, the Crimson Dragon is also a resource which ZONE passed onto his past self to assist and aid him in his growth.
    One other major point is that ZONE being the actual Yusei would explain why it is predicted that Yusei will die on the Arc Cradle; I think this is because his past self will win and save the future however by defeating ZONE he is killing his actual self, (the present/real Yusei) so Team 5d’s Yusei/past Yusei cannot live if the real Yusei/ZONE is dead as there can be no past without a present (hope you understand what I mean: the present being ZONE)
    (The reason why I refer to ZONE/Yusei dying is because the damage caused by these Arc Cradle duels seems to be real)

  8. @yugiohblogger

    Thanks for opening this blog/thread article- I have really enjoyed being able to share our theories on this topic and it’s been a real pleasure discussing it with you.
    I also cannot wait to see what unfolds in the next couple of episodes- hopefully it will be a climax or conclusion we will both enjoy! 🙂
    Thanks again

  9. I’ll take that bet, and I’ll most likely win, since people already know yusei is made of flesh because he had to get surgery once (that time his d-wheel crashed in the middle of his duel with kiryu).

  10. I think that zone might be yusei father instead of being his machanical form because when the old momentum was created it destroyed sattelite and they thought yusei dad died but he didn’t that’s why the old reactor in the sky looked like the other part of the sattelite when they noticed it

  11. WOW! Just watched the unsubbed version of episode 149 and although I can’t understand whats being said, from what I’ve seen ZONE is a genetically engineered version of Yusei Fudo – a clone- seems our first theory was spot on! 🙂

  12. I think shooting star dragon may also be an artificially engineered card based on the original stardust dragon which is why is closely resembles a machine emperor- ZONE Yusei also had this card in the present/future when he was created- when it was used, it appeared to control the machine emperors and stop their fighting with the humans almost as if the machine emperors saw it as their King or something. (This just seems to be getting more interesting!!! :-))

  13. @theory

    Shooting Star Dragon looks like a Machine Emperor? I don’t know about that… however it probably was a card made in the future, which allowed Stardust Dragon to power itself up which is why Zone gave it to Yusei.

  14. @yugiohblogger

    From what I gather from episode 149- The original Yusei (Team 5d’s) had already passed away in the future/present but due to his heroics in the past and over the course of his life he was known as a legendary hero.
    A scientist who was looking to save humanity from the threat of the invading machine empererors seemed to create a clone of the original Yusei as mankind’s hope, in order to save them again as he had done over numerous occasions in the past/ This clone of the original Yusei appears to be ZONE.

    *About shooting star dragon resembling a machine emperor-maybe it’s just my crazy idea but shooting star dragon (at least to me) seems to resemble stardust dragon encased in futuristic battle armour of sorts- similar to the armour of machine emperor Wisel infinity – Then again, probably just looks that way to me so don’t pay much attention to this haha 🙂 *

  15. WOW!… just stumbled upon a new twist in the ZONE/Yusei plot- Going against my initial theory- it seems ZONE didn’t artificially manufacture a genetic clone of Yusei from scratch as I first thought- it appears that the scientist himself is ZONE!!- which is why HE is the last survivor of mankind- (This also expalins why Antinomy/Bruno told Yusei to “save ZONE”- so ZONE is a totally separate person from Yusei!!!) He used his tools/machinery to mould his features and characteristics to look exactly like Yusei- making himself into essentially a carbon-copy of Yusei. I think this is due to the fact that the actual Yusei had become a legendary hero and a symbol of hope in the future due to his past heroics and ZONE wanted to appear like Yusei to give humanity hope.
    About the machine emperor invasion- from how I understand it- it seems that in the future/present the Momentum spiralled out of control in a manner similar to the original zero reverse and as a result machine emperors were created from the momentum reactor itself- (In episode 149- they appear to be spawning from the momentum reactor). Eventually a second Zero reverse happened which actually did destroy the world and the rest of mankind- (those who weren’t already killed by the original machine emperor invasion)- ZONE was unable to save humanity as Yusei did in the past, as he sees first hand the rest of humanity pass away due to the second Zero reverse- this appears to be the breaking point which seems to have drove him to despise Synchro’s and want to erase Momentum and New Domino city from the past to prevent this occurence in the future once again.
    Also, I think the chair/machine which he is encapsulated in is actually needed to keep him alive as he is now extremely old- I think it also enables him to time travel somehow.
    My theory of the climax of the upcoming episodes is that Yusei actually survives his “predicted” death on Arc Cradle by defeating ZONE- I think as a result of defeating ZONE- he shows ZONE the strength of humanity and their bonds and their drive and determination to change the events of the future- I think that in ZONE’s defeat he realises humanity’s ability to carve a new future as Yusei said and as a result I think ZONE reverts time back to a period before the events of the WRGP and Arc Cradle thereby restoring New Domino City.

  16. @theory

    Both theories make a lot of sense, however the Zone being a scientist is probably more realistic since, if Yusei had already died, he couldn’t have been recreated as a clone.

  17. in one of the spoilers it says that ZONE loses against Yusei. Wow that just ruined it. I mean I want to see Yusei lose more duels. Even though New Domino City would be destroyed if ZONE won, it would give a surprising twist…

    Did you guys see the Temporal Machine Gods yet? They are cool. ZONE’s final boss monster will be Ultimate Temporal Machine God Sephiron. I predict that Sephiron is gonna be the most broken card in the universe.

  18. how is that a spoiler? yusei is the main character. zone is the main villain. there is absolutely no chance yusei would’ve lost. the only question is how.

  19. probably the duel when yusei has shooting quasar dragon and zone uses ultimate temporal machine god sephiron. *hopes that sephiron is a divine type and has infinite atk and def*

  20. i saw some of these anime cards and i wanted to discuss them.

    Reverse of Reverse
    Normal Trap

    You can only activate this card when you have no cards in your hand and this is the only card you control. You can activate your opponent’s face-down Spell or Trap Cards as if they were your own.

    Wow, that is so cool but wierd. It would be fun if this was an actual card, but its not cause its busted.

    Rubble King
    EARTH Rock/Effect
    Level 1 0 ATK/0 DEF

    Once per turn, while you have 30 or more cards in your Graveyard, you can activate 1 Trap Card from your hand.

    Activating trap cards from your hand is very very nice. However, i think that 30 or more cards in your graveyard thing kinda ruins it for me. I don’t know. I can see this being made into a card though.

    Candelato, the Beast of Light
    LIGHT Beast/Effect
    Level 12 ? ATK/ 0 DEF

    This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sending 2 cards from your hand to the Graveyard. This card cannot attack during the turn it is Summoned. This card’s ATK becomes 1000 x the number of cards in its controller’s hand. While you control this face-up card, you must skip your normal draw during your Draw Phase.

    uh, i don’t get it, why would you wanna yata lock yourself? lol

  21. yeah candelato is terrible, but is it worse than larvae moth? now that is debateable. thank goodness it’s not real. Reverse of Reverse is pretty broken though. It’s like taking control of your opponents spells and traps.

  22. The only way i could see Candelato used ever would be in an exodia or exodius draw deck. or some other power draw deck.

  23. but candelato prevents you from drawing. have fun wasting 2 cards in your hand and basically yata locking yourself!!! haha

  24. Have you ever seen an exodia draw deck? Even if the player initially fails to get exodia they will have a good amount of cards left in their hand, about 15 maybe. I’m just saying it might be a good back up if needed.

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