Beating an Exodia Deck

yu-gi-oh-exodia-deckEver since I first heard about the online dueling site, I have been a frequent duelist on Yugioh Network. I have dueled with my powerful Infernity-World deck, experimented with an Alien deck, and am currently experimenting with a Spell Counter deck. Though all of these decks have been very successful, with the Spell Counter surprisingly doing the best, there is still one, classic deck that I have still not been able to overcome: an Exodia deck.

I know it’s not abstruse as to why I am constantly losing against an Exodia deck as Alien and Spell Counter decks are slow, while a solid Exodia deck can be very fast. Even my fast Infernity-World deck was unexpectedly taken down in five turns by my friend’s Exodia deck, after some lucky plays. You might think, “Dude, just mill his deck!” That’s easier said than done since good Exodia decks usually carry an Exodia Necross, or even worse, an Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord. Exodia Necross is very hard to destroy while Exodius (with good protection) can be lethal!

Every deck, no matter how strong it is, has a weakness. It is a lesson all duelists learn the hard way. Just because I haven’t been able to beat a good Exodia deck doesn’t other people haven’t either. Thus, I ask you my readers, show me your accumen: what type of deck do I need to create to defeat a solid Exodia deck?


  1. um, definite no. good exodia decks usually DO NOT carry necross nor exodius. they only slow the deck down. the reason milling does not work on exodia decks is because they always carry at least 2 dark factory of mass destruction. not only can they retrieve milled exodia pieces, but they can also add blue-eyes white dragon or flamvell guard to your hand, which are the usual fodder for draw cards in exodia decks (trade-in and cards of consonance).

    forget making a deck to counter exodia; just add droll & lock bird to your side deck if it’s such a huge problem. droll & lock bird stops any competitive exodia deck out there.

  2. For Exodia, I’d say have some copies of Card Destruction handy. For Necross and Exodius, Soul Release. Since, most of these deck might have multiples of the limbs, Chain Disappearance can help in the off chance they play one of their extra copies as a defense.

  3. @morfowt I believe you mean dark factory of mass production. Honestly, its not necessary to make a counter deck just against Exodia. I do however recommend using cards like Chain Disappearance as Rocket said. I find Protector of the Sanctuary to be better than Droll & Lock Bird.(You better protect it though.)

  4. @morfowt

    Nice to see you in the site again! Regarding Droll & Lock Bird, even if you have three of them, they’re only worthwhile for three turns… unless there’s a better way to use them? You are right though: the rare Exodia decks that I have beaten or come close to beating usually have Necross and/or Exodius. By the way, I had never heard DFMD until now, that thing is crazy for an Exodia deck!

  5. Or you could just play a meta deck capable of pulling off naturia beast and declare victory…

  6. I gotta say I’m with blogger here, against a Destiny Board, I can see Naturia working, but Exodia? I don’t see it as the effect works when it’s in the hand, not on the field.

  7. i run a destiny hero exodia who runs on upstart goblin, allure of darkness, d draw and trade in. thats how i get my cards. I win by using card of safe return, use foolish burial on manticore of darkness while having one in my hand. insta-win if not negated

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