Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon VS. Stardust Dragon

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is the ace card of the main antagonist of Yugioh Zexal, Kaito Tenjo, but is it stronger than Stardust Dragon?

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is the ace card of the main antagonist of Yugioh Zexal, Kaito Tenjo. GEPD is an incredibly strong monster, even though it is a mere effect monster. With all the mediocre Xyz monsters, GEPD could actually be the strongest monster introduced in Yugioh Zexal! I thought it would be interesting to compare GEPD and Stardust Dragon, since they have similar effects and are both dragons.

Yugioh Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon1. Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

GEPD is a mighty monster with a powerful 3000 attack and 2000 defense points. Its effect is pretty sweet as well: if it battles an opponent’s monster, you can remove from play both monsters until the end phase. However, if that was an Xyz monster, GEPD gains 500 attack points for each overlay unit attached to that monster. That effect might seem great now, but when Xyz monsters become overused like synchros, GEPD will be prominent in several decks. Plus, you can tribute two monsters with 2000 or more attack points to special summon GEPD as well, making it great for some OTKs. With the vivid colors, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon has an awesome illustration as well.

Effect: 7/10, Power: 9/10, Playability: 8/10, Game Changer: 9/10, Deck√ā¬†Adaptability: 8/10. Overall, GEPD gets a rating of 8.2/10 – B-.

Yugioh Stardust Dragon2. Stardust Dragon

What is there to say about Stardust Dragon? It is also a crazy strong monster with 2500 attack, 2000 defense points, and an efficient effect: Stardust Dragon can negate and destroy the activation of an effect that destroys a card(s) on the field. However, on the end phase of that turn, Stardust Dragon can revive itself. It is one of the most powerful synchro monsters and its artwork is pretty nice as well! Even Red Dragon Archfiend has a tough time competing with Stardust Dragon.

Effect: 8/10, Power: 8/10, Deck Adaptation: 9/10 Game Changer: 9/10, Playability: 9/10. Overall, Stardust Dragon gets a rating of about 8.6/10 – B.

Stardust Dragon wins!

4 thoughts on “Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon VS. Stardust Dragon”

  1. TBH, few Xyz monsters have more than 3000 atk, so only if its effect prevents GEPD from destroying it by battle should you use its effect. If its not an Xyz monster, the effect is only useful if you’re clearing your opponent of an ace monster they have to do damage, which may not be the case. The summoning conditions aren’t forgiving either, because though its a special summon, it still needs 2 monsters as tribute.

  2. @yugiohblogger

    Another thing to mention: Galaxy-eyes is better than what people give it credit for. Galaxy-eyes cannot be destroyed by battle due to its banishing ability. Also, when attacking another monster, galaxy-eyes can get around traps like mirror force or dimensional prison by chaining its banishing effect to them. So its a tough hombre to get rid of once it hits the field.

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