Shooting Quasar Dragon – The Ultimate Synchro Monster

Shooting Quasar Dragon is one of the strongest synchro monsters in Yugioh and is Yusei’s strongest monster.

Yugioh Shooting Quasar DragonShooting Quasar Dragon was recently released in the TCG as a Shonen Jump promotional card. Shooting Quasar Dragon is ultra-powerful synchro with ultra-long summoning conditions. Shooting Quasar Dragon can attack at least twice per turn, can negate one effect every turn, and can special summon Stardust Dragon every turn. Yeah, those are some godly effects however in order to play it, you need one synchro tuner monster and two non-synchro material monsters. However, Shooting Quasar Dragon is still a good card and I recommend it to Quick Synchro decks. Here is a nice way to play Shooting Quasar Dragon:

– Junk Synchron.
– Doppel Warrior.
– Monster Reborn.

– Glow-Up Bulb(unused).
– Level 2 Monster(not Doppel Warrior).

How to:
– Normal Summon Junk Synchron and revive a level 2 Monster.
– Special Summon Doppel Warrior from your Hand.
– Synchro Junk Synchron and the Level 2 Monster for a Level 5 Synchro Monster.
– Play Monster Reborn and revive Junk Synchron.
– Synchro Junk Synchron with Doppel Warrior for another Level 5 Synchro Monster.
– You get 2 face-up Level 1 attack position Doppel Tokens with 400 ATK each.
– Use Glow-Up Bulb it’s Effect and revive it.
– Synchro Glow-Up Bulb and the Doppel Token for Formula Synchron.
– Draw a card.
– Synchro Formula Synchron and the 2 Level 5 Synchro Monsters for Shooting Quasar Dragon.
– BAM.

3 thoughts on “Shooting Quasar Dragon – The Ultimate Synchro Monster”

  1. WAit! This guy’s alreAdy out?!
    On topic; yes, this is an amazing card, fairly balanced, and welcome to any synchro deck.
    And now to scour the internet looking for this guy, no matter the cost!

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  3. @yugiohblogger

    What do you think is more OP? Ultimate ancient gear golem or shooting quasar dragon? Both have stellar atk points, atk conditions that allow them to deal damage in almost any case scenario (2+ atks in 1 turn, piercing damage) and both are resistant to spells and traps in situations. Lastly, both of them summon a still-quite-powerful monster when destroyed.

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