Strong yet Cheap Yugioh Cards

You probably don’t like to spend a lot of money on Yugioh cards, but there are certain strong Yugioh cards that are also fairly cheap.

We all like high quality items, especially high quality items that are cheap as well. The same goes for Yugioh cards, if you can get strong Yugioh cards that are cheap, that’s a deal that you can’t turn down. But, the problem is that it is rare to find strong Yugioh cards that come at a low cost. However, notice how I wrote ‘rare’; it is not impossible to find strong Yugioh cards that are strong and cheap! In fact, I found some awesome cards on that won’t flush your wallet!

1. Junk Beserker – Ghost Rare – $9.69

How often do you find secret rare Yugioh card available for $10? I am guessing not so often. Junk Beserker is a solid monster with 2700 attack points and has two great effects: It can destroy any defense position monster it attacks (without applying damage calculation) and, by removing one Junk monster from your grave, one of your opponent’s monsters loses attack equal the attack of the removed monster. It is a not a monster I would buy for more than $20, but for less than $10? It would be worth it, especially considering that the card is ghost rare.

2. Dark Armed Dragon – Super Rare – $6.18

I think this is self-explanatory, most people neglect Dark Armed Dragon with a perception that it is too pricey, but in actuality, you can get one for $6.18., even thought it’s secret rare. Unless you want to buy a secret rare Dark Armed Dragon for $43 though, then you can live with it a lower rarity.

3. Majestic Red Dragon – Secret Rare – $2.44

Majestic Dragon is one of the best synchro monsters in the game in terms of stats (4000 attack, 3000 defense) and effect. It cannot be destroyed by card effects, it destroys all defense position monsters after damage calculation, and finally it can negate the effect of a monster and absorb half of that monster’s effect. However, it is VERY hard to play. Still, being able to buy it for $2.44 is ridiculously cheap, as it is still an extremely destructive monster.

Most Yugioh cards, whether they are weak or very powerful, come at pretty cheap prices if they are relatively old. For instance, when Honest first came out, its ghost rare version was worth $80. Now, almost three years later, the price has (naturally) dropped to a cheap $16. Here’s another pointer: many people want to buy secret rare/ghost rare versions of cards, but don’t be that customer! It doesn’t matter how low of a rarity a card it; as long as you have the card in possession, it shouldn’t matter what rarity is. Remember, lower rarity = cheaper!


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