Yugioh Dark World Structure Deck

Dark World monsters are one of the strongest monsters in Yugioh and with the release of this Dark World structure deck, Dark Worlds just got even stronger!

Yugioh Grapha Dragon Lord of the Dark WorldI feel structure decks are really underrated; most people buy them to get cards for their own decks, but I think people don’t realize that a few structure decks can be powerful by themselves. One of those structure decks is known as the Dark Emperor deck, which utilizes D.D. monsters and revolves around getting advantages by removing cards from play. The ace monster of the deck is called Caius the Shadow Monarch, hence the name Dark Emperor. Despite being a structure deck, the Dark Emperor can be very tough to beat, especially if you run swarming decks. However, in one month another powerful structure deck is going to be released: Dark World.

In Dueling Network, one of the biggest online dueling sites on the web, Dark World decks (usually played with some Fabled monsters) are already overplayed. The deck’s ace monster, Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World, has already been released on Dueling Network and hence Dark World decks have surged in popularity and power. Once this structure deck is released in real life, I would not be surprised to see Dark Worlds used frequently in tournaments.

You see, Grapha is one heck of a monster: not only does it have a massive 2700 attack points, but it as a sweet effect too. If Grapha is discarded by your own card’s effect, you can destroy a card your foe controls; if Grapha is discarded by your foe’s card effect, you can select one card from your opponent’s hand and discard, but if that card happens to be a monster, you can special the monster to your side of the field. With the addition of Grapha, Dark World decks will be formidable in tournaments. Plus, if you have some Fabled cards (Fabled Raven is ideal) you can add in, your Dark World deck becomes even stronger.

As good as this structure deck is, I believe the title of ‘strongest’ still belongs with the Dark Emperor deck as it can beat a Dark World pretty bad (with cards like Dimension Fissure, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, etc…) Still, I would recommend this deck to anyone because they can beat most decks; even if you don’t want a Dark World deck, this structure deck has nice spell and trap cards such as Deck Devastation Virus, Escape from the Dark Dimension, and Dark World Dealings. As a fan of Dark World decks, I cannot wait for this structure deck to be released (FYI: October 18).

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  1. The turns of a dark world deck takes up to 5 minutes one of mine with the right cards I can get my best card out ad (grapha, dragon lord of the dark world) even raviel lord of phantasm’s! Because he is a special summon so easy!!! I can get about 3 very strong monsters. Out in my 1st turn! Those two and sillva warlord of the dark world!! But know that I just got dark armed dragon into my blackwing deck my blackings have been crushing my dark worlds! DAD gets rid of dark worlds awesome spell cards

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