Yugioh Lava Golem Vs. Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

Lava Golem and Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction both destroy your opponent if they are on your opponent’s side of the field. But, which wreaks more havoc?

I guess the question this post is trying to answer is which card would be worse for your opponent control. Both Lava Golem and Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction (from Yugioh Zexal episode 22), have effects that can devastate the opponent. For this compare and contrast post, we are going to see what card would basically destroy your opponent as a result of their use!

Note: the stats (artwork, effect, etc…) are based on if the monster goes to the opponent’s side of the field.

1. Lava Golem

I remember when Marik played it on Joey’s side of the field during the Battle City tournament in the original Yugioh, I was stunned. Why did Marik just give Joey a monster with 3000 attack points? I found out soon enough: Lava Golem’s effect forced the controller to pay 1000 life points every turn. Since then, there have been several variations of Lava Golem stall decks, where you use a wide array of defensive cards like Negate Attack and/or Magic Cylinder, to block Lava Golem’s attacks. All the while, Lava Golem is destroying your opponent! Of course, it is a double-edged sword for if the opponent has a fast deck, Lava Golem can actually be of use. Still, it is, in most cases, a good infiltration monster.

Artwork: 6/10, Effect: 8/10, Power: 9/10, Playability: 7/10, Game Changer: 7/10, Deck Adaptability: 9/10. Overall, Lava Golem gets a 7.7/10 – C+.

2. Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

Acid Golem is a new card that was introduced in Yugioh Zexal episode 22. It is not really a great monster: during everyone of your standby phases you have to detach one exceed material monster (two)or pay 2000 life points! Crazy right, but that’s not all, if Acid Golem has no exceed material monsters it cannot attack either! It brings disaster if you play it to your side of the field, however, if you use Creature Swap to send it over to your opponent, Acid Golem will bring that disaster over to your opponent!

Artwork: 7/10, Effect: 10/10, Power: 9/10, Playability: 8/10, Game Changer: 8/10, Deck Adaptability: 10/10. Overall, Acid Golem gets an 8.7/10 – B+.

I know what you guys are thinking: how could he possibly have selected Acid Golem as the winner, it is so situational! In normal circumstances, Lava Golem is BY FAR the better monster but the pretense of this compare and contrast post was this: which of these monsters would do more damage if sent to the opponent’s side of the field? Under that pretense, you have to admit, Acid Golem wins.

13 thoughts on “Yugioh Lava Golem Vs. Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction”

  1. Sure, inflicting 2000 points of damage is better than 1000, but what if you don’t have the cards necessary to place Acid Golem on your Opponent’s field. With Lava Golem, you not only give the Opponent a monster that will wear down their Life Points, but can also get rid of their monsters, maybe even their best monsters, as you have to sacrifice two of your Opponent’s monsters to summon Lava Golem to their field. If I were given the option of having a monster that I control that deals 2000 points of damage, or a monster I give my opponent control of that deals 1000 points of damage, I’d go with the second option, even if it meant I might take up to 3000 points of damage. There are plenty of Life Point increase cards, not that many control exchange cards.

  2. @Rocket

    Exactly. As deadly as Acid Golem could be, it is only potent on specific situations. With Lava Golem, even though the magnitude of its effect is less, it goes straight to the opponent’s field, making it easier for you to deal damage.

    Nice to see you back on the site Rocket, how’s life been?

  3. Busy as hell, with college, an internship and working on my two Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic: Shadowchasers the Glass City Saga and Yugioh GX the Next Legacy.(Sorry for plugging my stuff)

    Summer was incredibly busy, so I didn’t have much time to just kick back.

  4. Acid Golem will of course deal more damage to the opponent but you would have to use up the two turns before giving him to your opponent if you wanted it to be more effective. Also, while both can be used as tribut fodder, Lava golem can also become XYZ material for the opponent to summon something like the gimmick puppets, heiratic overlord, thunder-end or worse! However, as mentioned before, Acid Golem of destruction requires you to have the necessary cards to send him over, unlike lava, who will end up on the opponent’s field in any case. Still, I would probably prefer giving Lava as although its effect is less devastating, you can get rid of two of the opponent’s monsters which would be a pain to kill otherwise (zenmaines, gachi gachi, spirit reaper, galaxy-eyes photon…you get the idea!).

  5. For 2 turns, you can use Acid golem as a 3000 atk beatstick for a cheap summon (2 level 3s). And you can always tribute it for a level 5-6 monster when you run out of Xyz material.

  6. Lava Golem Combo in Incarnate dragon for a mirror match, broke LADD Lockdown

    Hand : 1 Lava Golem, 1 Blaster, 1 Tempest, 1 Reactan
    Opponent field : 1 Light And Darkness Dragon, 1 MPB Dracossack

    Combo :
    Tribute LADD&MPB for Lava Golem, activate Reactan EFF bring Redox, Special Summon 1 other Incarnate…
    Xyz for Number 11 : Big Eye, Take control Lava Golem

  7. @MG

    Ooooh! That’s DIRTY dude! Damm I need to make an Incarnate deck! By the way, is it Incarnate Dragon or Dragon Ruler? I’ve heard both names.

  8. @yugiohblogger

    Well, I guess there are other ways to get rid of acid golem if it runs out of Xyzs. Like dark hole or an effect that requires you to tribute. And competitive players will most likely try to remove acid golem before it gets off both its attacks rather than stall it out, because that’s the mechanics of the top tier decks.

    I have to agree with you on every point except the deck playability one. Lava golem is splashable in every deck, acid golem needs support cards in order to wreck havoc on the opponent. I dont think summoning acid golem is a point against it because Lava Golem cripples you from normal summoning that turn. To sum it up: Acid golem deals more damage, has a more devastating effect on the controller (no special summons), and cannot attack when control switches, BUT requires you to use up cards. Lava golem removes 2 of any monster immediately, but can still attack and allow special summons.

    Bottom line: If you manage to get acid golem to your opponent’s field, its infinitely better. But its harder to pull off.

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