Strong Yugioh Defensive Cards

In Yugioh duels, having monsters with a high attack and broken burn effects will not guarantee victory. A simple Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder can break your momentum and change the outcome of the duel instantly. Therefore, just like in basketball or football, every good deck needs a strong defense in order to protect your life points in case of an emergency. I have already talked about Yugioh trap cards and Yugioh spell cards that are a great defensive addition to your deck. In this post, I will talk about key defensive monsters that can stall the duel for you in order to set up a combo to facilitate a come-back.

Sometimes, you’re foe’s just going to overpower you in even simple level four versus level four match-ups (i.e. your foe plays Vorse Raider and defeats your Nin-Ken Dog). In these type of situations, you need monsters with high defense points; they don’t need to be effect monsters either. Soul Tiger, Giant Soldier of Stone, Destiny Hero Defender, and Gravekeeper’s Guard are all great options for a quick defense. The purpose of these type of monsters are to stall the duel for you so that you can stock up on cards to unleash a quick, or even deadly combo on your opponent. Monsters like Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster and Total Defense Shogun are powerful monsters that can help you in provide defense and offense… at the same time! Those are two key powerhouse, defensive monsters.

Defense isn’t just limited to a monster’s defense points; monsters with defensive effects are helpful as defense monsters as well. One of my favorite defensive monsters is Blast Sphere. Though Blast Sphere has decent stats, it has a great effect. When Blast Sphere is attacked as a set monster, it equips itself onto the attacking monster. Then, in your opponent’s following standby phase, it destroys the monster (along with it’s self) and inflicts damage to your opponent equal to the attack of the monster Blast Sphere equipped itself onto. It’s effect is similar to Reflect Bounder, another great defensive monster.

Of course, defense also means being able to protect yourself from spell and trap cards. Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar is one of those monsters that many people have heard about but deserves to be in the list of top 10 defensive monsters. Not only is it pretty easy to summon (Alien Ammonite’s effect does it for you basically), it has an effect that can send a number of spell and trap cards back to the controller’s hand (this can be your opponent’s trap and spells only!). Plus, for each spell and trap returned this way, you can distribute A counters among any monsters on the field. You can remove two A counters to destroy a card your foe controls. This monster is very much like DAD, but is an unlimited monster! It’s a great addition to any Alien deck!

Defense helps wins any game. Though in Yugioh, defense mostly appears through traps and spells, it is vital that you have some monsters that can produce defense and stall the duel in order for you to set up a combo. There are so many combos you can unleash in a duel if you just have a line of defense in order to protect your life points and stall the match. The monsters I have listed above are some of the best defensive monsters in the game. Perhaps, you all could give them a try in your deck; trust me, you’ll be having a win-streak in no time with defensive monsters.

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