Yugioh Abridged

Yugioh Abridged is a show based on spoof of the original Yugioh episodes. It is absolutely hilarious and in this post I talk about why I really like Yugioh Abridged.

Yugioh Abridged

Yugioh AbridgedWe’ve all seen the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh GX series, as well as the futuristic Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds series. Though all of these Yugioh sagas have great storylines and feature amazing cards, I have to say the most entertaining and comedic Yugioh saga is Yu-gi-oh Abridged.Yu-gi-oh Abridged is a parody of the original Yugioh storyline. Each Yu-gi-oh Abridged episode is cut from 30 minutes, to about 7 minutes. Though it does have some dueling in the show, Yu-gi-oh Abridged consists mostly of clips where people talk about random things in funny accents. The hilarity of Yu-gi-oh Abridged isn’t something I can explain. You have to watch Yu-gi-oh Abridged to fully understand how funny it is:

11 thoughts on “Yugioh Abridged”

  1. Jeremy from Yu-Gi-Oh Cards 101. We all totally agree. I think one time i was watching an episode while drinking a spritzer and i laughed so hard spritzer came out my nose (and thats not fun, believe me).

  2. @rocket
    I’m sorry blogger but u know I agree wig rocket it so stupid not very u know appropriate for kids

  3. @Bluelegend

    It’s nothing personal, it’s just a matter of taste, and I personally find the abridged version has none.

  4. C’mon. So what if 6 year olds who like to dress up as Yugi and pretend to summon real monsters can’t watch it because there are some semi bad words. It’s better than the others by far. It’s just someone making a parody. If someone parodied beiber and made it famous, we wouldn’t mind. But if we do that to Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s a federal offense.

    Jeremy from the Yu-Gi-Oh Cards 101 Team. Check us out at yugiohcards101.wordpress.com

  5. aww c’mon guys. this is hilarios.
    i mean, i’ll never think of yugioh the same way again. or as joey puts it: nyeh, brooklyn fury, nyeh, brooklyn fury.

    ok…sure, littlekuriboh does a lousy job at bleeping the f-word, but hey, as kiaba puts it: screw the rules, i got money.

    i’m googleing all the episodes, using dailymotion (for some reason youtube took it down:( don’t see why:/)

    ha-ha, so funny, i’m crying:'(

  6. or as tristan always said: holy bleep sandwich with bleep on top, and a side of bleep, my hair gives me super strength!…hey, it really does!


  7. i mean my voice, my voice gives me super strength. why do i always mix-up his super-special-awesome ability with that of the hair guy. at least it wasn’t the mullet guy.

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