Yugioh Psychic Monsters

Yugioh psychic monsters are not only a powerful monster type, they are quite unique as well and are really fun to duel with!

Psychic monsters are a pretty old monster type, however I have recently had an interest in them! Yesterday, I was going to get the new Mockingjay book at the library when I saw some guys dueling at the youth section of the library. One of the duelists was using a Blackwing deck (surprise, surprise) and the other was using a Psychic deck! The duel had just begun and they let me watch the match. I thought the Blackwing deck would just destroy the Psychic but it was a surprisingly close duel (with Blackwings being the victor). I’ve been fascinated with Psychic ever since yesterday!

Psychic are a cool archetype that focus on a variety of things such as swarming, burn damage, and especially life point manipulation. Because of their various strengths, Psychic monsters are very hard to predict and can cause havoc with their different effects (as I saw first hand in the duel against the Blackwings). A lot of Psychic monsters make the user take damage therefore it’s recommended that Psychic duelists have cards like Prime Material Dragon and Rainbow Life. Another good thing about Psychic monsters is that many of them are level four and below monsters, thus it’s easy to summon them and facilitate combos.

Psychics have a lot of good qualities about them, however my favorite aspect about the Psychics is their strong synchro monsters. Not only do Psychic monsters have strong synchros, they have a lot of them as well: Thought Ruler Archfiend, Hyper Psychic Blaster, Psychic Lifetrancer, Psychic Nightmare, Psychic Android, and then there are other other OCG synchros as well. Then, if you count Ultimate Axon Kicker and Hyper Pyschic Blaster A.M., there are A LOT of beatdown Psychic monsters.

Psychic monsters may not be the most popular monster type, but if used right, a Psychic deck can even beat Tier 1 deck due to all the support they have. Last year, Psychics did not have a lot of support and weren’t that powerful, but with new additions like Final Psychic Ogre and Future Glow, a full Psychic deck can compete with the best of them!

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