Yugioh X-Sabers Still the Strongest Monsters

X-Sabers are by far the strongest monsters when you are considering top Yugioh Archetypes. Even though they have been in the market for a long time, no archetype has been able to supplant them.


The choice is pretty obvious if you are looking for the top Yugioh archetype:

X-Sabers are the Strongest Monsters


X-Sabers became immensely popular the day Ancient Prophecy came out. X-Sabers are another versatile archetype that have a great amount of battle strategies. Though they are mainly focused on swarming, a lot of X-Saber have effects that revolve around things such as discarding cards from your foe’s hand. X-Sabers have amazing combos, (a notable one is known as the Faultrolls Loop, facilitated by two XX-Saber Faultrolls and XX-Saber Ragigura). X-Sabers have strong spell and trap cards, a notable and powerful support card is Gottom’s Emergency Call. They are a premier archetype and with more support and mastery, could be an even more destructive archetype.


The most notable weakness that X-Sabers have is lack of support. Though their spells and traps may be strong, they still need more spell and trap card support if they want to remain number one. Also, some X-Sabers require others to be on the field, slowing the deck down a bit. Other than that, X-Sabers are a near-perfect archetype. With more X-Saber oriented cards having been released in Generation Force, they have some good support and are near perfect..

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