Strongest Yugioh Pack: Duelist Revolution

This year, my favorite pack has been Duelist Revolution because it has brought forth many powerful new archetypes, the namely the Naturia archetype.


With the TCG releases of Hidden Arsenal packs 1, 2, and recent Duel Terminal packs, we were introduced to several new archetypes such as Naturia, Flamevell, and Ice Barrier monsters. Recently, a new mainstream booster pack, the Duelist Revolution, was released as well and along with its release Duelist Revolution brought more support for these emerging archetypes. The Duelist Revolution actually did start a Duelist Revolution! After skimming through the spoiler list, I found a bunch of cards that would be really useful for any deck. Cards like Pot of Duality, Synchro Fusionist, and my favorite, Chivalry. Duelist Revolution is one of the strongest packs I have seen for a while. Plus, it has long-awaited support and additions for upcoming archetypes. Duelist Revolution has shaped so many emerging archetypes and it could lead to a whole new twist in Yugioh.

When I say whole new twist, I don’t mean a change in rules or play style. A majority of players are still old school, especially the older duelists. However, Duelist Revolution has helped turn semi-archetypes (Ice Barrier, Naturia, etc…) into full, actual archetypes with a good amount of cards and decent support. Now, due to Duelist Revolution, many of these archetypes are ready to be used in tournaments. Thus, duelists have the option to choose to use a different archetype out of the vast majority of new archetypes. They don’t have to use the same old Infernities, or Elemental Heroes anymore thanks to Duelist Revolution, which has improved so many new archetypes.

Out of the new archetypes in Yugioh, I feel that Naturia will be the strongest. Although some of their cards OCG, Naturia has a great balance of power and efficiency. They are one of the fastest decks out there, and unless their combos are quickly stopped, they will do serious damage. Naturias also have great monsters such as Naturia Barkion (OCG), Naturia Beast, and Naturia Bambooshoot who has a great ability to negate your opponent from playing spell or trap cards if it is summoned by tributing a Naturia monster. Ice Barriers, another emerging archetype, are another popular archetype. They focus mainly on field advantage, and then beating down the opponent. Some of my favorite Ice Barrier monsters include Brionac, Trishula, and General Grunard (OCG).

Duelist Revolution, I think, has brought a type of Golden Age in the modern, 3rd generation Yugioh timeline. It has introduced the world to MANY new archetypes. Duelist Revolution is a good booster pack overall as well. It has a great traps and spells, and a good set of monsters as well (especially the new, Dragon Draco-Equiste!). This is a booster pack I would recommend any player to buy, old school or new school alike.

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