The Wicked Avatar VS. Wicked Eraser

The Wickeds are three very strong Yugioh monsters and the Wicked Avatar and the Wicked Eraser are the strongest of the three. But which one is stronger?

The Wicked Monsters (The Wicked Avatar, The Wicked Eraser, and the Wicked Dreadroot) are some of the strongest monsters in all of Yugioh. They are promotional Yugioh cards and might take some time to acquire, as you will to have to find and order a specific Shonen Jump magazine from the internet. However, taking the time to obtaining these monsters are worth it; having these monsters in your deck will substantially increase your chances of winning. The Wicked Dreadroot isn’t as popular as the other two, so for today’s card comparison, we’re going to compare The Wicked Avatar and The Wicked Eraser and find out which deserves the title of “The Ultimate Wicked.”

yu-gi-oh-the-wicked-avatar1. The Wicked Avatar

The Wicked Avatar is a monster I would never want to face, and for good reason: it’s always going to have the highest attack on the field! The Wicked Avatar’s effect allows it have 100 more attack and defense points than the monster(s) that had the most attack and defense before The Wicked Avatar’s entrance in the duel. The Wicked Avatar has a great defensive effect too: your foe cannot use spell and trap cards until the end of their second after The Wicked Avatar is played. That means your opponent will virtually have little to none defense for two turns! The Wicked Avatar is force be reckoned with indeed.

Artwork: 1/10, Effect: 10/10, Power: 10/10, Deck Adaptation: 9/10, Game Changer: 9/10, Playability: 7/10. Overall, The Wicked Avatar gets an score of 7.7/10 – C+.


2. The Wicked Eraser

The Wicked Eraser is also another monster to be worried about because its stats are going to really powerful. The Wicked Eraser gains 1000 attack and defense for every card, yes card, on your opponent’s side of the field. The Wicked Eraser, at the least, is going to have 3000 attack points. Now if your opponent’s deck revolves around swarming, like a Blackwing deck, The Wicked Eraser will have at least 4-5 thousand attack points and will be a huge threat. The Wicked Eraser can be used as a last resort monster as well. If your opponent plays numerous ace monsters in one turn and are about to start a life point assault, you can use The Wicked Eraser’s second effect to protect yourself: In your main phase, you can remove The Wicked Eraser from the field an destroy all cards on the field. This effect could be a huge momentum shifter.

Artwork: 6/10, Effect: 9/10, Power: 10/10, Deck Adaptation: 9/10, Game Changer: 9/10, Playability: 7/10. Overall, The Wicked Eraser gets a score of 8.3/10 – B.

Okay, because The Wicked Avatar has the most boring and uncool image, The Wicked Eraser beats The Wicked Avatar in an overall viewpoint. However, excluding artwork, The Wicked Avatar beats the Wicked Eraser by .2 points (9/10 in comparison to 8.8/10)! They are both extremely good monsters but if they were used against each other in a duel, The Wicked Avatar would have a higher attack and defense than The Wicked Eraser! That was the deciding factor.

4 thoughts on “The Wicked Avatar VS. Wicked Eraser”

  1. I would prefer to have the Wicked Eraser in my Deck because you can destroy all cards on the field and it is still a strong card. If you have a Sandmoth in face-down Defense Position, Sandmoth will come back with 2000 ATK when The Wicked Eraser uses its effect. Please visit my blog at I look forward to seeing you (and your fans) comment my blogs as well.

  2. I think the avatar is much better in strength, and fitting into your deck. The Eraser specifically needs to be in a beat-down deck, so when it goes down, not much else on your field goes down with it. If it goes into a swarming deck, you lose out a lot. Meanwhile, the avatar fits into nearly any other deck and is the most powerful.

    Jeremy from the Yu-Gi-Oh Cards 101 team. Visit us at

  3. With all repect to you @yugiohblogger, I disagree with your opinion. All of the Wickeds are good if you have the cards to go with them. Marc I will definitely check your site. Both of you keep posting.

  4. @deathbycreature

    Yes, I understand. However, almost all monsters are good if you have the cards to go with them. The combo Marc mentioned is a great one, but combos alone do not determine which monster is better. In terms of stats and effect, I believe Wicked Avatar is better.

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