Yugioh Synchro Monsters – Special Edition Tin Deck

If you like using Yugioh synchro monsters, then this tin deck is for you as it contains a variety of synchro Yugioh monster cards!

Yugioh 5D Synchro Deck

For a while now, I have been looking to start a synchro deck. Synchros are one of the, if not the most popular type monsters out in the Yugioh world, so why not create a proto-deck with them? Plus, I was sick and tired of dueling my friends with my regular deck (and winning of course), so I also wanted to make a Yugioh synchro deck for the creative aspect. So while I was in Walmart today, I bought a Yugioh Special Edition Tin. The tin came with three Duelist Pack Yusei 2, one Ancient Prophecy, and three holofoil cards. Though I didn’t find any synchro monsters, I still got really nice cards.

Yugioh 5D Synchro Deck

A synchro deck cannot be sustained without having tuners. I may not have gotten any synchro monsters, I did find many tuners. I recieved two Hyper Synchrons, two Debris Dragons, a Sunny Pixie, an XX-Saber FullHelmKnight, and a Drill Synchron. I’m glad that I acquired Drill Syncrhon because now I’ll be able to summon Drill Warrior one of my favorite synchro monsters. Every turn, Drill Warrior can halve his attack points (2400) in order to attack directly. Plus, I can discard one card and Drill Warrior. On my next turn, Drill Warrior comes back to my side of the field and I can put one monster from my graveyard to my hand. That effect is very helpful when you’re trying to get back a monster that’s in your grave.

One top of my large amount of tuners, I also got a holofoil Tune Barrier, a trap card that allows one tuner on my side of the field to be safe from battle as well as from monster effects for two turns! It’s a good card to protect your tuners from your opponent during the times you’re waiting for tuning monster. Along with those tuners, I received a super rare Speed Warrior and a super rare Advance Draw. So all in all it was a great buy and the cards I received will be great additions to a synchro deck.

Of course, a synchro deck is nothing without synchros. Some synchros I have my eye on is Drill Synchron and Hyper Pyschic Blaster, as well its AM. If I do find a Hyper Pyschic Blaster, my deck would mainly be compiled of pyschic monsters and support cards for the, including a Prime Material Dragon if I can find one. Plus, I can still have a Drill Warrior in the deck. That’s a great thing about synchros. As long as you have the required tuner, synchros don’t need a deck theme to fit; they can virtually be useful in any deck. Based on my wants, such as a need for Hyper Pyschic Blaster, can anyone reccomend me a deck list? I will add my own touches to the deck, but I’ve never made a synchro deck so I would really appreciate it if you guys could give ideas for a deck. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Yugioh Synchro Monsters – Special Edition Tin Deck”

  1. Hey yugiohblogger, remember when I remarked that red nova dragon is the most powerful and destructive synchro monster in the game? Well I lied. That title now goes to Shooting Quasar Dragon. It is possible to bring it out in 1 turn, just use Formula Synchron and 2 Level 5 synchro monsters, one of them preferably TG Librarian.
    Its stats are:
    -4000 Atk and Def
    -1 free negation of any effect per turn (except counter traps ofc)
    -2 attacks per turn
    -It special summons Shooting Star Dragon from your Extra Deck if it leaves the field in any way, not just destroyed.

    Most decks cannot even remove Shooting Quasar Dragon once its summoned, they would need 2 field removal effects in 1 turn to do so, and they probably cannot destroy it by battle. If they do manage to get rid of it, Shooting Star Dragon comes in and blows your opponent to pieces.

    So are you gonna build a Shooting Quasar Dragon deck or not? (Hint: You need Junk Synchron)

  2. And btw, if your opponent does not remove Shooting Quasar Dragon in 2 turns after its summoned, you basically won the duel, since it attacks twice each battle phase.

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