Slifer the Sky Dragon – My Favorite Egyptian God Card

Slifer the Sky Dragon is the strongest Egyptian God card, but it still is not an official Yu-Gi-Oh card! Hopefully that will change, since Slifer is a really strong Yugioh card!

My favorite Egyptian God card was Slifer the Sky Dragon, because it was Yugi’s ace monster. I loved how thunderbolts would always pop up and epic music would always start playing when Slifer came on the field. Yet, despite its popularity, Slifer is the only Egyptian God card that has not been made into an official Yugioh card! Obelisk the Tormentor was the first one created, then came Winged Dragon of Ra, but Konami has still not made a Slifer card. I wanted to hear people’s opinions on what Slifer’s effect and stats would be if it was a real card.

Slifer the Sky Dragon

I do not think Konami would change Slifer’s stats from the show, so I think its attack and defense will still be equal to the number of cards in your hand. Since I do not remember what Slifer’s effect was in the show, I came up with an effect that would suit Slifer:

By paying half of your life points, this monster can attack twice in your battle phase. If this monster is sent to the graveyard (except by its own effect), pay 1000 life points to have this monster come back to your side of the field, with its attack and defense points halved. This effect can only be used once per duel..

I believe a Japanese version has already come out via Shonen Jump magazine, but the American version of cards is often different than the Japanese, so a different effect is still plausible. I really want to see Slifer the Sky Dragon as an actual card so I can use it in a duel. While I haven’t seen a lot of Winged Dragon of Ra cards, Obelisk the Tormentor is used fervently in various decks. Just think about it, Slifer deck that utilizes monsters that can come back to life in order to swarm the field. Ah…

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  1. I’m not actually so sure about sliffer being the most powerful egyptian god. Ra has plenty more attack, and truly an amazing ability. Obelisk can kill everything on the field, and gain infinite attack for a turn, and doesn’t have luck based effects, just a straight and powerful 4000 attack and defense. Sliffer may have been yugi’s ace card, but does that mean its good? No. If all of yugi’s cards were epic, FREAKIN’ KURIBO WOULD BE A GOD. It is probably the coolest looking god, but definately not the best.

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  2. I have been visiting, my for some reason, it wouldn’t let me enter my details, but I got a computer from my brother for Christmas, and it works now. Also, Hoartkhy(Creator God of Light) Is being made as well.

  3. I think Slifer can be a valuable part in any Deck. It has that second mouth in the show and immunity to card effects. Just make sure you can get a good amount of cards into your hand.

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