Stall Deck – A Strong Yugioh Deck

Using a Yugioh stall deck is an easy, risk-free, way of defeating your opponent. Dark Simorgh lockdown is one of the most powerful stall decks in Yugioh.

A Stall Deck is designed to slow your opponent down and make it difficult to either inflict damage or even to attack. Stalling is not a way to win by itself; it is usually used as a means to an ends. Although it is most commonly used in the Exodia Deck, it is also used in the Destiny Board Deck and the Burn Deck. In rare cases it may succeed in running opponents out of cards to draw from their deck, or to win with cards such as “Final Countdown” and “Wave-Motion Cannon”.


Yugioh Wave Motion CannonDecks consisting of low level monsters are often Stall Decks, as your own monsters can often get around cards that stall your opponent; examples include Skull Servant Deck or The Law of the Normal Deck. Another Final Stall method would be the “Ultimate Field” strategy. The strategy is a combination which can alternate between cards that negate your opponent’s opportunity to summon monsters, play spell cards, or play trap cards. Although it may not defeat your opponent, it does guarantee that you will control the duel.

One of my favorite Stall Decks is one that revolves around Dark Simorgh, known as Maximum Lockdown. It is a well-known method of completely disallowing your opponent to play spells and traps. There are many tactics variations of this strategy, all of which can be used to easily dominate and take over the duel. One of the most famous is the one that uses Dark Simorgh, Anti-Spell Fragrance, and The Last Warrior from Another Planet”, which will prevent your opponent from summoning monsters and activating spells and traps (absolute Lockdown). Since it is a hassle to fusion summon, you can use Ojama Trio to lock your opponent’s monster card zones instead.

Stall Decks are really nice if you want a nice and easy way to defeat your opponent. Most of the time, they do not require the player to take many risks. Because they revolve elongating the duel, Stall Decks can play with your opponent’s emotions, which is why I love them! Maximum Lockdown especially, is a deck that can really frustrate your opponent if it works.


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