Dark Attribute Monsters – The Strongest in Yugioh

There are a lot of attributes in Yugioh, but the strongest attribute of monsters is the Dark attribute. Dark attribute monsters include Dark Armed Dragon and archetypes like Dark World, Infernity, and Blackwing. Thus, the dark attribute is the strongest in Yugioh.

Yesterday, I received a comment  asking me what the best monster attribute in Yugioh was. Though I replied with Dark attribute monsters are the best, every type of attribute has its own characteristics. Light attribute monsters are usually fairies and they mostly have healing effects. Earth attribute monsters are the most common, water attribute monsters rely heavily on field spells, etc… However I feel that  it is easier to create startegies with dark attribute monsters.

Yugioh Dark ResonatorDark attribute monsters are special in the sense that, many of their effects revolve around helping themselves or another dark monster. Same goes for many light attribute monsters as well, however, the difference between light and dark attribute monsters is that dark monsters have better stats. Monsters such as Dark Armed Dragon have a good stats (2800 atk, 1000 def) and have an awesome ability: You can remove from play and your graveyard, any amount of dark monsters. Dark Armed Dragon can destroy a card for each dark monster removed. It’s effects like these that really show the destructive ability of dark monsters

The Zombie Structure Deck and the Spellcaster’s Judgement are two great examples of how to use dark monsters. They each have specific strategies to use and they are both very structured. Both decks revolve around special summoning a specific monster or using powering up the deck’s secondary monster. Both yugioh decks have mostly dark monsters whom only benifit from more dark monsters. Thats how balanced and versatile dark monsters are. Plus you have the Infernity and Blackwing archetypes, two of the strongest monsters in Yugioh. Let’s not forget the Dark World archetype, that is seen a surge in popularity following the release of a Dark World structure deck. These are three of the strongest archetypes in Yugioh and they are all of the dark attribute.  Though monsters of other attributes are powerful as well (case in point X-Sabers, being of the earth attribute), but the sheer abundance of dark monsters and their destructive natures make them the strongest type of monsters in Yugioh.

7 thoughts on “Dark Attribute Monsters – The Strongest in Yugioh”

  1. I completely agree that DARK monsters are the strongest and best in the game. I run a DARK Deck myself and it is very successful. I talk about them in my blogs.

    Marc Guberti from yugiohphilosophy.wordpress.com.

  2. dude lights all the way man what do you mean no atribute has any thing like dark armed dragon have you ever seen a master hyperion or a judgement dragon i dont mean to be rude but you gotta remember cards like that

  3. @Wayne

    Ok, Judgement Dragon is NOWHERE as good as Dark Armed Dragon!!! Although, Master Hyperion comes close. But even besides DAD, Dark monsters have Dark Necrofear, the Yubels, Exodia, Rainbow Dark Dragon, Relinquished. The only devastating Light monster I can think of are Master Hyperion, Black Luster Soldier Envoy, Chaos Emperor Dragon Envoy and that’s it…
    Also, don’t worry about being rude! I encourage heated debates! That’s what makes blogs fun, y’know?

  4. DAD isn’t very great anymore..
    Judgment Dragon, Black Luster and Hyperion make Lights better.. Relenquished is too slow, CED’s banned, Agents are Tier 1(Mainly because of balance between Light and Dark, though). I say tie between Dark and light…

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