Yugioh Lightsworn Deck: Overrated?

Lightsworn decks are thought of as high caliber decks but are they really? I think they are weak compared to other Yugioh decks because of the limitation placed on them by Judgement Dragon.

X-Sabers, Six Samurai, etc… are just a couple of very powerful Meta decks. The term ‘Meta’ refers to a group of decks that dominate play in a certain areas. Other Meta decks you have probably heard of are Blackwings, Gladiator Beasts, and Lightsworns. Now, I have dueled against several Lightsworn decks and usually defeat them. For those who don’t know, the primary goal of a Lightsworn is to mill several cards from your deck in order to summon Judgement Dragon, which requires four Lightsworn monsters in the graveyard to be summoned. However, though Judgement Dragon is strong, should it truly make Lightsworn decks rank highly among duelists?

Before you pro-Lightsworn readers start hounding me, here is my argument: Lightsworn decks revolve around summoning a monster who can be destroyed by a card effect at anytime. Sure you may have Dark Bribe or Solemn Warning/Judgement set, but a simple Dark Hole or a Lightning Vortex can eradicate it. Now, I know that logic applies to many monsters, like Dark Armed Dragon and Herald of Perfection, two monsters that are equally as powerful as Judgement Dragon. However, in DAD’s case, it doesn’t have a deck that revolves around specifically summoning itself (Tele-DAD was more about quick synchro summoning, with DAD as a key tool to do so). In Herald’s case, all good Perfection decks either have Royal Decree to negate Trap Holes and/or have several Herald-of-Light monsters that can negate Trap Holes/Solemns as well.

Another bad thing about Lightsworns is that they mill so much in order to bring out Judgement Dragon. If you summon Judgement Dragon and it gets negated, you just lost half your deck trying to futilely play it. I think Lightsworn decks are good, but I just don’t think they deserve the high-level status they have. What are your guys’ views?

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  1. Here’s a breakdown of what’s seen in the metagame as yugioh progressed through time:

    When the original abridged series was released: People were all trying to get blue-eyes white dragon and complain about the tribute summon rules. Those duelists who looked around mere attack power and capitalized on traps/spells like sakuretsu, dark hole, brain control, pot of greed, etc. are the tournament winners.

    After several seasons of yugioh: More archetypes have been released and deck builds started to revolve around them and contained specific themes and play styles. Tribute summons are still favorable, so zombie decks and lightsworn decks dominated the meta. Zombie decks lock down all tributes with zombie world and swarm the field, lightsworns effortlessly otk because of their decks’ speed.

    Yugioh 5Ds era: Synchro monsters have been released, now decks are even more focused on one particular theme or archetype each. Lightsworns and zombies are still playable, but no longer dominate. Synchro monsters are popular but not required for every deck. In fact, some decks work perfectly fine w/o synchros.

    Modern yugioh: Xyz monsters have now been released, introducing a new level of brokenness into the game. Decks are able to gain control of the field like crazy, and summoning Xyzs is so easy now that practically every single deck benefits from having an extra deck. Mermails, fire fists, prophecies, six samurai, evilswarms, and E dragons dominate the current meta.

    Lightsworns are no longer that dominant anymore, although they can still hold their own if played properly.

  2. @Victor

    There are occasional duelists that use Lightsworns and they are pretty darn good. Even though the meta is changing, older decks are still pretty strong. I still have trouble with Six Samurai and Gladiator Beast decks. Infernity has really become shitty though.

  3. @yugiohblogger

    Couldn’t agree with you more. There are some decks that may not dominate the meta, but if built and played properly can still devastate tier 2 or even 1. I’ve won against the highly competitive decks with a vanilla ritual deck, utilizing trade-in, hallowed dragon boneyard, and advanced ritual art to send my dragons from the deck to the graveyard (and summon shinato or dark master zorc). I then use rescue rabbit to Xyz into daigusto emeral or the quick play spell card “roar of the silver dragon” to bring back a 3000 atk beatstick onto the field.

  4. I think that Lightsworns are pretty overrated. But, if you add plenty of Anti-Meta cards like Krebons and strong Synchros like Beelzeus of the Ultimate Diabolical Dragons and you have an OTK.

    Sadly, I don’t have Beelzeus but I do have SQD and I still have an OTK.

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