Yugioh Zexal – What Happened to Astral World?

There are a lot of mysteries in Yugioh Zexal surrounding Astral world and in this post, I give my thoughts about those mysteries and predictions as to what is to come.

I have been following Yugioh Zexal for quite sometime now, and I must say, it is no where as good as 5Ds or GX. There are too many filler episodes that are insignificant to the story. The current Grand Prix arc seems to be quite interesting with an introduction to new villains (the Tron family, Tron, III, IV, and V). Astral World has been brought up a lot during this┬ástory-line: its destruction, Astral’s “exile”, and the significance of the Emperor’s Key. I have one question: what the heck happened to Astral world and how are Yuma and his parents tied to all of this?

Yugioh AstralWhat we know is that Astral world is being attacked by Haruto Tenjo, who has an ability to send things through rips in space. Dr. Faker is using him to send bombs to Astral world, which are destroying the world. But why? Why is Dr. Faker targeting Astral world. There could two reasons:

  1. He wants to harness the powers of the Astral race for himself, as they are high intelligent duelists. By controlling the Astral race, he would be the most powerful man on Earth.
  2. Astral world holds the secret to the Numbers. There might be some legendary numbers card(s) that he wants to possess and is destroying all of the inhabitants of Astral world so that Haruto can use his ability to bring the legendary numbers card(s) to Earth.
It seems that the numbers cards are tied to Astral in some way, as he keeps unlocking memories as Yuma collects numbers cards. Thus, I think the second prediction is more plausible, especially since we haven’t been introduced to any “God cards” in this series.
Another question I have is, does Astral know (or at least knew, since he lost his memories) Yuma’s father? We know Yuma’s father transported to Astral world, but how did he get out? I think this is a very important question because it may give us answers as to how Astral is in Earth. Here is my prediction:
I think that Astral helped Yuma’s father, Kazuma, when he suddenly transported to Astral world. Astral probably created the Emperor’s Key to help Kazuma go back to Earth, but gave up his memories in the process.
Astral may have been some sort of important protector in Astral world, which explains why it started being attacked after his disappearance.┬áThere’s another thing I do not understand: what significance to the numbers play in Astral’s memories? Were they some type of guardians he created? Either way, Yugioh Zexal is FINALLY getting a bit interesting and hopefully the conclusion is something shocking!

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