Order of Chaos – New and Powerful Xyz Monsters

Yugioh Zexal has taken a new road with the release of booster Order of Chaos. Order of Chaos debuts new Xyz monsters as well as Number C39: Utopia Ray!

Photon Shockwave introduced duelists to the photon archetype. I like the Photon archetype for their versatility and the fact that their ace monster is Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, one of the coolest dragon monsters in Yugioh! However, the most recent Yugioh booster pack, Order of Chaos, trumps Photon Shockwave for one reason: the debut of CXyz summon. Just like Yugioh 5Ds had accel synchro monsters, Yugioh Zexal has Xyz monsters that can overlay themselves in order to become CXyz monsters!

Number C39: Utopia RayThe way a CXyz summon takes place is like this: you can use a specific Xyz monster as an Xyz material monster, as well as all the overlay units on the Xyz monster. As of now, the only CXyz monster is Number C39: Utopia Ray. Utopia Ray has 2500 attack points and 2000 defense points. On top of that, it has a pretty good effect: you can detach one Xyz material monster in order to have Utopia Ray gain 500 attack points and have a monster on your opponent’s side of the field lose 1000 attack points.┬áThe only downside, and it is a significant downside, is that you can only activate that effect if your life points are 1000 or less, so Utopia Ray is a great monster for late-game situations.┬áThe ideology behind CXyz monsters, a type of upgrade for Xyz monsters, is really compelling. Considering there are quite a few of accel synchro monsters, there will be most likely be more CXyz monsters.

Besides Utopia Ray, I was excited about the release of new Xyz monsters, especially Number 96: Dark Mist. Along with Number 83: Galaxy Queen, Dark Mist is one of my favorite Xyz cards. Though Dark Mist only has 100 attack and defense points, it has an awesome artwork and an awesome effect. If Dark Mist is attacked, it can halve the attack of the attacking monster and add the halved total to its own attack.

Order of Chaos is a really good pack and if one is looking too add Xyz monsters onto their deck then they should definitely buy the pack. The storyline of Yugioh Zexal has gotten very interesting and hopefully we will be seeing more CXyz monsters in the future.

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