The Naturia are Still Strong Yugioh Monsters

Yugioh Naturia monsters are pretty underrated, but in fact, they are really powerful. Naturia decks are fun to play with as well and hopefully, more Naturia monsters will be made.

Naturia monsters made a big splash when they debuted in the Duelist Revolution booster pack. Naturia was thought to be the archetype of the future, an archetype that would parallel X-Sabers and Six Samurai in strength. However, after surging in popularity, they have gradually declined as of late. Despite their decreasing popularity, the Naturia are still very strong Yugioh monsters. In fact, I made a Naturia deck the other on Yugioh Dueling Network and so far they have dominated, going 4-0! 

Yugioh Naturia BarkionNaturia monsters revolve around getting advantages from the activation of opponent card effects. For instance, if your opponent activates a card effect during the battle phase, Naturia Stag Beetle can special summon a monster from your graveyard. They are a relatively fast deck and can control the field. Their biggest weakness is that, besides Naturia synchros, regular Naturia monsters have low attack and defense.

The nice thing about Naturia decks is that you can multiple variants. For instance, if you want to use the Naturia’s Earth attribute as an advantage, you can add monsters such as Giant Rat in order to swarm Earth monsters. Giant Rat’s swarming ability allows you to synchro Naturia monsters at a fast rate. Gaia Power is also a must because it adds 500 attack points to all Earth monsters.

Another variant of Naturia decks and the variant that I am utilizing is the plant variant. A lot of Naturia monsters are plant monsters. For instance, Tytannial Princess of Camellias is a great monster that can beat down your foe with her 2800 attack points. Plus, by tributing one plant monster to negate the activation of a card effect that targets a card(s) on the field. Naturia Pineapple is also a great card to have in the Naturia-Plant deck, as it is basically a Treeborn Frog. Not only does Naturia Pineapple all monsters on your field a plant type, it can special summon itself from the graveyard. However, to activate this effect, you cannot have any Naturia monsters on your field and your graveyard must only have beast or plant monsters. Still, with Tytannial, Naturia Pineapple makes a deadly combo.

Not only are Naturia monsters powerful, they are really powerful as well. There hasn’t been a Naturia monster released since the Extreme Victory booster pack, which was released last year. Hopefully, more Naturia cards will be made, because they really cool monsters and with some more tweaks, can become a Tier 1 archetype.

3 thoughts on “The Naturia are Still Strong Yugioh Monsters”

  1. “Hopefully, more Naturia cards will be made, because they really cool monsters and with some more tweaks, can become a Tier 1 archetype.”
    maybe, such a way that Konami has supported the six samurai, Dark World, etc or get support from verz.
    But we know the Duel Terminal bring new archetype, that means golden time of previous archetype is over

  2. @MG

    Konomi does overkill on Six Samurai and Blackwing, but I don’t they need to do that in order to make Naturia tier 1. Just a few more support cards and I think Naturia will get there.

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