Thunder End Dragon – Strong or Weak Yugioh Monster?

Thunder End Dragon is a very powerful Yugioh card, but it is very hard to summon. Is its strong effect worth the difficult summoning conditions?

Thunder End DragonI was really excited when Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon was introduced in Yugioh Zexal. The monster had a cool appearance and was very powerful. Alas, I must have overvalued my own excitement because I finally bought some Photon Shockwave boosters pack yesterday (along with some Order of Chaos packs, but that will be talked about in another post). In my first pack I had picked up an ultra rare monster, Thunder End Dragon! It was the best Yugioh card I had gotten from the packs and I was ecstatic!

Not only does Thunder End Dragon have an awesome artwork, it had great stats and a great effect. Boasting 3000 attack and 2000 points, Thunder End Dragon can destroy all other monsters on the field by detaching an Xyz material monster. While Thunder End Dragon is an offensive powerhouse, I was aghast when I realized what it would take to play it. I would need to have two level eight monsters in order to Xyz summon Thunder End Dragon. It’s pretty difficult to summon one level eight monster, but summoning two? That could become very difficult against today’s competitive decks.

The question I asked myself was, are Thunder End Dragon’s stats and effect worth its summoning conditions? I concluded no. However, I still it is a good monster to have in the extra deck, but I wouldn’t put it above monsters such as Number 83: Galaxy Queen, Number 96: Dark Mist, or Number 61: Volcasaurus. That is just my opinion though, what’s your’s?

10 thoughts on “Thunder End Dragon – Strong or Weak Yugioh Monster?”

  1. I think that having to overlay 2 Level 8 Normal Monsters is a fair trade-off for nuking the battlefield with TED’s effect. Plus, with all the Normal Support cards, like Ancient Rules, and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, including Paladin and Kaibaman, it’s a little easier to rbing out than you’re giving it credit for.

  2. @RocketKnight777
    I disagree. To get to level 6 monsters on the field, just so you can nuke the field isn’t worth it. There are alternatives like Gandora, Dragon of Destruction, and The Wicked Eraser, which are better options. It’s still really awesome, though.

  3. its very easy to summon him,ancient gear gaditjon dragon(or something like that)gagaga magician and gagaga girl,blue eyes white dragons as stated above,so its cool…but i hate it when they use bottomles on it.that sucks .
    i like that holy marked dragon xyz monster way more.

  4. thunder end dragon would be so easy to get out it’s not even funny have a dragon deck and run with Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to special 2 level 8 monsters or run with a classic red eyes rage deck mwahahahaha

  5. U all suck at yugioh! Everyone who’s posted above is a complete noob. Its 2 level 8 NORMAL monsters dumbasses! and who the hell blogged about this? Y galaxy queen, shes.horrible too! So is volcasaurus, and espicially dark mist, but.still much as thunder end!

  6. @Lego

    Right now they aren’t, I know. But they were formerly meta decks and are far stronger than any of the meta decks right now… Anyone who plays Yugioh knows Galaxy Queen is good and specifically said in my article that Thunder End Dragon’s downside outweighs its upside, implying that it is not that strong… Learn to comprehend the words you read.

  7. Hi today i bought 100 pack of yu gi oh cards XD In there i had aout 70 utra rare cards!and one of them was Thunder End Dragon!!!!You can buy 3 packs for only 1$ at brookyln ! Just typed in google to see if it was a good card 😀

  8. The other rare cards were:Armed Ninja Blade Heart,Verz Nightmare,number 12:Armored Ninja-Crimson Shadow,Number 30 Acid Golem of Destriction,Black Ray Lancer,Evolzar,Sacered Hyades,Sacred Pleiades,Number 96 : Black Mist and Thunder End Dragon the other ones are Japanese XD

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