Number 32: Marine Biting Dragon – Strong Xyz Monster

Number 39: Utopia may be the marquee monster in Yugioh Zexal, but it doesn’t deserve to be. Marine Biting Dragon are so much stronger and it is fitting that it is the marquee monster of Yuma’s rival, Shark.

I will be honest, Number 39: Utopia is one of my least favorite Yugioh cards. For one, despite being the marquee monster of the Yugioh Zexal franchise, it is pretty weak. Konami must have realized this because they improved Utopia by creating Number C39: Utopia Ray, but even Utopia Ray is not that amazing. There are so many other Xyz monsters that are better than Utopia. Even if you just look at rank four Xyz monsters, there are loads of monsters superior to Utopia, one of them being Number 32: Marine Biting Dragon. With great stats and an awesome effect, I wonder why Marine Biting Dragon isn’t Zexal’s marquee monster, as it is one of the strongest monsters in the show!

Not only does Marine Biting Dragon have 2800 attack and 2100 defense points, it has got a great effect. One per turn, if it destroys a monster by battle, you can detach one Xyz material monster to special summon the destroyed monster on your opponent’s side of the field, with 1000 less attack points. Then, Marine Biting Dragon gets to attack again! Marine Biting Dragon’s effect is a great way to get quick synchro summons if you run a tuner deck. The only disadvantage Marine Biting Dragon has compared to Utopia is that it requires three Xyz material monsters, whereas Utopia requires two.

Ironically, Marine Biting Dragon has become Shark’s ace monster in the anime, which makes sense since it is a sea serpent monster and Shark uses a fish deck. I am sure that Marine Biting Dragon will have its own C-counterpart (like Utopia has Utopia Ray) and that monster will be ridiculously strong too. The point is, Marine Biting Dragon will be used heavily in a lot of decks once it is released. Synchro summoning is still the major type of offence in Yugioh and Marine Biting Dragon speeds up the synchro summoning process, which is why it is one of the best Xyz monsters in Yugioh.

6 thoughts on “Number 32: Marine Biting Dragon – Strong Xyz Monster”

  1. Hope (Utopia’s Japanese name) may be weak, but it makes sense that it’s the Zexal mascot. A) I follows the tread on hero aces having 2500 ATK. B) It’s effect protects the player, like the hero protects the world. Need I go on?

  2. Shark Drake is my all time favorite card. Protect it with cards like trap stun, and forbidden lance, and its a constant stream of damage! But you have the effect wrong. It summons the destroyed monster to the opponents side of the field. Not yours.

  3. @Preston

    It is very powerful, yes. I think the TCG version had its effect changed a bit because I was certain the OCG summoned the monster to your side of the field. Thanks for the catch though!

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