The Strongest Xyz Monster in Yugioh – Number 16: Shock Master

Shock Master is a really powerful monster, with a great effect and phenomenal stats. It is not only the strongest Number, but the strongest Xyz monster in Yugioh as well.

Yugioh Number 16: Shock MasterShock Master is truly a terror. Have three of those on your side of the field and it is virtually an automatic win. Granted, Shock Master isn’t the easiest monster to summon as it requires three level four monsters. However, its effect makes up for it. With 2300 attack and 1600 defense points, it can negate players from activating a card type (spell, monster, trap) for a cost of one material monster. You can use it to shut your opponent’s traps and destroy them with a ruthless offense.

Shock Master with Evolzar Laggia is an iron wall of defense, since both monsters can shut down your opponent’s cards. Swarming Shock Master is not that difficult, especially with the overpowered Rescue Rabbit. Rescue Rabbit would allow you to swarm two level four monsters, and assuming you already have one in the field, you can Xyz summon Shock Master! Though it won’t be for long, Rescue Rabbit is currently unlimited so you can use this combo three times!

2 thoughts on “The Strongest Xyz Monster in Yugioh – Number 16: Shock Master”

  1. @Rocket

    Volcasaurus and Machu Machu are both OCG. Even if they were TCG, I would have put Volca in the top 5 but not number 1! Machu Machu is super good IF your opponent’s monster has had an attack point increase. OOPArts Atlanthal is number one if you count OCG, that thing is broken!

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