Top 10 Best Xyz Monsters in Yugioh Part 1

There a lot of strong Xyz monsters in Yugioh now, such as Dark Mist or Adreus. Here is part one of my list of top 10 Xyz monsters in Yugioh.

My impression of Yugioh Zexal has improved a lot since I first wrote about it. Back then, I felt a majority of the Xyz monsters were weak, especially Leviathan Dragon (how I just hate that card)! However, while I feel the show is still stupid, Yugioh Zexal monsters have gotten much better. Even though synchro monsters are still more popular, many duelists have incorporated Xyz monsters into their decks. Here is part one of the top 10 strongest Xyz monsters in Yugioh. (Note: these are only TCG cards, so monsters such as Marine Biting Dragon will not be included).

Yugioh Gachi Gachi Gantetsu10. Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

What’s not to love about Gachi Gachi Gantetsu? For one, it has probably got one of the coolest and most humorous names in Yugioh. In addition, it is a Xyz monster that most duelists should include in their decks, especially if they run Agents. With just 500 attack points and 1800 defense points, Gachi Gachi has mediocre stats, but it is its effect that can make a difference in a duel. Gachi Gachi (which requires two level two material monsters) increases the attack and defense of your monsters by 200 times the amount of the material monsters attached to it. Thus, it can increase your monsters’ stats by a maximum of 400 points. It is frustrating playing against Gachi Gachi so if your opponent destroys it, you can remove a material monster to negate its destruction! Not bad, eh? It works wonderfully in an Agent deck because it gives monsters a needed increase in stats and is so easy to play thanks to Mystic Shine Ball.

Yugioh Inzketor Exa-Beetle9. Inzektor Exa-Beetle

Inzektors are on top of the Yugioh world. The relatively new archetype is one of the best in Yugioh and is taking over the metagame. While Inzektor Exa-Beetle may not be crucial to the Inzektor success, it is still a great card because you can splash it in many decks. Though it is an Inzketor, all Exa-Beetle needs is just two level six material monsters to be summoned. Its 1000 attack and defense points may not be stellar, but its effect is. You can target one monster in either player’s graveyard and equip to Exa-Beetle; it gains half the attack and defense of the equipped monster. You can detach one material monster to remove one card from each side to the graveyard. Exa-Beetle is quite difficult to play, since it requires two level six monsters and in addition, its effect requires you to give up one of your own card to destroy your opponent’s card. That could be bad in some situations. However, Exa-Beetle still provides a solid form of offense and in an Inzektor deck, it is even more useful, since Inzketor’s benefit from being equipped to other monsters.

Yugioh Number 96 Dark Mist8. Number 96: Dark Mist

Dark Mist is one of those monsters that you just hate playing against, not because it is necessarily hard to beat, but its effect just frustrates the heck out of you. If your opponent’s monster attacks Dark Mist, you can remove a material monster to halve the attacking monster’s attack points. Then, Dark Mist gains those attack points. Since Dark Mist has 100 attack points to begin with, it can defeat any monster in battle with its effect. Even though Dark Mist’s effect can only be used thrice (since it has three material monsters) until it runs out of material a monster, the only way to beat Dark Mist is by card effect. Thus, Dark Mist is especially helpful if your opponent runs a burn deck or a beatdown deck, since those decks do not have an abundance of cards with effects that destroy monsters. The reason that Dark Mist is not higher on this list is because it has a pretty big limitation: it needs three level two material monsters. That can be hard to pull off, unless your deck focuses on swarming. Nevertheless, it is still a great monster and if you do run a swarm deck, I would recommend including Dark Mist.

Yugioh Adreus Keeper of Armageddon7. Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon

Adreus is like Dark Armed Dragon on sleeping pills. It is not nearly as good as the legendary Dark Armed Dragon, but Adreus can still be very useful in sticky situations. By removing one material monster (and Adreus has two), you can destroy one face-up card on your opponent’s side of the field. While you can’t destroy set cards, this effect can still be useful when going up against strong monsters such as… Dark Armed Dragon itself! Adreus is also powerful statistically, with 2600 attack points and 1700 defense points. While it only requires two material monsters, those monsters have to be level five monsters, which are not that common now-a-days. Still, anything that is legal and is slightly comparable to Dark Armed Dragon is still a good card to have in any deck. If the famous Tele-DAD deck had not disintegrated, Adreus would have been a good fit.

Yugioh M-X Saber Invoker6. M-X-Saber Invoker

X-Saber decks may be several years old, but does not negate the fact that X-Sabers are of one the strongest archetypes in the game. M-X-Saber Invoker greatly helps X-Sabers in terms of swarming, so I had to put it in the list. Once per turn, you can discard one material monster from Invoker (it has two, level three) and in return you can special summon one level four earth warrior or beast-warrior monster. The best part is, if the material monsters attached to Invoker is X-Saber Darksoul then you can use Darksoul’s effect to put an X-Saber monster in your hand during the end phase. This sets up the perfect synchro situation for your next turn since you can put Faultroll in your hand, special summon it next turn and… bam. A downside of Invoker is that weak stats, with a measly 1600 attack and 300 defense. However, it is a phenomenal card to have in X-Saber decks and deserves to be in any top 10 Xyz monsters list.


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